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The Complete Guide to Home Tutoring in Brisbane

Every child is different – they all learn in different ways and can struggle in certain areas despite flourishing in others.

If you are looking for extra educational support for your child – at whatever stage of their educational journey – then private at home tutoring in Brisbane might be the answer.

Finding the Right Brisbane Tutor

Wading through countless profiles and adverts to find the right tutor is a long, time-consuming process.

You are looking for a tutor that is:

  • Academically knowledgeable in the chosen subject
  • Able to communicate at the right level for the age of your child
  • Able to demonstrate experience in improving attainment
  • Working with Children certified
  • Able to provide all content and resources for lessons
  • Able to provide regular feedback
  • Local to you
  • An expert in the demands of the local education system

Manually looking for a tutor that provides all the above is no mean feat. But that is why, here at Alchemy Tuition, we have taken all that stress away.

We provide local Brisbane tutors, educated here in QLD that understand the local education system, have proven results both academically and in tutoring, are hand-selected because they are amazing at communicating in a relevant way with children, and they are personally checked and interviewed before working with any children. Our tutors have access to thousands of resources so they can provide holistic, bespoke lesson plans that are specific to your child and their needs, with regular, detailed feedback on their progression.


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Our Brisbane Tutors Will Assess You & Create A Plan

In order to see how your child is progressing, your chosen Alchemy Tuition tutor will assess where they are in the beginning.

There is no ‘perfect’ time to select a tutor for your child; whether you want to get their educational journey off to the best start with our Pre-K program or give them extra support in their high school exams, a great tutor will become a mentor that improves not only their educational attainment but also their confidence, love for learning and ability to see just what they are truly capable of. We have both english tutoring in Brisbane and private maths tutors in Brisbane that are specialists in their respective subjects.

Whatever the starting point, the initial assessment will highlight where your child is currently, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and will inform the tutor of how they need support.

Our Brisbane home tutors will create a plan for each lesson, with appropriate content and resources. Usually, we like to use digital worksheets to reduce waste, but if you prefer to print them, your tutor can email them over to you for you to print prior to the lesson.

When discussing the lessons with your tutor, you will need to decide how long a lesson should be, and how often. Usually, weekly hour-long lessons are the starting point, but we find attainment is best at around 1.5 hours a week – this is a decision between you and the tutor.

Home Tutoring Improves Brisbane Student’s Confidence

Of course, regular assessments will show progress, and detailed progress reports in conjunction with test results will prove that attainment has increased, but the Alchemy Tuition difference is that we don’t just focus on marks.

Our tutors are mentors that lead by example, instilling a love for their chosen subject and a passion for learning in general. With a whole child, holistic approach to education, our tutors inspire confidence in their students by developing real, authentic relationships.

Alchemy is the medieval science of turning base metals into gold, and our tutors are dedicated to bringing the hidden potential of your child to the surface by providing educational support when they need it most.

If you are looking for a home tutor in Brisbane, contact Alchemy Tuition and get the best learning mentor for your child today.


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