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One-on-one coaching for the NAPLAN test in your home or online



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A one-on-one preparation program that will give your child the individualised support they deserve.


The NAPLAN test is an excellent indication of your child’s performance against other students their age and can be used as a benchmark should they want to enter an OC class, selective school or accelerated streams at high school.

Taking place in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, the NAPLAN test is a great opportunity for your child to showcase their abilities – and this will be further demonstrated with the support of an Alchemy tutor.

The Alchemy preparation program is designed to familiarise each student with the test content, show them strategies to confront the most challenging questions and ultimately allow them to walk in to the exam with confidence.

Because what we do is one-on-one, every preparation program is unique. After the initial assessment, your tutor will know exactly what your child needs to focus on and build the program around these core skills – something you won’t find in a classroom environment.

To give your child the best support in the NAPLAN test, get them started with an accredited Alchemy tutor today.


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We know how hard it is juggling school pickups, practices and rehearsals for multiple children. For this reason we come to you and work around your schedule (we bet you breathed a sigh of relief just reading that!).

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In your home

Our most popular and the most convenient option for busy families! Your tutor will come to your home at a time that works for you – no fighting for parking or braving the after school traffic – and work one on one with your child, giving them the skills they need to perform at their best.

NAPLAN Tutoring

At a school or library

If the home isn’t ideal or there are too many siblings or distractions around, your tutor can meet your child in your local library or school. Sometimes being in a public space can increase focus and motivation. Drop them off at the library and go get the grocery shopping done for the week – what a win!



For students in rural areas or who can’t accomodate face to face sessions we can pair you up to one of our gold level tutors that can work via Skype, Facetime or Google hangouts. Our online tutors are those that have completed at least 100 face to face lessons and are the best of the best.


When you book, you simply let us know the best days and times for the lessons and we will organise a tutor to match. Easy, convenient and hassle-free!

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Our tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Every tutor is hand selected, interviewed one-on-one and double reference checked before joining our team.

All tutors that work with NAPLAN students have passed our unique NAPLAN accreditation which ensures they understand the expectations and requirements of the exam. In many cases, they did the NAPLAN test themselves so can offer additional first hand wisdom and support for the students they work with.

We channel more than a decade of experience into equipping our tutors to be the best they can be, giving them all the support and resources they need to bring out the gold in every student they work with.

All Alchemy tutors hold Working with children checks that we manually verify ahead of their first session. Meet some of them here.

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Our program will give each student the skills and knowledge they need to walk in to the NAPLAN test with confidence.

Our program is all about familiarisation – familiarising the student with the question types and format of the exam. By identifying trends of questions and knowing what to expect, your child will know how to respond to the questions and when they don’t, they will know how to choose the next best answer.

In the first session your tutor will assess your child’s current abilities and identify their strengths and weaknesses. From there, they will design the program around their unique needs ensuring adequate time is given to each core skill.

All components of the test will be covered; literacy, numeracy, reading and writing. Homework will be assigned (if appropriate) and progress will be tracked every 10 weeks.

We use a wide range of materials that we have developed and accumulated over more than a decade of supporting students.

Each year, the NAPLAN test is sat by thousands of Australian students across years 3, 5, 7, and 9. It’s aimed at examining their general proficiency in reading, writing, spelling, and numeracy – and although it started out as a way to assess the performance of schools, it’s now used as a benchmark for some selective institutions.

If you’re planning for your child to attend a selective high school in the future, you really can’t afford for them to slip up with the NAPLAN. The test is considered to be a general measure of their aptitude, and a good or bad grade could follow them for far longer than you might expect.

Our personalised NAPLAN tutoring sessions are tailored to help children excel across the entire range of subjects. We recognise that some students will need support in writing, spelling, reading, and numeracy – but we also understand that not everyone is the same. It’s why no two pupils get the same session, because our tutors work tirelessly to ensure that the work they do is matched perfectly with each student’s individual needs.

Whether your child has set their sights on a prestigious high school or if you just want for them to improve their learning skills, Alchemy Tuition will help them to make the most of their education.


