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Award-winning K-12 English Tutoring Online with Australian tutors.
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Online English Tutoring designed to show your child what they are truly capable of

At Alchemy we focus on creating a personalised connection between English tutor and student;
even when that connection is through a screen.


A focus on so much more than just marks

Our tutors are specifically chosen to be role models and mentors. Your child will grow in confidence, develop a new attitude towards learning and ultimately realise what they can achieve.

Local English tutors held to the highest standards

Our Australian English tutors are double reference checked, interviewed face-to-face and put through our comprehensive training and mentorship program to ensure only the best English tutors can claim to be Alchemy tutors.

Designed for busy working families: easy & convenient

Booking your first lesson takes less than 2 minutes and from there we handle everything. Our online English lessons can happen anytime, anywhere, on any device; 7am to 9pm Monday through Sunday.

Experience for yourself the Alchemy difference and see why we have so many more happy families than anywhere else.

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Online English Tutoring Award
Online English Tutoring Award
Online English Tutoring Award
Online English Tutoring Award
Online English Tutoring Award

We’ve helped thousands of parents just like you completely transform their child’s academic journey

(These are all legitimate verified reviews from Google and Facebook. You can view hundreds more here.)


A straightforward process to bringing out the best in your child


Online English Tutor


Phone, email, live chat or online;
tell us about your child and how we can help.

No payment details are required upfront and your first lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee.

Online English Tutoring


We work with our team to organise an English tutor that best matches your child’s needs.

Once lined up we’ll send you through their profile by email and they’ll give you a call to introduce themselves.

Online English Tuition


Your child and their tutor will meet in our online portal and get to know each other via video call.

We’ll check in with you after to make sure it went well and you can schedule in your next lesson and submit payment information.

From there, you don’t need to do anything else. Your child and their English tutor will meet weekly at the same time online and payments are simply charged to your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson. We’ll send you feedback after every lesson, receipts upon payment and a detailed progress report every 10 lessons.

For best results we recommend consistent weekly lessons of 1 to 1.5 hours – but we will leave this up to you to discuss with your tutor directly. Any changes to lesson timing or postponing of sessions can also be discussed with your tutor directly – our lessons are flexible and you are only ever charged for lessons that occur.

Every lesson is tailored around your child and will be curated by your English tutor to target their specific needs in line with the core curriculum.


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Award-winning in-home and online English tutoring at an affordable price

Face to faceLessons in your home
$69 per hour
  • ✓ In your home or at a local library

    ✓ Love your first lesson or it's free

    ✓ No contracts, commitments or prepayments

    ✓ Your details are stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

    ✓ No charge for missed lessons

OnlineAnytime, anywhere
$54 per hour
  • ✓ Connect online from any device

    ✓ Love your first lesson or it's free

    ✓ No contracts, commitments or prepayments

    ✓ Your details are stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

    ✓ No charge for missed lessons

Don’t let the effects of Covid impact your child’s progress

An online English tutor will give your child the consistency they need in uncertain times.

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Over the course of the past decade, Alchemy Tuition has helped thousands of Australian students to excel at English. From primary school right the way through to the end of high school, we make it easy to learn the texts, understand the techniques, and ace the exams.

Working with students across the full length and breadth of Australia, our tutors have an in-depth understanding of the entire range of English courses. Whether it’s HSC English in New South Wales, the QCE in Queensland, or Victoria’s VCE, we help students to get to grips with their prescribed texts and teach them the very best ways to conduct analysis.

We even offer online support to primary school students who need a helping hand with their spelling, comprehension, and reading skills. Our flexible online sessions are carefully scheduled to fit around busy lifestyles, and are tailored to each individual child. This means that our students get all the benefits of one-to-one teaching in their own home – via the technology that they’ve grown up with.

For the easiest and best way to improve your child’s English skills, book an online session with Alchemy Tuition. It’s the simplest path to the best possible grades.

Is your child struggling in different areas of their studies, or lacking in confidence academically? If so, Alchemy can help. We provide private tutors that can help bring out the best in your child. In a classroom setting, it can be difficult to provide every child with the specific tools that will help them to do their best.

However, with one on one tutoring, we can do exactly that. Our online tutors can target the areas that your child is struggling in and find the best way to enable them to understand and make progress. In addition to helping them with their academic progress, our tutors can also become a great role model and mentor for your child, helping them with their confidence and motivation for success!

Why Choose Alchemy’s Online English Tutoring?

There are many reasons why you should choose Alchemy to provide your child with a tutor.

One reason is that we have quality online English tutors. We don’t just let anyone become an Alchemy tutor. They are interviewed, double referenced checked, and all have a working with children check. We also make sure to give them full training to ensure they have all the tools necessary to tutor all of their students well. We also provide them with resources and support if they ever need it.

Another reason is that we have a holistic approach to English tutoring online. Although we must help students improve their academic performance, we also help them improve in other areas. We help them with their confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and overall attitudes towards education to ensure that every child can shine.

The process of booking and being matched with the perfect tutor is also super easy. We listen to each parent talk about the individual needs of their child when they get in contact with us to book their first session. We then use this information to place the perfect online English tutor with a student. This is completed quickly with an average turnaround of 72 hours. It simplifies the process and means that you do not have to spend hours looking through profiles to find the right tutor.

Online English Tutoring Done Right

We have many positive reviews on our website, which illustrate the amazing difference our one on one tutors make to their students. They talk about how well our online English tutors engage their child in work and the great connection that they build. They are happy with the progress that their child is making, and they believe that online English tutoring is a great value for money. Many children that were reluctant to receive help from a tutor ended up have fun and ‘looking forward to the session.’

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If you want to see the difference that one on one online English tutoring can make for your child, get in contact with us to match them with a tutor today. Lessons are contract free, and our 100% happiness guaranteed first session, means that if you don’t love it, you don’t have to pay!

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