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Save time

We do everything for you. Book your first lesson in 3 minutes and we’ll have the perfect tutor lined up for you within 48 hours.

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Love your tutor (or it’s free)

Your first lesson has our 100% happiness guarantee; so if you aren’t convinced the tutor we select is the one for you it’s free.

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Get complete flexibility

Lessons in your home when they suit you or online anytime – 7 days a week, 7am to 8pm. No contracts or minimum commitments.

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Regular progress updates

We keep you in the loop at all times. We’ll send you feedback after each lesson and a detailed progress report every 10.

Best Gold Coast Tutoring

The best tutors on the Gold Coast

Our tutors are the kinds of tutors we would want working with our own kids. All screened, reference-checked and holding WWCCs.

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Undivided one on one attention

Individualised learning that is tailored to your child. No boring software or workbooks – each lesson is customised for them.

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We’ve helped hundreds of happy families on the Gold Coast completely transform their child’s academic journey

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At Alchemy we care about so much more than just marks

Your child will grow in confidence, do better at school and love the learning experience

We’ve been providing in-home and online tutoring on the Gold Coast since 2005, working to help students perform at their very best. Whilst our families continue to witness amazing academic results what really sets us apart is our focus on bringing out the best in the students we work with and showing them what they are truly capable of.

Alchemy is the medieval science of turning base metals into Gold. It is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary; something our tutors do with our students every single day.

This is at the heart of what we do: mentoring and challenging students to perform at a higher level than they ever thought possible.

Experience the Alchemy difference for yourself by getting started with an accredited Alchemy tutor on the Gold Coast today.

Gold Coast English Tutoring

P-12 English Tutoring

Expert English tutors on the Gold Coast to help your child perform at their very best. Reading, writing and expressing ideas effectively form the basis of all school subjects; so having an English tutor will make a huge difference to their confidence and attitude towards learning.

Gold Coast Maths Tutoring

P-12 Maths Tutoring

Maths is all about foundations; so ensuring the correct foundations are in place is crucial for any successful student. From Prep through to year 12, we have the best maths tutors on the Gold Coast ready to support both struggling and high performing students.

Gold Coast Exam preparation

P-12 Exam Preparation

We specialise in QCE, Selective School and NAPLAN preparation for students of all grades and abilities. Your tutor will work carefully with your child, teaching in their unique learning style and showing them how to best prepare for and approach upcoming exams and assessments.

Tutoring Gold Coast

All other subjects

We have incredible tutors in all subjects from P-12, including Sciences, Histories, Humanities and most electives. We also offer general support tutoring – for students that don’t need specific help with a subject but would instead benefit from an experienced mentor in general.

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The best hand-selected tutors on the Gold Coast

Our tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Every tutor is hand selected, interviewed one-on-one and double reference checked before joining our team.

Our tutors come from a diverse background, from high performing University students to retired teachers – and all go through our comprehensive training and mentorship program to ensure they adhere to our high standards.

We channel more than a decade of experience into equipping our tutors to be the best inBiggera Waters, giving them all the support and resources they need to bring out the gold in every student they work with.

All Alchemy tutors hold Working with children checks/Blue Cards that we manually verify ahead of their first session. Meet some of them here.

Lessons when and where they suit you

Gold Coast Home Tutoring

Lessons in your home

No need to fight traffic on the Gold Coast or battle to find a sparking spot.

We offer the best private tutoring on the Gold Coast right in your home at a time that works for you.

We offer one-on-one tutoring 7 days a week, before or after school and on weekends. Your tutor will come at the most convenient time for your child.

We make things as easy as possible for you by pairing you with an accredited local tutor that knows the Gold Coast just as well as you do!

Gold Coast Online Tutoring

Lessons online

Your child can connect with their tutor online in our custom built online classroom.

Any device – no app download required. They’ll use video chat, a shared whiteboard and interactive features to make the experience as immersive as possible.

Online lessons can happen at any time, from anywhere. You’ll also get access to a far greater network of Alchemy tutors offering a broad range of experience and knowledge.

