Tutor of the month:

All of our tutors are incredible, but every month we ask our parent community if their tutor has gone above and beyond to support their students.

If selected they end up here and receive a gift card and a personal letter of recommendation to reward them for their hard work.

We are so passionate about pairing students up with the right tutor for them. When you book, we want to know as much about your child as possible to ensure we can match them with the perfect tutor.

With more than a thousand of the best tutors across the country, we know we have the right tutor for your child!

Sreya Hinchinbrook 3

Sreya in Hinchinbrook, NSW

May 2022

Sreya is a tremendous asset to Alchemy. From day 1 she was seen as vibrant, confident and outgoing and over the last 18 months this has been coupled with a very positive, committed, and constructive approach to tutoring. Sreya has completed over 300 hours of tutoring with 11 students and has dozens of feedback to support her encouraging, warm, patient and kind spirit. She makes learning fun and enjoyable and meets her students at their level. Thank you, Sreya.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Sreya has had an huge impact on our son’s studies he has outgrown his abilites to the best and continues to. She has changed ou son. He is as different as day and night. Not only has she impacted his academic performance but also life decisions as she has helped him trying to have low expectations of him and much more. She has really changed our son’s thinking and writing! What we like most is she is very adjustable with timings and is really good in helping our son to reach his goals. She effectively teaches him various different ways. She is the perfect tutor we have ever had and would really recommend her to other students as well.”

Ajay, Blacktown

Kieran Manly

Kieran in Manly Vale, NSW

April 2022

Kieran has been a professional, thoughtful and reliable tutor, particularly during the changing tutoring environment during the pandemic. Kieran has pivoted and adjusted to change with class and has created a calm and reliable environment when it was needed most for his students. Kieran has a honest and genuine approach and has built self-confidence in all of the 8 students he has worked with.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Kieran has been super helpful and has put in extra time and effort for our son, going above and beyond what I would have hoped for. We are currently isolating because of COVID so our son is unable to have his lesson this week. When I let Kieran know, he offered help and I gratefully accepted his offer of sending our son extra work to keep him occupied while we are isolating and he is missing school. This has been fantastic, a real life-saver! It’s been great for our son to have this to focus on and he has been willing to give it his best effort because he knows it’s from Kieran. It’s also obvious that the extra work is very appropriate for helping our son develop and progress. His writing and spelling are really improving, especially his ability to organise his thoughts. He is very engaging and responsive. Our son really looks forward to his lessons. We are really happy to have found Kieran. He is making a real positive difference. Thank you!!!”

Serena, Freshwater

Jennifer Sydney

Jennifer in Carlton, VIC

March 2022

Jennifer has made an impactful start to supporting students in Melbourne. Jenn has been described by her families as kind, patient and engaging and she has proven to be organised with a great willingness to learn. Jennifer is a graduate of selective school Suzanne Cory High School and a tremendous asset to our selective school support team.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Jennifer has been utterly amazing. Not only has my daughter come leaps and bounds with her learning, but Jennifer is fun, kind, engaged and my daughter looks forward to seeing her every week. Couldn’t be happier! Her maths and spelling have significantly improved. Her teachers have also noted the change. She is also a lot more confident with her learning and isn’t as scared to challenge herself. Very gentle, encouraging and empathetic. She really understand how to keep my daughter engaged and even brings cute little notebooks and stickers which are very appreciated! Thank you Jennifer!”

Anita, North Melbourne

Joseph Sydney

Joseph in Concord, NSW

February 2022

Joseph is simply a great listener and thus communicator. He is approachable and patient which puts his students at instant ease. Joseph is very attentive and a clear cut communicator. He is a confidence builder and has 10 student success stories and over 200 hours of tutoring to bat. A worthy recipient of our Tutor of the Month

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Joseph has worked really hard with my son this year and kept him engaged and interested is his maths work. He’s given him the confidence to challenge himself & lean into the harder questions through his continued support & dedication. My son sat the A paper in his year 9 exams despite being in a B stream class. He performed very well & will be moved into an A class in year 10 which is a major achievement versus where we started out at the beginning of year 8. He is very committed to my son’s learning & development & seems genuinely invested in both his enjoyment & performance in Maths. He’s also responsive to all my requests & has been very flexible with our schedule which has been appreciated in 2021. Joseph is hard working & dedicated & has made a significant impact on our sons growth in maths. I would love to see him recognised within the Alchemy Tuition team.”