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At Alchemy we give you complete freedom. Unlike coaching colleges, there are no contracts, prepayments or penalties for missed lessons.

We simply charge your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson occurs. No paperwork, joining fees or payment processing fees.

Whilst most students do one hour per week, we can work around what you need. Left things a bit late and only have a few months until the exam? We can organise a tutor who can do 2 or 3 lessons a week up until the exam. Just getting started on the journey? Weekly lessons should be plenty.

Whilst we give you flexibility, we strongly encourage regular weekly lessons. Consistency is so important and missing just a few weeks can really get in the way of progress. Holiday lessons are optional, but in most cases your tutor will happily continue through to ensure we keep moving forward week after week.

We offer discounts for multiple lessons each week. Please visit our pricing page for details and pricing in your suburb.

Alchemy Tuition has been tutoring for over ten years. We take a result-oriented approach and have had massive success using this approach as witnessed from the numerous reviews parents and students we have worked with in the past.

We have perfected our approach to maximise the time we spend with the student and deliver excellent results.

We take a student-first approach, quickly working with the student in the first few sessions to understand their goals, capabilities and any possible challenges they might be having ahead of the NAPLAN. Together, we find the most practical approach to tutoring and exam preparation as per the student’s needs.

Our tutors will also come up with an agreeable schedule to ensure the convenience and comfort of the student during studies.

Although different students might be having similar challenges and need similar NAPLAN tutoring services, we understand the underlying causes of these challenges might differ. That is why we treat every student as an individual. We take time to understand their challenges and problems and help them achieve the best results and realise their full potential and set them on a bright path for their future.


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There is no better time than now! As we have mentioned, tutoring isn’t just for those that are struggling – it also provides advanced students an opportunity to feel challenged and refine their skills. Having someone partner with you to bring out the best in your child is completely invaluable – and we recommend it at every age and level.
Tutoring is for more than just those who struggle. In fact, you will usually find the students at the top of the class are there BECAUSE they have a tutor. Your tutor will become a partner in your child’s education journey, bridging the gap between home and the classroom. We believe every single student has something to gain from the support of an Alchemy tutor – and we know you will see this too.
No – there are no contracts and we are entirely pay as you go. We use an automated payment system that simply charges your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson occurs.
Yes – your tutor will have full access to our resource centre which contains thousands of worksheets, practice tests and text books. They will tailor every lesson around your child’s needs and design a unique program for them. To avoid waste we encourage our tutors to use digital worksheets so may bring a tablet or laptop – if you’d prefer to have them printed your tutor can send them to you ahead of a lesson for you to print at home.
We leave this up to you to discuss with your tutor – but most of our students do between 1-2 hours per week. Our data shows that students see the most progress when they do a 1.5 hour lesson each week. There is no need to agree to a fixed session length – your tutor simply logs the length of session after each lesson occurs (with your prior agreement of course!).
Yes. In the first lesson your tutor will deliver an assessment on your child, seeing where their strengths and weaknesses lie. After the session, your tutor will discuss their findings with you and send them through to you by email. From there, they will then develop a 10-week strategy to see your child reach their goals.
There are so many reasons, but the one thing we are most proud of is what makes us who we are. Alchemy is the medieval science of turning metals in to gold. It is the act of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary – something our tutors do with our students every single day. The Alchemy difference is that we care about so much more than just marks. This resonates in everything we do – from the tutors we hire through to the lessons we plan. We want to see your child perform at their very best in all aspects of life – and not just in the classroom. It is this passion for so much more than just academic results that gives us the reputation we have – with hundreds of verified 5-star reviews on Google.
We test students regularly to monitor improvements. The frequency of this will be up to your tutor, and you are welcome to discuss this with them in the first session to work out a testing cycle that is ideal for your child.
We recommend weekly sessions for every student. Consistency is so important in education, so irregular lessons will affect your child’s progress.
No – but it is covered by our first session 100% happiness guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% convinced the tutor we have lined up for you is the right tutor for your child, the session is on us and we can organise someone else that better suits your needs. If however you are happy to continue (and we are confident that you will be!) then we charge you for the first session when you submit payment details.

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