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The NSW Government recently announced a new rebate program to encourage creativity in children called the Creative Kids Program. It provides 2x $50 voucher per child to be redeemed for creative pursuits each calendar year. Alchemy is proud to be an accredited provider of the Creative Kids program, offering a one-on-one creative writing workshop that will help your child tell engaging and vivid stories.

The Alchemy Creative Writing workshop is a 45 minute face to face or online workshop that will teach your child the foundations of creative writing and story telling by getting them to come up with the components of a short story that they will be proud of! What makes our workshop unique is that is it one-on-one, so it is 100% customised to the age and ability of your child. Whether they are in early primary school or about to sit the HSC, your child has something to gain from this program.

Your workshop will include:

Creative Kids


What makes a great story? Why do we dive deep into imagined worlds like that of Harry, Katniss and Frodo? We will explore the foundations of every good story.

Creative Kids Provider


The central characters of any story are the most important part. If we don’t love them, we probably won’t really love the story! We will explore what makes an engaging and loveable character.

Creative Kids Voucher


The words we use can make a story so much more interesting! We will explore different language devices and how to use these effectively.


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Here’s how it works:

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Book online in under 3 minutes or chat with one of our education specialists. Have your Creative Kids voucher on hand to make it seamless!

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Within 48 hours we will confirm the workshop with you and send you details by email and SMS. Your tutor will give you a call to confirm the details.

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The program will be tailored to the age and ability of your child. They will gain a love of creative writing and have a whole lot of fun in the process!


Don’t have a Creative Kids Voucher yet? Learn more and get yours here.

The Alchemy Creative Writing Workshop is valued at $50 AUD and is designed to be redeemed with the NSW Creative Kids Voucher.


Why use your Creative Kids voucher with Alchemy?

✓ Easy and convenient; we come to you and work in your home or connect you with one of our tutors online any time.

✓ Tutors in all suburbs of Sydney or online for rest of NSW

✓ Creative writing is both creative and academic; not only will they develop creatively but they will do better at school too

✓ All our tutors are hand-selected, double reference checked and hold working with children checks

✓ Our creative writing program has been designed over more than 15 years of working with K-12 students

✓ An opportunity to continue with regular tutoring lessons with your tutor if you’d like (we offer support in all subjects from K-12!)



NSW Creative Kids Provider


NSW Creative Kids Provider Sydney


Pair your child up with one of our incredible tutors as we take them through an exploration of creative writing and story telling. A 45-minute workshop that is customised to the age and ability of your child delivered in your home or online.


The NSW Creative Kids Program is an awesome initiative by the NSW Government. It gives children an opportunity to pursue different outlets of creative expression, and for those with a natural interest in creative writing there is no better program than the Alchemy Creative Writing workshop.

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience and thousands of success stories, our program is designed to teach a love of creative writing in your child at any age.

We deliver the creative writing workshop when it is best for you. We have creative writing specialists in every area of Sydney and can pair you up with one of our accredited creative writing specialists face-to-face in Sydney or online NSW wide for regional students.



A short story from our founder, Nic

When I was in primary school I was really into creative writing. I remember being a part of this club that was called something like Starfish writing (I tried googling it but nothing came up, maybe other 80’s kids can help me out?). Each month I would get a magazine from them filled with creative writing pieces submitted by other students across Australia. I loved reading through these pieces and getting ideas for my own stories. Each edition also included writing prompts that you could write yourself and send to them to be included.

I still remember the day I received a copy in the mail and I opened it up to find one of my pieces published in there. It was tiny – maybe a quarter page, but it was my piece! Something I had created in my mind and put on paper and now kids all over the country were reading it!

I think it was that early love of creative writing that spurred my love for all things creative. Now as a parent, one of my greatest hopes for my children is that they too pursue creativity with just as much passion. If they can create things in their mind, they will never be bored. If they can create, they can solve problems. If they can create they won’t view failures as setbacks, but opportunities to think differently.

Creative Writing is one of the easiest ways for children to exercise the creative muscle. All they need is a pen and paper. A love for creative writing will make them better readers and more engaged at school.

Now Offering Online Tutoring for Creative Kids

The NSW government has made creativity in children high stakes using the Creative Kids Program. This approach is not just good for the curriculum but also for the kids’ creativity. Alchemy Tuition is proud to be an accredited provider of the Creative Kids Program, creating writing workshops designed to help children improve their creative juices and tell engaging and vivid stories.

Many tutors offer the creative writing workshop as a face-to-face option that teaches the child the foundations of creative writing and storytelling. While this method is effective, it doesn’t work for every family. Some parents prefer a more flexible and convenient approach, so we have online writing workshops.

Our 45-minute online creative writing workshop is just what your child needs to master the art of creating characters that connect and turn words into a captivating story. What makes our workshop unique is that it is individualised and 100% customised to the child’s age and ability, maximising the workshop’s results. We provide the workshop for children of varying ages, from early primary school to those about to sit the HSC.

Also Offering Home Creativity Workshops

Families that want a  more hands-on approach can consider our one-on-one, face-to-face creativity workshop. We still make it flexible and convenient for families by having the tutor come to your home or office instead of driving to the tutor. Furthermore, you choose when you want to take the lessons so your child doesn’t have to drop any activities they like. We will make it even easier for you by helping match you with the perfect tutor so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through tutor profiles and instead settle into the serious work.

With our unique and customised approach and infectious personalities, your child will love working with our creative writing tutors.

The Best Tutoring Company Near You

Alchemy Tuition is a great tutoring company that has established itself as the leading creative tutoring company. We have thousands of positive reviews from families we have worked with in the past, and they’re all gleaming and shining. Besides providing a great experience, we also have great results to back up our customised and unique tutoring approach that has been tested and proven. If you’re looking for the best creating writing tutor near me, you can’t go wrong with Alchemy Tuition.

Using your NSW Creative Kids Voucher with Alchemy is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing. We are proud to be an accredited NSW Creative Kids Provider and will ensure your child is challenged, inspired and left knowing what they are capable of.


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