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Your first lesson has our 100% happiness guarantee; so if you aren’t convinced the HSC tutor we select is the one for you it’s free.

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Lessons in your home when they suit you or online anytime – 7 days a week, 7am to 8pm. No contracts or minimum commitments.

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We keep you in the loop at all times. We’ll send you feedback after each lesson and a detailed progress report every 10.

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Access to the best tutors in the state

Our tutors are the kinds of tutors we would want working with our own kids. All screened, reference-checked and holding WWCCs.

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Undivided one on one attention

Individualised learning that is tailored to your child. No boring software or workbooks – each lesson is customised for them.

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We’ve helped thousands of HSC students get the results they need

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At Alchemy we care about so much more than just marks

Your child will grow in confidence, do better at school and love the learning experience

Year 11 and 12 will require more dedication and focus from a student than any other year so far.

For this reason, having someone by their side to mentor and support them through the hurdles of the HSC is so incredibly valuable.

For more than 15 years, we have been helping year 11 and 12 students realise their true potential through our one-on-one tuition. We work with students of all levels and abilities, from the very bottom to the top of the class.

In addition to HSC English tutoring and HSC maths tutoring, we also offer support in other core HSC subjects; physics, biology, chemistry, business studies, legal studies and economics.

Does your child want to get in to the best Universities? Are they striving to be Dux or make it on the honour roll? We have tutors that can make this happen.

Perhaps your child is an average student and they need someone to pull them to the next level? Our tutors can also help.

Because what we do is one-on-one, every lesson is tailored around your child’s needs, focussing on their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Under the support of an Alchemy tutor you’ll see them grow not only in their academic results but in their confidence and passion for learning.

Having a tutor will improve your child’s academic results – leading to them being more engaged, confident and social at school and putting them on a path to excel far beyond the HSC.

Experience the Alchemy difference for yourself by getting started with an accredited Alchemy HSC tutor today.

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The best hand-selected HSC tutors in NSW

Our tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Our HSC tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Every tutor is hand selected, interviewed one-on-one and double reference checked before joining our team.

Our HSC tutors are specifically chosen for their ability to work with students in years 11 & 12; demonstrating the passion, knowledge and relatability you would expect from a tutor working with someone at that age. They then go through our comprehensive training program to ensure they are fully equipped to work with your child.

We channel more than a decade of experience into training our tutors, giving them all the support and resources they need to bring out the gold in every student they work with.

All Alchemy tutors hold Working with children checks that we manually verify ahead of their first session. Meet some of them here.

Lessons when and where they suit you

HSC Home Tutoring

Lessons in your home

No need to fight traffic or battle to find a sparking spot.

We offer the best HSC tutoring in NSW right in your home at a time that works for you.

We offer one-on-one HSC tutoring 7 days a week, before or after school and on weekends. Your tutor will come at the most convenient time for your child.

We make things as easy as possible for you by pairing you with an accredited local tutor that knows your suburb just as well as you do!

Online HSC Tutoring

Lessons online

Your child can connect with their HSC tutor online in our custom built online classroom.

Any device – no app download required. They’ll use video chat, a shared whiteboard and interactive features to make the experience as immersive as possible.

Online lessons can happen at any time, from anywhere. You’ll also get access to a far greater network of Alchemy tutors offering a broad range of experience and knowledge.

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Affordable one-on-one HSC tutoring for local families


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✓ No contracts. prepayments or hidden fees – the price you see above is what you will pay

✓ The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

✓ No charge for missed lessons – just give your tutor at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled lesson

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to start tutoring?

There is no better time than now! Tutoring isn’t just for those that are struggling – it also provides advanced students an opportunity to feel challenged and refine their skills. Having someone partner with you to bring out the best in your child is completely invaluable – and we recommend it at every age and level.

Does my child need a tutor?

Tutoring is for more than just those who struggle. In fact, you will usually find the students at the top of the class are there BECAUSE they have a tutor. Your tutor will become a partner in your child’s education journey, bridging the gap between home and the classroom. We believe every single student has something to gain from the support of an Alchemy tutor – and we know you will see this too.

