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OC Test Tutoring

One-on-one coaching for the opportunity class exam in your home or online

Proven results over more than 15 years:

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Our OC Test Preparation Program: everything your child needs to succeed in the OC Test.

A one-on-one preparation program that will give your child the best opportunity for their future.


Gaining entry to an OC class is really hard – which is why a comprehensive OC preparation program is absolutely crucial to succeed.

With a state-wide success rate of only 15%, even the most naturally gifted students need to take the time to prepare – and with many students starting to work with a tutor from as young as first grade this is only getting more and more competitive.

The Alchemy preparation program is designed to familiarise each student with the exam content, show them strategies to confront the most challenging questions and ultimately walk in to the exam with confidence that they know what they are about to face.

Because what we do is one-on-one, every program is unique. After the initial assessment, your tutor will know exactly what your child needs to focus on and build the program around these core skills – something you won’t find in a classroom environment.

To give your child the best support in the OC exam, get them started with an accredited Alchemy tutor today.


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Award-winning support that works around your schedule


OC Preparation

Lessons in your home

*** Our most popular option *** We learn best when we are comfortable and no where will be more comfortable for your child than at home! Your tutor will come to your home at a time that works for you – no fighting for parking or braving the after school traffic – and work one on one with your child, giving them the skills they need to find success in the OC exam.

OC Tuition

Lessons at a school or library

If the home isn’t ideal or there are too many siblings or distractions around, your tutor can meet you in your local library or school – as long as you can get permission from your principal or teacher. Sometimes being in a public space can increase focus and motivation. Drop them off at the library and go get the grocery shopping done for the week – what a win!

OC Test Tutoring

Lessons online

For students in rural areas or who just cannot accomodate face to face sessions we can pair you up with one of our gold level tutors that can work in our custom-built online classroom, using a shared whiteboard, screensharing, pop-quizzes and more. Our online tutors are our most experienced tutors – giving you unmatched expertise without leaving the house.


When you book, you simply let us know the best day and time for the lessons to be and we will organise a tutor to match. Easy and convenient!

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All our OC tutors go through our unique accreditation process

Our tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Every tutor is hand selected, interviewed one-on-one and double reference checked before joining our team.

All tutors that work with OC students have passed our unique OC accreditation which ensures they understand the expectations and requirements of the exam. In many cases, they are former OC students themselves so can offer additional first hand wisdom and support for the students they work with.

We channel more than a decade of experience into equipping our tutors to be the best they can be, giving them all the support and resources they need to bring out the gold in every student they work with.

All Alchemy tutors hold Working with children checks that we manually verify ahead of their first session. Meet some of them here.

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About our program:


Our program will give each student the the skills and knowledge they need to walk in to the OC exam with confidence.

Our program is all about familiarisation – familiarising the student with the question types and format of the exam. By identifying trends of questions and knowing what to expect, your child will know how to respond to the questions and when they don’t, they will know how to choose the next best answer.

Please note that our OC preparation program is designed for high performing students. If your child struggles at school, we would suggest you get in touch to organise an English or Maths tutor first. Foundational skills are not the focus of the OC preparation program – it is all about the test and each lesson will centre on the test.

In the first session your tutor will assess your child’s current abilities and identify their strengths and weaknesses. From there, they will design the program around their unique needs ensuring adequate time is given to each core skill.

All components of the test will be covered; reading, writing, mathematics and general ability. Homework will be assigned (if appropriate) and progress will be tracked every 10 weeks.

We use all our own materials that we have developed over more than a decade of supporting students.


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An investment in to your child’s future

At Alchemy we give you complete freedom. Unlike coaching colleges, there are no contracts, prepayments or penalties for missed lessons.

We simply charge your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson occurs. No paperwork, joining fees or payment processing fees.

Whilst most students do one hour per week, we can work around what you need. Left things a bit late and only have a few months until the exam? We can organise a tutor who can do 2 or 3 lessons a week up until the exam. Just getting started on the journey in 2nd or 3rd grade? Weekly lessons should be plenty.

Whilst we give you flexibility, we strongly encourage regular weekly lessons. Consistency is so important and missing just a few weeks can really get in the way of progress. Holiday lessons are optional, but in most cases your tutor will happily continue through to ensure we keep moving forward week after week.

We offer discounts for multiple lessons each week. Please visit our pricing page for details and pricing in your suburb.


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Helping students get into OC classes for 15+ years


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2018 (Minimum of 40 lessons)


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2017 (Minimum of 40 lessons)


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2016 (Minimum of 40 lessons)


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2018 (Minimum of 20 lessons)


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2017 (Minimum of 20 lessons)


Opportunity Class entry rate in 2016 (Minimum of 20 lessons)


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OC Test Tutoring

Frequently asked questions:


There is no right answer to this question. It ultimately comes down to you and how important it is to you that your child gets in to an OC class. We have some students that start preparing in 1st grade and others that come 3 months before the exam. If it is important to you or your child, then we suggest you get started as early as possible.
Yes. It is very rare to see a student get in to an OC class on natural ability or with only help from parents. It is a fiercely competitive exam and if your child is not working with a tutor they will be disadvantaged against other students that do.
No – there are no contracts and we are entirely pay as you go. We use an automated payment system that simply charges your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson occurs.
Yes – your tutor will have full access to our resource centre which contains dozens of our own OC test papers. These have been designed over more than a decade of experience and adhere to the latest changes in test requirements.
Yes. In the first lesson your tutor will deliver an assessment on your child, seeing where their strengths and weaknesses lie. In many cases this will be a student’s first introduction to the OC exam, so also serves as a good benchmark to work from.
The classroom environment will not be able to cater to your child’s unique needs. Each student is just expected to follow the content from top to bottom, regardless of where they are currently placed. With Alchemy, every lesson is built around your child. Your tutor will be able to spend more time on the areas they need and less on those they don’t. We also offer far more flexibility, freedom and visibility.
We test students regularly to monitor improvements. The frequency of this will be up to your tutor, and you are welcome to discuss this with them in the first session to work out a testing cycle that is ideal for your child.
No – but it is covered by our first session 100% happiness guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% convinced the tutor we have lined up for you is the right tutor for your child, the session is on us and we can organise someone else that better suits your needs. If however you are happy to continue (and we are confident that you will be!) then we charge you for the first session when you submit payment details.

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