Stella, Russel Lea

Ada Sydney 2

Ada in Strathfield South, NSW

January 2022

Ada has amassed over 250 hours with students over the 3 years she has been a part of the Alchemy family. She has seen it all! She has successfully navigated a pandemic and is driven and dedicated to support the next cohort of students. Ada is punctual, friendly and is a clear communicator and has done a tremendous job with her 6 students.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Ada is amazing! She is very flexible with her time and she works really well with my son. I have seen a lot of improvement in his work since he started working with Ada. My son is understanding concepts a lot better. What I like most about Ada is she is Ada is very pleasant and flexible with her time.”

Josephine, Campsie

Juan Melbourne

Juan in Narre Warren, VIC

December 2021

Juan has made a name for herself in the Melbourne tutoring community. In the 6 months working with Alchemy, she has amassed over 150 hours of tutoring with 8 students. Juan is versatile, well-mannered, and engaging. Juan has also been described as very patient and is adept at teaching English concepts in a matter that is easy to understand. Kudos to you, Juan.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Juan is encouraging, a friendly face for the early learning sessions, and is methodical in her approach to identify and work through areas that are challenging for my kids. In 10 months I haven’t been able to coax by twins into writing a single written piece. Within a month of starting with Juan, she has helped them to complete written pieces. What I like most about her is she is encouraging and friendly.”

Haleema, Narellan


Aayam in Canterbury, NSW

November 2021

Aayam is an Alchemy veteran! He has received multiple Tutor of the Month nominations over the last 2.5 years working with us. He has amassed over 300 hours of tutoring and is well regarded for his emotional intelligence, reliability and commitment. Aayam is an excellent communicator and has a lot of empathy for his students. He is committed to each and every student and is punctual, engaging and supportive. This award was a long time coming!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Aayam has been such a big help during lockdown and home schooling. My children are gaining more confidence in writing, comprehension and maths. Aayam is polite and punctual and always prepared. He knows how to keep my children engaged and communicates with them on their level. My children really enjoy their tutoring sessions and always feel like they have learnt something or improved a skill after each session.”

Natasha, Botany


Charlie in Mosman, NSW

October 2021

Charlie has only been with us a short time but has made a big impact in the student’s he supports. Charlie is a HSC graduate of St Ignatius College, Riverview and holds true to the motto ‘As much as you can do, so much dare to do’. Charlie is engaging, is well prepared, always putting his hand up for additional students, and makes learning enjoyable. Thank you, Charlie.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Charlie our tutor has engaged my son in a positive way from the start. Can’t thank him enough for helping my son to enjoy learning. Charlie our tutor engages my son in a positive way to help him learn. Thank you! And thank you for being responsive by text to me. Thank you so much Charlie and Alchemy for the great work you are doing!”

Jackie, Sydney


Sophie in Glenfield, NSW

September 2021

Sophie has only been with us since May 2021 but has left a lasting impression on our team. She was a rare unanimous vote from our team as the recipient of September’s award and it’s easy to see why. Sophie is always well prepared, motivated, and passionate in bringing out the gold in her students. A worthy recipient of Tutor of the Month.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“From my son: ‘Sophie is really nice and helps me really well. She explains things really well and I like talking about our cats’. We have seen my son’s confidence has improved a lot and he is very capable of learning over Zoom with Sophie, without being anxious. Sophie is patient and kind with my son and he responds well to her.”

Chloe, St Ives


Avani in Pendle Hill, NSW

August 2021

Avani is a consistent high achiever! She has received FOUR Tutor of the Month nominations over the last 18 months – more than any other tutor in that period. She has amassed over 180 hours of tutoring and has always been punctual, reliable and friendly. Avani is a great listener which in turn has made her an excellent communicator. She is committed to each and every student and has made a seamless transition to online tutoring during lockdown. We’re fortunate to have you, Avani!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Avani simply understands my child’s need. She has an amazing relationship with my child. Most, my child understands her as well and when my child stuck somewhere, she goes again with the topic breaking it into smaller parts, make it more easy for her to understand. Responds to my queries pretty much instantly. I am very satisfied with Avani. My daughter’s grades at school improved from basic to sound. Her confidence has improved as well. What I like most about our tutor is she is very friendly, understanding, hard working, able to adjust to my child’s need. We’re very satisfied. Would definitely recommend Alchemy.”