Are there contracts or do I pay in advance?

No – there are no contracts and we are entirely pay as you go. We use an automated payment system that simply charges your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson occurs.

Will my tutor provide content and resources?

Yes – your tutor will have full access to our resource centre which contains thousands of worksheets, practice tests and text books. They will tailor every lesson around your child’s needs and design a unique program for them. To avoid waste we encourage our tutors to use digital worksheets so may bring a tablet or laptop – if you’d prefer to have them printed your tutor can send them to you ahead of a lesson for you to print at home.

How long does each lesson go for?

We leave this up to you to discuss with your tutor – but most of our students do between 1-2 hours per week. Our data shows that students see the most progress when they do a 1.5 hour lesson each week. There is no need to agree to a fixed session length – your tutor simply logs the length of session after each lesson occurs (with your prior agreement of course!).

Will my child have an assessment?

Yes. In the first lesson your tutor will deliver an assessment on your child, seeing where their strengths and weaknesses lie. After the session, your tutor will discuss their findings with you and send them through to you by email. From there, they will then develop a 10-week strategy to see your child reach their goals.

Why choose Alchemy over other options?

There are so many reasons, but the one thing we are most proud of is what makes us who we are. Alchemy is the medieval science of turning metals in to gold. It is the act of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary – something our tutors do with our students every single day. The Alchemy difference is that we care about so much more than just marks. This resonates in everything we do – from the tutors we hire through to the lessons we plan. We want to see your child perform at their very best in all aspects of life – and not just in the classroom. It is this passion for so much more than just academic results that gives us the reputation we have – with thousands of verified 5-star reviews online.

How do you monitor progress?

We test students regularly to monitor improvements. The frequency of this will be up to your tutor, and you are welcome to discuss this with them in the first session to work out a testing cycle that is ideal for your child.

How often will lessons happen?

We recommend weekly sessions for every student. Consistency is so important in education, so irregular lessons may halt your child’s progress.

Is the first lesson a free trial lesson?

No – but it is covered by our first session 100% happiness guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% convinced the tutor we have lined up for you is the right tutor for your child, the session is on us and we can organise someone else that better suits your needs. If however you are happy to continue (and we are confident that you will be!) then we charge you for the first session when you submit payment details.

About our HSC Tutoring


In addition to all levels of HSC English tutoring and HSC maths tutoring, we also offer support in other core HSC subjects; physics, biology, chemistry, business studies, legal studies and economics.

Whilst significant and measurable improvement in class results are our goal for every student we work with, the Alchemy difference is that we care about so much more than just marks.

This mantra permeates everything we do – from the tutors we hire to how we connect and relate to our students. We want to see every student realise their full potential, whatever that may be. Your child will grow in confidence, boost their self-esteem and ultimately change how they view themselves and what they are capable of.

This is the Alchemy difference.


Why is a HSC Tutor important?

The HSC is an important time for your child. However, it can also cause them undue stress and concern over their progress and the grades they will receive. To make the process easier for you and your child, an HSC tutor in Sydney could be the answer you have been looking for.

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the culmination of all the years of study put in by students in New South Wales. HSC courses are tough, and even the most talented of students can find it difficult to score top marks – making it all the more important for pupils to get support when it’s needed.

From Sydney to Newcastle, and Dubbo to Wollongong, Alchemy Tuition has been providing stellar support services to HSC students across South Wales for over a decade. Whether they want to make the cut for the honour roll or get into a prestigious university, we’ll work with your child to help make their goals a reality.

Working across all the key subject areas including English, Maths, and Science, our tutors have all been through the same experience – studying hard and hoping for good results at the end of their HSC course. They now help students in years 11 and 12 to improve their chances of scoring a top grade.

Every session is tailored to meet the specific needs of pupils, and the focus is not only on improving their knowledge but equipping them with the skills


Achieve your desired HSC marks with a tutor from Alchemy Tuition

Understandably, many students worry about taking their HSC as the grades they receive can affect what they will do with the rest of their lives.

