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If you are searching for a Brisbane maths tutor, then look no further than Alchemy tuition.

We have been providing award winning maths tutors in Brisbane and beyond for more than 10 years – and we have distilled all our knowledge, resources and passion into our tutors, so they can partner with you to show your child what they are truly capable of.

Alchemy Tuition matches you and your child with a local tutor who is an expert in their subject and proven to help children like yours excel.

The Alchemy team are here to help your child discover their hidden gold – and reach further and higher in education than before.


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Why Pick Our Brisbane Private Maths Tutors?

We provide tutors that work with children of all levels and of all ages.

From Primary School to HSC, our tutors have proven academic achievements as well as passion, determination, and – most importantly – relatability. Our Brisbane home tutors deliver lessons created specifically for each child, focusing on their needs through a range of resources and content – form textbooks to worksheets. We hand-select our tutors to develop authentic relationships with their students, to inspire and challenge them, and become a mentor to them in their wider life – both academic and personal because we believe in a whole child, holistic approach to improving performance.

In maths, your child may struggle with a facet – whether it is algebra or multiplication, and we seek to find ways to communicate complex ideas and theories in a way that is most appropriate for your child.

You may have a child that is exceeding in maths and needs a challenge to take them to the next level – and our high-achieving tutors are best placed to encourage your child to reach further and level up. Or perhaps they are skilled in maths and need a little help in English – we have many skilled English tutors in Brisbane that will help your child excel in this subject.

Private Home – and Out of Home – Tuition to Help Brisbane Students Achieve Excellence

Your Alchemy Tuition tutor will work with you to provide the best private tuition most suited to your child.

We have hundreds of tutors available, and we know there will be one local to you – and our tutors work around your schedule.

As parents, we know you all have busy lives, getting children to school, sports practices and other after school activities – which is why scheduling tuition can be an issue.

Our tutors are available to teach in the following locations:

  • At Home

This is our most popular option, allowing the comfort and convenience of your own home to be the classroom. Times for at-home tuition are flexible, so you can fit in tuition around all the other things in your family’s schedule.

  • At School/Library

Sometimes, family life can mean that working quietly at home isn’t always possible. Noisy siblings or lack of space – it may be easier to use a public facility. Why not choose the local library to be the classroom, and get your shopping done while your child is learning?

  • Online

If you live in a hard to reach, rural area, you might find that our online tutors are the best option for your child. Delivering lessons through Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts, this option is reserved for our Gold-level tutors who have over 100 hours of face-to-face tuition and are specially chosen to be able to successfully encourage attainment through this medium.

For the very best in private maths tuition in Brisbane, speak to Alchemy Tuition today.

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