Seema, Baulkham Hills


Sneha in Waitara, NSW

July 2021

Sneha has made an exceptional impression in her 18 months working with us; amassing over 150 hours of tutoring. She is a team favourite in the office and always exceeds expectations and provides parent feedback in a timely fashion. Well done Sneha!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Our tutor Sneha is very reliable and my son is achieving great results. Instead of failing, my son is passing all tests and is often top of the class. What I like most is our tutor is professional and gets on well with my son.”

Sharon, Mount Colah


Parsa in Waterloo, NSW

June 2021

Parsa is an exceptional tutor, mentor and leader. He is always first to put up his hand to support our team and aid us in leadership roles at our social events or content. He frequently receives nominations from ecstatic parents and is a great asset to our organisation and his greater community.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“My son’s tutor Parsa is a wonderful one. He gets along with my son so well and makes him love his homework. What’s more, my son understands much more in his class and willing to study and to read and write. I can’t expect anymore than having Parsa in our lessons. My son can now do division, multiplication and time plus write some longer paragraphs than before. What I like most about our tutor is he is pleasant and smart, easy to communicate with and happy to listen comments from parents. What’s important is that my son follow him very well and complete all the tasks he assigned.”

Maggie, Mascot


Nicholas in Taren Point, NSW

May 2021

Nicholas is an absolute gem! Amassing over 300 hours of tutoring in his first 18 months, he has always been open to supporting new students and guiding them on their academic journey. He is selfless and has a genuine care for people. Keep up the great work, Nick!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Nick taught and explained very well and my son always felt the session was very helpful after each lesson with Nick. My son just started the tuition with Nick since this term, and as mentioned above, my son felt Nick’s teaching is very helpful for him. Nick is friendly and able to teach clearly, so let the student understand the concept and work. Thanks to Nick and Alchemy”

Jenny, Summer Hill


Nicole in Belmore, NSW

April 2021

Nicole has completed nearly 500 lessons and received multiple nominations from her students for our tutor of the month award. She is a former Fort Street High School student and now studies a double degree in marketing and arts at Sydney University. She is fiercely creative and would one day like to work in the film industry. Her students love her commitment, consistency and positivity that she brings to every lesson!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Nicole has continued to help Xavier every week and we have really noticed the improvement it has made in his work. Xavier has improved in his writing, reading and thinking skills. Nicole listened to my concerns regarding Xavier and if I asked her to help Xavier with anything in particular she would. Nicole was able to bring out the best in Xavier. He has never once complained about going to tutoring.”

Yvonne, Rockdale


Mustafa in Cherrybrook, NSW

March 2021

Mustafa is an incredible tutor that was nominated by 3 different families for our tutor of the month award! He was an academic prefect at Knox Grammar, is currently studying Commerce/Law at Macquarie and an accomplished communicator, excelling in both writing and public speaking. His students have nothing but praise for him – and he is always a pleasure to work with! Great work Mustafa!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Mustafa is very organized, patient and dedicated. My son loves his lessons and we have seen a constant improvement week after week. We have had a few tutors in the past and I can tell you got sure that Mustafa is truly exceptional and a stand out. His math has improved significantly. He has learnt new skills and is getting faster at problem solving. What I like most about Mustafa is his dedication to teaching and helping our son improve. We are very fortunate to have been connected to Mustafa through Alchemy.”

Paras, Cherrybrook


Nevana in Hinchinbrook, NSW

February 2021

Nevana is an incredible multi-subject tutor that is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at USYD majoring in Medical Science. She is passionate about fitness, volunteers with St John’s Ambulance and has spent more than 250 hours investing one-on-one to her students.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Our tutor is very dedicated, motivated and the kids love her. My kids have improved their attitude and enthusiasm for learning. What I like most about our tutor is her attitude.”

Adrian, West Pennant Hills


Emily in Chatswood, NSW

January 2021

Emily earned an ATAR of 99.5+ and then turned her attention to a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at USYD. She speaks French and is also in our 250+ completed lesson club!

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Emily is always on time and well prepared for the lessons, both kids enjoy working with her, she keeps them busy and motivated. I have seen more confidence in maths for my daughter. I like that Emily is very organised and on time, when we had to reschedule the lessons, she was very flexible, that helped a lot.”

Vikki, Sydney


Cristian in Collaroy, NSW

December 2020

Cristian blasted through his HSC with a 95+ ATAR and is now studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Law at UNSW. He is a passionate soccer player and has completed 250+ lessons with his students.