At Alchemy Tuition, we take a holistic approach to our HSC tutoring in Sydney. Our tutors work with your child in the build-up to their HSC and give them the knowledge and tools to approach the exams with success. Additionally, we ensure they have the confidence and self-esteem needed to believe they will be successful and feel confident when they step into the exam room.

Your child might be at the beginning of their HSC course and you want them to be a step ahead by having HSC tutoring. Our tutoring services can help them as they approach the different topics by working on any areas they struggle with and ensuring they have the right knowledge.

Tutoring can also be helpful before your child takes the exams and it can give them that much-needed confidence boost. Your child’s HSC English tutor can help to ensure all book themes have been explored and a HSC maths tutor can make sure all key maths concepts have been revised and that they have strong subject knowledge in all areas. However, the sooner you get tuition for your child, the better they will do.


Alchemy Tuition makes finding the perfect HSC tutor easy


While it can be hard to find the right tutor for your child, we make the whole process easy. As a busy parent, you probably do not have the time to search the internet for a tutor and still not know whether they are going to be worth the money and help your child. Alchemy Tuition has pre-approved tutors who have been through a stringent selection process.

Each tutor is hand-selected, interviewed and double referenced to ensure they can produce a high-quality service. As well as this, they hold a Working with Children Check to ensure your child’s safety. At Alchemy Tuition, we make sure our Sydney tutors consistently deliver a quality service by regularly monitoring them.

Teenagers do not always tell you what is going on, but when you choose Alchemy Tuition, you will get weekly feedback from your child’s tutor as well as a detailed progress report after 10 lessons.

What’s more, we have a simple booking system. You do not need to pay upfront and there are no contracts to sign. While we are confident that your child will enjoy their first session with their tutor, but if they do not, then you will not have to pay.

For a tutoring service that helps your child to succeed in their HSC, contact us today and we will match your child up with the right tutor.

Alchemy Tuition has over 15 years of experience in tutoring. Over the years, we have created an effective result-oriented approach that has yielded remarkable results.

We start by understanding the needs of the student and any possible challenges they might be facing. We treat every student as an individual and use the information we get from our engagement with the student to tailor the tutoring sessions to their needs.

Our HSC tutors will take time to explain the difference concepts to the students in a way the student can understand.

We are passionate about tutoring and helping the student overcome any problems that could be hindering their academic performance.

We have expert tutors covering all HSC subjects and different years. The qualified tutors can help break down complex concepts and explain them to the student in a simplified and easy to understand way for the student.

It’s never too early to start preparing for your HSC exams. Building proper revision and exam approach habits is critical to helping you improve your marks. Our tutors can share the tips that have helped them become successful and achieve exceptional marks in their exams.

Our HSC maths tutors will give your child the best chances of overcoming any learning gaps and obstacles in maths. The tutors are well-versed with the different maths subjects and can break them down using simple terms that make it easier for the students to understand. Our tutors can support both struggling and high-performing students in their pursuit of academic success.

Performing well in English is a requirement for students because some English subjects are not optional. Some universities also require students to do well in English to be considered for their courses. With our HSC English tutors, you can give your child the best chance at success and give them the support they need as they read ahead of the teacher.

At the end of Year 12, students take their HSC exams which determine their ATAR score and, consequently, the courses they can take in university. It’s critical that students prepare adequately for the exams. Our tutors can help students create a comprehensive and effective revision schedule and keep them accountable as they prepare for the exams. The tutors can also equip students with valuable tips on remaining calm and managing time during exams.

We also tutor other subjects in the NSW curriculum, including sciences, history, economics, geography and many other optional subjects., Our primary task is to provide students with the support and guidance they need to make the most out of their HSC years and give them the best chances of pursuing the courses of their choice.

Why Choose an Alchemy Tuition HSC Tutor for Your Child?