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Affordable one-on-one tutoring for Gold Coast families


Anywhere, Anytime

In Your Home

In-Person Lessons

✓ First lesson covered by our 100% happiness guarantee – if you aren’t happy after the first lesson it’s on us

✓ No contracts. prepayments or hidden fees – the price you see above is what you will pay

✓ The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

✓ No charge for missed lessons – just give your tutor at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled lesson

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Experience the Alchemy difference for yourself!

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You can start experiencing our tutoring in Gold Coast by completing our online booking form, which won’t take more than three minutes. Alternatively, you can request a call back from our education expert. After providing us with the student’s details, we will match you with the perfect Gold Coast tutor for your desired subject. We select tutors based on their previous experience with the student’s challenges and matching personalities. We aim for instant connection and bond that makes tutoring and mentoring fun and productive.

Most families have concerns about letting strangers in their homes. But we remedy this by ensuring that our in-home private tutoring in Gold Coast comprises local tutors born and raised in Gold Coast. Sometimes, the tutors we select might even be acquaintances to the families we match them with.

We also hire Gold Coast-born and raised tutors because it is easier to verify their references, ensuring we get tutors with the right skills and background to work with the students. We are passionate about ensuring we get the best tutors for the best tutoring in Gold Coast.

We know what finding parking in parts of the Gold Coast can be like! And how about the madness of after school traffic as you drive from one activity to the other?!?

Well you can wave those struggles goodbye because we offer the best private tutoring on the Gold Coast right in your home at a time that works for you.

We offer one-on-one tutoring 7 days a week, before or after school and on weekends. Your tutor will come at the most convenient time for your child – eliminating any stressful after school driving or circling the car park to find a spot.

If the home isn’t ideal, there are plenty of other places in Gold Coast and surrounding areas that we could use – like a library, school or cafe. We make things as easy as possible for you by pairing you with an accredited local tutor that knows the Gold Coast just as well as you do!

Over the years, we have constantly improved our tutoring service by vigorously vetting our tutors and selecting the best minds in Gold Coast. But what sets apart from other similar services is our approach to tutoring.

We are a result-oriented tutoring service with thousands of positive reviews from parents and students that we have worked with in the past as proof of our effective. We have fine-tuned our approach to tutoring to ensure we help students realise their potential and goals.

Our tutoring approach starts with finding the best tutors in Gold Coast and thoroughly vetting them before adding them to our platform. Once you find a tutor that matches your needs and preferences, we quickly set up your first session to allow you get to know the new tutor better and get started sooner.

To us, every student is unique. We take time to understand their needs and challenges so we can identify the best way to help them. Using this approach, we have achieved amazing results over the years and helped thousands of students realise their dreams.

Confidence: Choosing Alchemy Tuition is choosing tutors who understand the curriculum and are qualified and trained for the level of students they tutor. We ensure our tutors are geniuses in their fields and can break down concepts in simple and easy language that is easy for the students to understand.

Convenient: Convenience is what gets families to commit to tutoring for the long term. We send the tutor to you so you don’t have to drive through traffic or adjust your schedule drastically. The tutor can even come and tutor in your office as long as it is conducive for tutoring with no distraction.

Completely risk-free: You don’t take any risks with our tutors in Gold Coast or the tutoring experience. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers your first lesson, Alchemy Tuition. If you don’t love the experience or the tutor we match you with, we will not charge you for the lesson.

You save time and money: We’ve simplified the tutoring process to ensure you spend the least time possible during the signup process. We also help you find the tutor, so you don’t spend hours trying to find the best tutor for your child.

Budget-friendly: Our tutoring rates are pocket-friendly, with easily weekly payments for the lessons you take. There are no charges for missed lessons.

We offer Online Tutoring, English Tutor Gold Coast, Gold Coast Primary School Tutoring, Gold Coast Tutoring, and Maths Tutoring Gold Coast.

Why Choose Us for Gold Coast Tutoring

Tutoring offers many benefits to the student. That’s why getting the right Gold Coast tutoring service is crucial to maximise these benefits and get value for your money, and Alchemy Tuition is the real deal. We’re passionate about tutoring and working with students. We love helping students unlock their full potential and have a tried and tested approach that has constantly delivered beyond expectations. We have thousands of positive reviews from families impressed with our performance, and we believe you will too. Here why;

We have over 15 years of tutoring experience. During this time, we have worked with thousands of families on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas and have constantly delivered beyond expectations. We have thousands of positive reviews from these families to show that your tutoring approach works and delivers.