Here is what a parent had to say:

“Cristian has been able to increase my son’s confidence preparing him for his HSC. I have seen improved marks and confidence in himself over the past 9 months. What I like most about our tutor is he had been flexible and accommodating to my sons needs. Happy to meet before an important exam and has been flexible with this. He has continued to tutor my son thought this very difficult and challenging year. Cristian and my son have created a great rapport which has helped immensely in his confidence.”

Felicity, Mona Vale



November 2020

“Kate deserves recognition. I was dubious about tutoring…until we found Kate. I could see the result pretty my straight away. My daughter’s writing improved significantly and she is excelling in Maths. The best part is my daughter loves sessions with Kate and she has been asking extra homework! When you see your child enjoy learning, that’s GOLD. I have seen improvements in her writing and vocabulary has been improved significantly. My daughter is naturally good at Maths but Kate is pushing harder and giving her more challenging work. What I like most is she is punctual and flexible. She does not cut corners and spend as much as time needed for a session. She is also a great role model for my year 6 daughter, she absolutely adores her! Kate is so wonderful as a tutor and person, she deserves a recognition.”

Masami, Manly


Jerry Jin

October 2020

“Jerry listens and understands the individual needs of my child and tailors a tutoring program against our specific objectives. We see steady improvement more or less aligned to our expectations. What we like most about our tutor is his attentiveness, care, communication, patience.”

Loucas, North Willoughby



September 2020

“Jumana has exceeded expectations and has great interpersonal skills. She is patient and attentive to the young person. Our young person was quite reserved and shy to ask questions about work he was learning prior to Jumana coming on board. Since starting tutoring with Jumana, they have opened up and found the confidence to ask for help and ask questions. The young person has expressed that he really enjoys his sessions with Jumana and she is very friendly and helpful. Jumana’s patience and ability to make the young person feel comfortable to learn and develop his academic skills.”

Nadia, Erskineville



August 2020

“Our son has really enjoyed his weekly lessons with Verdinand. He is reliable, punctual, but most of all, very patient and calm when explaining things. Our son is keen to learn and always enthusiastic towards his work. What I like most is Verdinand is very calm and patient and this makes for a much easier lesson. He is positive and always very kind to our son. We have enjoyed having him as a tutor. Thanks for helping our son to gain further knowledge towards trying out for OC class. We appreciate what you have done.”

Helena, Randwick



July 2020

“Danae really made my son excited about the lessons and made it fun for him. They ended up with a great relationship and he improved just in a few weeks”

Stefanie, Balgowlah



June 2020

“Jeffery has always been great at getting my kids to focus and enjoy learning maths. He is patient and explains concepts in a way the kids can understand. With the recent changes to online learning, we have moved our sessions with Jeffery onto Zoom. Jeffery prepared the kids for a smooth transition and the tutoring has been able to continue. Jeffery is always calm and patient. He makes sure the concept his is explaining is understood, and will find another way to explain an issue if necessary. Jeffery does his best to fit in around our family schedule. I think we jumped into Zoom tutoring quickly, and Jeffery was understanding and set the kids up so our transition was smooth.”

Fiona, Woolwich



May 2020

“Shahana has done an excellent job of tutoring my daughter in the past few months. Shahana has built her self confidence and has been very patient with her. Shahana takes the time to explain the material to my daughter and clears all her doubts. My daughter’s self confidence has improved over the last few months. Her vocabulary and English skills have improved considerably. Shahana is very patient and understanding and is able to motivate my daughter even when she gets bored of studies some times. I’m hoping Shahana continues her excellent work and looking forward to my daughter excelling in her studies.”

Gerard, Cherrybrook



April 2020

“After the Xmas holidays, our kids requested to restart tutoring with Karolina. The children lived overseas for 7 years and had a variety of tutors both overseas and in Australia. Both of them have said that Karolina is the best tutor they have had. Karolina has a nice style – firm when required, but accommodating. We have recently changed to the Alchemy online tutoring platform and the kids have seamlessly switched into the new mode (consistent with their schools). Karolina tutors our kids in maths. Their confidence has significantly improved since Karolina has been assisting. Our sons had been advised he would be placed in the extension class at primary school. Our daughter rec’d over 80% in last year’s assessment which was very pleasing as she generally doesn’t enjoy maths. What I love about our tutor is her style – works very well with our kids. Karolina is “fun and fantastic” (from our 10 year old son).”