Save time and money: Experience the fastest and easiest signup process without hurdles or challenges. Signing up on Alchemy Tuition takes less than three minutes, and you don’t have to worry about finding the right tutor. We have specialists who do that.

Confidence: We have qualified, expert tutors for all HSC subjects. The tutors are trained, verified and accredited, so you can rest assured they understand the subjects and concepts they tutor.

Convenience: Our entire tutoring experience is designed to be convenient for the families we work with. We have the tutors come to you, so you don’t have to drive through traffic, and the tutoring schedules are tailored to your family’s needs.

Risk-free: Are you tired of spending money on tutoring services that don’t deliver? With Alchemy Tuition, if you don’t love your first lesson or the tutor we match you with, the cost of the lesson is on us.

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Why Choose Us for HSC Tutoring?

Hiring an HSC tutor is a time-sensitive process. You need to get the right tutor and get the student started as first as possible. But in most cases, finding the right tutor is a tedious process and rarely successful. Until you come to Alchemy Tuition. We’ve removed everything families hate about tutoring and made it all about what you love. We are the number one HSC tutoring service and have previously worked with thousands of families. Here are some reasons families love our tutoring and why you should too!

Tutoring can easily take over your life. You have to restructure your schedule, drive through traffic and fight to get parking spots when dropping off your child for tutoring. But Alchemy Tuition comes to you. If you choose our physical one-on-one tutoring, we have the tutor come to an agreed location. All our tutors are locals and know your area well, so you don’t have to miss meetings or try to beat traffic. You can also access the tutor online at home anytime, day or night.

Besides saving you the trouble of driving around and pulling your child from their favourite activities, we also let you choose when you want to take lessons. We customise the schedule to suit your family’s needs. So you can keep doing the things you love as a family while getting tutored on the side. If you’re unsure of the best time to take lessons, you can consult with the tutor to come up with a timetable that works for you. And if the student can’t make it for a lesson, give the tutor a 24-hour heads up, and we will reschedule the lesson at no cost.

With our affordable and reasonable rates, you don’t have to break the bank to get your child a premium HSC tutor. We have flat hourly rates and convenient payment terms. We only charge you for the lessons you take on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Now Offering Online HSC Tutoring

HSC is a crucial stage in the life of every student. The curriculum is more demanding, and at this time, students are also engaged in other extracurricular activities that make up their social life. With the busy schedule makes it difficult for students to squeeze in tutoring even when they really need it. Alchemy Tuition now offers online HSC tutoring, allowing students to maintain their busy schedules and get tutoring when needed. With online tutoring, students can access the tutor anytime and any day. They just need to schedule the classes.

We’ve incorporated various features in our online platform to keep the tutoring as interactive and engaging as possible and enhance the element of individualised and one-on-one tutoring.

Also, Offering Home HSC Tutoring

Alternatively, students can give our HSC home tutoring a try. We’ve made home tutoring just as convenient and flexible by bringing the tutor to you instead of driving around to the tutoring location. Also, you are entirely in charge of your tutoring schedule. You choose when you want to take lessons to keep doing what you love and get tutoring.

We work with qualified, trained, certified home HSC tutors specialising in various subjects, ensuring we can help as many students as possible. The tutors are masters in their craft and can easily break down complex concepts using simple language that students understand. Combined with the comfort of being tutored in your home and our customised learning approach, we’ve produced excellent results with all the students we work with.

The Best Tutoring Company Near You

Your search for “The best HSC tutor near me” comes to an end with Alchemy Tuition. With over a decade of HSC tutoring experience and thousands of positive reviews to show that our tutoring approach works, we give you the best chance at success with our customised tutoring approach. We are also considered the best HSC tutors near you because of families’ fantastic experiences working with us and our affordable and transparent tutoring rates.

You can sign up for Alchemy Tuition’s HSC tutoring in less than three minutes. We will match you with the best tutor based on the student’s needs and personality and set up the first lesson for you so you can hit the ground running. During tutoring, we provide you with regular updates so you know our progress, and you can share the reports with the child’s teachers for more support.

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