Best Jobs for Ex-Teachers in Australia

December 20, 2021
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December 20, 2021 Team Alchemy

Best Jobs for Ex-Teachers in Australia

Teaching is considered one of the best careers. Not only because it’s attractive and rewarding but also because it is versatile and the skills acquired in training and through experience are vastly applicable to a variety of other professions.

Once you retire as a teacher, there is a plethora of other jobs you can pursue using the same teaching skills, some with no additional training at all. This only makes teaching a more attractive profession.

If you’re an ex-teacher in Australia looking for work or supplement your income, here are other jobs you can pursue post teaching.

If You Want to Stay in Teaching

If you’re passionate about teaching and would like to keep pursuing a career in education post your teaching career, there are numerous jobs you can consider. Some closer to your teaching past than you would expect.

School administrator

As a school administrator, you will work on the planning and operational aspects of teaching, which is quite close to what you were doing as a teacher. This is an excellent option if you want to keep working in a school setup. As a school administrator, you can work as a principal or work in the department of education in your city.

One of the perks of being a school administrator is, the salary is impressive, and you don’t have to worry about additional training to land the job.

Academic Advisor or counsellor

A role as an academic advisor or counsellor allows you to play a slightly different role in the lives of students but is equally important. In your capacity as a counsellor or advisor, you will help students grow and develop.

You will need to know what students need to successfully pursue their goals in their next academic stage, which can be at the high school or college level.

Although the salary for an academic counsellor is not as impressive as that of a school administrator, you don’t have to deal with the frustrating part of teaching, which is making lesson plans. At the same time, you will still have imparted your knowledge to students.


Tutoring jobs is one of the best for ex-teachers in Australia. It is closely attached to your teaching roots, doesn’t require any additional training and because you were a teacher, that gives you a significant edge because of your understanding of the Australian curriculum.

One of the benefits of taking up tutoring is you become your own boss. Your hours are more flexible, which allows you to enjoy your free time while doing what you love.

As a teacher, finding a competent tutoring agency in Australia won’t be difficult. Teachers often make great tutors. Tutoring allows you to extend your teaching skills beyond the classroom walls.

The experience is more or less the same and is just as rewarding. With online tutoring, you work with various students with varying challenges. But the goal is the same – helping students excel academically.

If You Want a New Career Without New Training

Teachers have loads of valuable skills, including public speaking, time management, organisation, adaptability and empathy. These skills are applicable in various other roles, and in some cases, you won’t require any additional training to adjust to your new career. Some of these careers include:

Content marketing

As a teacher, it is your duty to understand people, inspire them, motivate them, instruct and coach them. These are the same skills you need as a content marketer. The only difference is that you will be convincing people to do or buy certain things in this line of work.

Content marketing is a particularly good profession for teachers who were specialising in English and literature because most of it is through the written word.

The salary is great, and there is potential to advance. Most content marketing jobs are freelance, which allows you to enjoy your retirement or free time and make some money on the side.

Coordinator or project manager

After running curriculums and school programs for the better part of your life, running and coordinating a project might not feel like much of a task. This niche will lean on your organisational skills as a teacher.

As a project manager, you’re expected to design and run systems across departments. The exact expectations of the job might vary slightly depending on the sector, but mostly, the requirements and the skills are the same.

One of the factors that might attract you to this profession is the salary. You will probably earn better than you were when you were a teacher.

HR Specialist

As an ex-teacher, you still have valuable skills and characteristics that can be applied in the human resource department. You can still understand people, advocate for their interests, and you can navigate systems.

If you would still like to tap into your empathy and drive to help people, a career in human resources could be the next best thing for you. Ex-teachers are most likely to succeed in this line of work because of their organisational skills and approachable personalities.

Career coach

Career coaches have similar roles to the academic consultants covered earlier. The only difference is the level at which each does their job. As a career coach, you’re not helping students determine what they need to get into high school or college. Instead, you’re working with professionals, helping them articulate their goals and help them in creating plans to help them achieve those goals.

As an ex-teacher, you have probably done this many times pro-bono. It is about time you get paid for it. Like teaching, career coaching comes with substantial satisfaction like teaching and builds on the same qualities of leader, manager and coach that you acquire as a teacher.

Final Thoughts

The scope of jobs you can try after your teaching career is unlimited. The only limit is your creativity and what you’re willing to try. Teachers can become video game testers, insurance agents and entrepreneurs. It all depends on your preferences, goals, and how much you’re willing to push yourself. Some jobs might require additional training, but the qualities that made you a great teacher are the ones you will need for a successful post-teaching career.