“Our tutor has a great rapport with my son. He enjoys his sessions with the tutor and tells of how valuable they are. Our tutor provides us with really good feedback after each session and is very encouraging to my son. We are very happy with our tutor.”

Simon, Turramurra


“Our tutor is fantastic! My daughter has great improved and she looks forward to her lessons each week with him!”

Emma, Mona Vale


“Thank you so much for the support. Both the kids have benefitted greatly from the help and guidance.”

Toni, Avalon


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our tutor for the support and guidance he has given to my son. Our tutor has been very flexible and accommodating with different tutorial lessons on the Saturdays. Our tutor has always come prepared to the lesson to engage my son and sometimes even assigning extra work to do for the following week. Our tutor has also shared his exam tips. Much appreciated. I wish him all the best.”

Anita, Kogarah Bay


“We have been very happy with our tutor, he’s been a real help.”

Isabella, Cromer


“Very happy with our tutor. He has a wonderful way about him that really engages the kids.
They are both getting alot out of the sessions. Thank you.”

Toni, Avalon


“We have been very happy with our tutor. She engaged well with our daughter and was well prepared for the lessons. Our daughter believes the tutor helped her improve a lot and has given her confidence to sit her HSC exams. Thank you for your professional service over the past months. Based on our daughter’s performance we would be happy to recommend your company.”

Louise, Turramurra


“My son is enjoying the sessions with his tutor and really looks forward to playing math games… it kind of feels like a play date with a big brother for him which is great!”

Samantha, Manly


“Our tutor is a great tutor – very patient and kind.”

Jacqui, Newport


“Great fit between tutor and our daughter.”

Joanne, Gymea Bay


“Thanks to our tutor. She built an instant connection with my son and is helping him to improve his literacy and numeracy skills.”

Sue, Cammeray


“Our tutor is a lovely polite, calm and well versed in all school maths. He adapted quickly to teach my yr 12 daughter in some problem areas as my son had forgotten his session and had stayed back at school for a rehearsal.”

Camilla, St Ives


“Our tutor has been a good natured, well informed tutor and we are happy to have him tutor my son.”

Kerri, Gladesville


“Our tutor has been very friendly and professional and our son is enjoying his sessions. We’re very pleased with progress.”

Simon, Turramurra


“I just wanted to thank our tutor and let you know what a fabulous job she is doing tutoring my daughter. She is more confident with her school work and better prepared for her exams and this makes for a happy child at home. We all really appreciate our tutor’s help. Thank you.”

Megan, Newport


“We’ve been so happy with our tutor and her tutoring of my son. She is warm and friendly, well prepared and the two really click. We’ve seen a better attitude towards tutoring and homework in my son since starting the one-on-one format than previous group sessions. It seems a more efficient use of time and energy. It’s also wonderful having the tutor’s feedback on each session. Thank you very much.”

Ashley, Castle Hill


“Our tutor is punctual. He is attentive and patient with my daughter and she seems to be making progress.”

Jude, Collaroy


“We love that my son’s tutor makes learning fun, I hear giggles coming from their session and isn’t that what learning is all about – being engaged and enjoying it. Thanks again.”

Emma, Freshwater


“We are very happy with my sons Maths tutor. He is enthusiastic, clear with his explanations and my son improved 20% this term to get a pass in year 11 Maths. I hope that with more time that he will continue to get improvement”

Phillippa, Forestville


“We are very happy to have our tutor, polite and very focused. Looking forward to having him next week.”

Jacqueline, Eastwood


“Our tutor is wonderful. We are very pleased with her calm nature, always early and eager to work. My son feels very comfortable with her.”

Natalie, Harrington Park


“Our son’s tutor relates really well to him, most importantly making the sessions fun, rather than a chore. This makes all the difference. We really value the support he is getting. The feedback you send each week is really useful for me as a parent to know what is being covered and where his challenges lie.
 Thank you.”

Emma, Freshwater




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