With us, you won’t be taking any chances. You will work with a seasoned Gold Coast tutoring service that understands what it takes to help students turn their grades around.

If you’ve tried to find the right tutor by yourself, you know how hard and draining the process can be. At Alchemy Tuition, we do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is complete an online booking form which shouldn’t take more than three minutes. Our team of education experts will take over from there. We will go through our deep list of tutor profiles and match you with the perfect one.

When matching you with the perfect tutor in Gold Coast, we consider the student’s character, learning methods and challenges. We aim to pick a tutor that strikes an instant connection with the student and is best equipped to help them through their challenges.

It’s easy to keep track of your child’s progress with Alchemy Tuition. We send you email updates on the student’s progress after every lesson and a more detailed progress report that you can share with the student’s teachers after every 10 lessons.

Now Offering Online Tutoring in Gold Coast

Alchemy Tuition is transforming how students in Gold Coast access tutors and tutoring in general by providing new tutoring methods. One such upgrade is our online tutoring in Gold Coast, which now allows students to enjoy quality tutoring wherever they are and whenever they need tutoring. Online tutoring provides families and students with a new level of flexibility that wasn’t previously available, making it possible for busy students and those with odd study hours to get easy access to tutors when convenient.

Online tutoring students will still access our other vital services like tutor matching to ensure they get matched with the best tutors based on their personality and learning needs. Once you start tutoring, you also get the undivided one-on-one attention of the tutor for the duration of the session, and you get our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on your first lesson on Alchemy.

Also Offering Home Tutoring in Gold Coast

Students in Gold Coast can also take advantage of our home tutoring to catch up with the rest of the class or turn their grades around. Our tutoring is developed to help students with various academic goals, not just the ones struggling in class. We can help students who have fallen behind after missing school, those struggling with certain subjects and gifted students. We have tutors specialising in different subjects, grades and learning abilities to ensure we can fully attend to every student’s learning needs.

With our home tutoring in Gold Coast options, parents don’t need to worry about taking their students for tutoring. Instead, we will have the tutor come to you. We work with local Gold Coast tutors born and bred who know their way around and won’t have much trouble finding your location. Also, the tutor is readily available even on short notice.

The Best Tutoring Company Near You

Alchemy Tuition is the leading tutoring company in Gold Coast. It’s no wonder it appears when searching for the best tutor near me. We have worked with thousands of students and families in Gold Coast and the surrounding areas over our decade-long journey in tutoring. We’ve developed the most fantastic tutoring approach that engages the student and instils a life-long passion for learning in the students we work with.

Also, we focus on more than the academic performance of the student. We also help them boost their confidence and self-esteem, which is vital to their success even after school.

Gold Coast Tutoring FAQs

When is the best time to start tutoring?

The best time to start tutoring is when the student starts Reception. The earlier the student starts tutoring, the better the results, and it prevents the development of learning gaps. However, it’s not too late if your child hasn’t started tutoring. Now is still the right time. The sooner you start tutoring, the more time you have to turn your grades around.

Does my child need a tutor?

Every child could use the help of a Gold Coast tutor. Unfortunately, most parents and teachers believe tutors are for struggling students. But, even stellar students can benefit from having a tutor. Gold Coast tutors can provide direction for gifted students and support struggling students as they work to catch up and measure up to the national curriculum stands.

How often should the student take lessons?

We recommend weekly sessions, but students and families can devise a schedule that works for them. If you’re uncertain, you can work with the tutor to come up with a schedule that works for you.

How long is each lesson?

Most students go for 1-2 hour lessons. But again, this is something that families can discuss with the tutor. You can choose a duration that works for you depending on the frequency of the lessons. But we recommend at least an hour of tutoring each week.

Will my tutor provide content and resources?

Our Gold Coast tutors have access to an expansive resource centre where they get all the materials needed for their sessions. If you like, the tutor can send the materials and resources to you before each lesson to print and share with the student.

Is the first lesson a free trial?

No. But the lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee. So if you don’t love the lesson or the tutor we pair you with, you can opt-out without any challenges or charges. If you’re happy, you can set up your payment information and schedule with your tutor.

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