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Award winning one-on-one tutors in Brisbane

Award-Winning English Tutoring in Brisbane

Alchemy Tuition has been providing the very best english tuition to students all over the Brisbane area for more than 10 years.

From our ground-breaking Pre-K School Readiness Program to exam preparation and assignment improvement, we have worked with children of all ages and all levels to help them improve attainment, increase confidence and instil a love of learning that will benefit them through their whole school career.

Here at Alchemy Tuition, we believe that there is no ’perfect time’ to begin a tutoring journey for your child. Aimed not just at children who are struggling, our holistic, whole child approach to tuition ensures that even children who are excelling are challenged and pushed to reach the next level of attainment, reaching higher and further than they thought possible.

Alchemy is the medieval science of turning metal into gold; and the Alchemy Tuition difference is the way we work with you to develop your child and see them find their ‘gold’ in achievements.


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The Best Start in Brisbane Schooling – Pre-K to QCE English Tutoring

All our English tutoring in Brisbane is formed around three core skills, which vary only slightly depending on the age of the child.

  • Reading and Comprehension:

From the basic foundations of letter recognition to reading chapter books, to analysing texts for structure, tone and further meaning, reading is the most important skill a child can learn.

  • Writing and Grammar:

Differing styles of writing for different context, developing written pieces with elegance and maturity as well as concentrating on spelling and grammar are part of the process for producing essays and answers that show deep academic excellence.

  • Communication:

Confidence in writing and reading can be transferred to confidence in other communication – structured arguments for debates, using the correct tone and language in different situations, and communicating effectively in every situation are English skills that we instil in all our students.

For the very best start in education, we have developed a Pre-K School Readiness Program. This six-week course has been created with input from local Kindergarten teachers. We asked them what they wished their students knew before they started, and this is what they have come up with.

The Pre-K program is designed to give children foundational skills and abilities, from holding a pencil correctly to identifying colours. These are delivered through games, activities and rewarding challenges, not repetition and learning by rote – so children are fully prepared for immersion in the education system.

At the other end, our year 12 English tuition in Brisbane is based around the QCE assessment requirements, helping them write better essays, conveying their ideas with clarity and creating more imaginative stories. Writing with eloquence to persuade, reading and comprehending complicated texts, and communicating in a mature and confident manner will help them improve not only their marks but in their wider HSC endeavours.

Easy, Straightforward and Hassle-Free – the Best English Tuition in Brisbane

From the very first enquiry to your child’s successful completion, every step on the journey for you and your child is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Booking a Brisbane home tutor can be done online, over the phone, via email or Live Chat. We provide you with the perfect tutor, with proven academic achievements and the right approach to suit your child.

Your first lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee – if you are not fully satisfied, it’s on us!

If you are satisfied, we bill your chosen method of payment 24 hours after the lesson – no contracts, prepayments or minimum number of lessons.

Your Brisbane english tutor will provide weekly feedback that shows what was covered and how your child responded, as well as termly detailed reports with strengths, weaknesses and improvements clearly conveyed.

With our holistic, whole child approach, your child will not only improve their academic performance but by demonstrating a passion for learning and leading by examples, our tutors will become mentors for your child, developing authentic relationships that do so much more than support your child with marks.

Get in contact today to find your perfect tutor and discover the Alchemy Tuition difference.

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