Paul, North Curl Curl



March 2020

“Samantha’s dedication to her students is second to none. All she wants to see is that my daughter improves. In turn my daughter has responded with dedication to apply the skills that Samantha has recommended. That involves her improvement with time management, timetabling and application to her English work completed. When my daughter responds ‘I don’t understand’, Samantha is quick to reword her statement again and again so that my daughter finally understands what it is that she has to do. I have noticed great improvement in confidence, organisation and she has been making statement such as ‘I CAN DO THIS’. Her dedication in helping my daughter improve as a student. Thank you very much for sending her to me.”

Georgia, Roselands



February 2020

“Joseph is so caring with my son. We are new to Alchemy and I could not be happier. We have tried MANY tutoring styles for my son and I just know that Joseph has him engaged, learning and actually enjoying his sessions. Joseph is fantastic and is really in-tuned to what my son needs and how he learns! I have totally seen improvement in his wanting to learn and in his fortnightly test results. What I like most about Joseph is he is polite, friendly, but mostly he gets my son and knows how to keep him engaged and he is really getting how he learns. I am just really happy we got matched with Joseph. He is a great match for our son.”

Carmel, Duffy’s Forest



January 2020

“Karina has managed to spark a passion for our son’s learning which was basically non existent. She manages to adapt her teaching style so it is perfect for our son to believe in himself and that he can actually understand. We are so happy and impressed. Karina has given him the confidence to attempt problems that he was usually afraid of doing in case he gets them wrong. Our son really didn’t want a tutor however was completely stressed out in the classroom at school, feeling ‘dumb’. He now believes he is capable and believes he can work things out. I like how she allows our son to engage with her as he is a little talkative, though she is very good at bringing him back in to focus. She is patient and shows a level of care and sincerity about our son’s Learning. Thank you Karina.”

Laura, Cronulla



December 2019

“Camilla is an amazing tutor, she always goes above and beyond. My son is 7 year old and Camilla is very dedicated and creative in the way she is able to get him to engage in their session together. For a seven year old to come home from school and an hour later be doing more work I feel is a big ask however Camila knows just what to do for them to have an enjoyable session together, she has also taught me a thing or two as well. Our son is waiting at the door for her excitedly before she arrives. From when he first started their has been a remarkable difference in his engagement with Camilla. We are very blessed to have her as our tutor. I have seen great improvements in our son’s writing, maths and concentration has improved dramatically. I like mostly how creative Camilla is and how she gets our son to engage in the sessions. We are so grateful we have such a pleasant amazing tutor.”

Chris, Redfern



November 2019

“Aryan is a fantastic tutor. The kids love having him as their tutor. He really cares about their progress and is very focused with a keen eye for detail. He works very hard to help the kids progress and knows their weaker areas which require help. Aryan is always very well prepared and goes the extra mile by preparing flash cards for the kids. He also works really well with me on strategies to help the kids reach their goals faster. Aryan is very personable, kind and considerate. I have seen great improvements in their reading, spelling and maths. What I like most is our tutor is thoughtful and patient and just generally a very smart and talented tutor. Thank you Aryan!”

Kate, Manly



October 2019

“We have had a few sessions with Lauren and I have found her to be a very patient and understanding tutor. My son has responded very well with her. Nothing is to too much trouble for her. What I like most about our tutor is her patience, understanding and great nature. Lauren is an asset to your business and I wish I had come to your company when I was looking for a tutor 18 months ago.”

Kate, Ettalong Beach



September 2019

“Shababa has been tutoring our son for about twelve months. Shababa is suited to being his tutor as he responds well to Shababa and Shababa can relate to him. She caters for his particular tutoring needs and is flexible in her approach. We like working with Shababa and it’s like she’s part of our family now. I appreciate that Shababa is available to help my son with maths questions that we as parents can’t. We see the tutoring as an ongoing extra curricular activity. What I like most about our tutor is she is bubbly, understanding, and respectful.”

Melissa, Maraylya



August 2019

“I have really appreciated Jacques. He has been a very consistent tutor for my son since the beginning of last year. He faithfully comes every Friday. He is a gifted tutor who brings out the best in my son even when he is not motivated and on his bad days. Jacques has been a source of stability and inspiration for my son. Jacques has even come during the school holidays for free to give him some special classes on creative writing as my son is interested in script writing. I really appreciate Jacques’ long term commitment to my son.”

