September 4, 2020 Team Alchemy

Hiring a Home Tutor

Financial aspect

When considering hiring a home tutor, the first doubt that many parents will face concerns the financial commitment of weekly individual lessons. The cost of paying a tutor for your child can seem daunting. Sporting, musical and other hobbies are already a huge contributor to weekly costs, as well as school excursions, uniforms etc. Nonetheless, enlisting a tutor’s help should be viewed as making a long term investment into a child’s future. Most schooling systems simply aren’t able to cater to every individual student’s needs. Time constraints leave teachers feeling pressured and helpless, trying to accommodate every child and meet syllabus requirements. 

Finding the right match

Once the decision to hire a tutor has been made, it may still take a while to adjust to a new way of learning, both for the student and their parents. Finding the right tutor can be a lengthy process of trial and error. A multitude of tutors may have the perfect skill set on paper, but this alone will not necessarily be conducive to compatibility. Sometimes the best tutor for your child is the one who can create a comfortable learning environment for them, where they feel at ease asking any questions. Parents should not be concerned if the first tutor they hire does not turn out to be the right one for their child; neither should they feel embarrassed to turn an ill fitting tutor away. 

Moral dilemma- subpar parenting?

In the past, tutoring has been perceived as a last resort, for students who are below average and lacking in natural intelligence. Thankfully, this misconception is fast evolving, such that hiring a tutor is very common and much more widely accepted. Parents who are concerned about the appearances of hiring a home tutor should remind themselves that their child is the main priority. Their learning should never be compromised by such outdated and false assumptions. 

Similarly, many parents will initially feel responsible when their children are falling behind in school. Attempting to live up to unrealistic parenting expectations, they pledge to take things into their own hands. It soon becomes evident that the parent-child relationship is already too complicated to add tutoring into the mix. Students really benefit from an outside perspective in their learning. They will have increased respect and attentiveness towards a tutor or teacher over a parental figure or sibling.

One-to-one focused tuition

A home tutor makes your child their sole focus, week after week, catering to their individual needs as they grow and progress through their studies. A tutor is able to adapt to changes in a student’s mindset or understanding, monitoring their progress more closely than a school teacher is able to. The classroom can be a daunting space, particularly in the high school years. With a home tutor, the student is able to freely express themselves, asking and answering any questions without hesitation. With practice, this confidence is transferable to the classroom. By building confidence at home, one-to-one, a tutor prepares your child to confront any difficulties at school. 


Your tutor will come straight to your home every week, meaning that you can save travel time, and are able to supervise every session. 

Support for both parents and students

It can be a stressful and emotional experience when your child is falling behind at school. Enlisting a home tutor means support for your child, but also support for you, as their parent. They will provide you with regular updates and inform you of any specific struggles your child may be facing. Your tutor will sit down with you and your child and formulate a plan, so that you no longer carry the weight alone.

By Gudrun Drake