Jane, Chatswood



July 2019

“Joa is continually committed to not only nurturing my son’s educational experience but also his social development. Joa is an incredible mentor for my son and he no longer sees the tutoring sessions as education or study, but as a holistic experience which he looks forward to every week. Joa is always flexible and willing to accommodate schedule changes, which is an incredible help for a full-time working family with children. Since Joa has joined our family, my son has received at least 2 academic awards in mathematics, when only a short time ago he was an average student. In addition, as he enters his teenage years, Joa has been able to encourage his participation.”

Claudia, Seaforth



June 2019

“Theodore goes over and above every session. The biggest improvement I have seen is in my daughter’s results. Theo is always polite, helpful, friendly, is clear and concise and good-natured. Most importantly he is punctual and spends as much time as is needed – doesn’t watch the clock. He communicates effectively with me as well.”

Anastasia, Peakhurst Heights



May 2019

“Emily’s enthusiasm and dedication is fantastic as well as her reliability and relatability with my daughter made her a delight to study with.”

Mark, Seaforth



April 2019

“Carly has amazing interpersonal skills and a bespoke approach to tutoring. She sees the individual and caters personally to their needs. She sets clears boundaries whilst still being able to bring out everything in them. She’s exceptional talented and should be highly valued by any organisation that’s has access to her technical and soft skills. My son was able to connect with Carly on so many levels that no other tutor has managed to achieve. It has given him the confidence to believe he can excel! Under our tutor, my son has moved up in class from the bottom to the next group and again surpass this group. What I like most is our tutor’s ability to see the individual child’s needs. Truly grateful.”

Odile, Cronulla



March 2019

“We are so happy to have Stephen as our tutor. We have started with the lessons not that long ago, but can already see improvements in my daughter’s Maths and English. Our tutor is a very dedicated and passionate tutor. He is able to motivate her, can explain things very well and she listens to him. He is also very patient and reliable. We could not wish for a better tutor! What I like most is he is: reliable, very dedicated and can explain things very well, so she can understand it and get motivated. Thanks you very much!”

Nadine, Seaforth



February 2019

“Our tutor is so supportive and encouraging to my daughter. The biggest improvement I have seen is in her confidence. What I like most is our tutor is so knowledgeable and helpful.”

Joan, Terrigal



January 2019

“Chris is a friendly and gentle person, he shows a lot of patience with my son and knows how to get our son’s potential. Our tutor is always in time, always prepared and it is always nice to see how hard my son likes to work with him early in the morning :-). My son has improved quickly in his spelling and he started to have nice conversations with our tutor. He get’s even more excited to solve his math tasks and never likes to miss his homework. What I like most is his style of teaching to get the most out of our son, asks challenging questions and motivates to my son to “give it a go”. Our tutor is off on a long and well deserved holiday and he will be missed – He and my son are already a great team and I have never seen my son so excited to learn his English! 🙂 Thank you Alchemy and we couldn’t ask for a better Teacher!”

Stefanie, Northbridge



December 2018

“Lachie has been great with our three boys. He comes prepared every week with a task for them to complete and engages with them in a way that keeps them interested and looking forward to their sessions. Although Lachie is relatively new to our family he has been able to tailor each session to each boys ability encouraging them to do better with their work. They have all had a great improvement with a willingness to learn which is HUGE. They are all relatively bright but have been lacking the eagerness to learn which is improving with each session they have with Lachie. This has given them an insight into learning that is beyond the abilities of the school. What I like most about our tutor is he is able to communicate and listens to our boys making learning enjoyable. He is also flexible for subjects they need improvement which is great as we each of our boys have different needs.”

Kim, Avalon



November 2018

“Fibi has been so amazing! She has given my son so much more confidence and understanding in English. She is very patient and knowledgeable – Amazing tutor! My son has been able to work more independently at home and in school. His school teacher has noticed his improvement. My son has been getting awards for improving in English. We love our tutor’s approach when it comes to tutoring. She knows exactly how to get the most out of my son. My son is feeling more confident and is able to achieve better outcomes at school all thanks to her. A big thank you to her!! We appreciate all your hard work that you do for our son.”

Sabina, Mount Annan



October 2018

“Vivienne has been working well with our daughter helping her to better understand various mathematical concepts. I have seen much more confidence in Maths and she looks forward to her session with our tutor. What I like most about our tutor is she is happy, outgoing, very professional and is helping boost my daughters confidence in Maths.”

Connie, Ellis Lane



September 2018

“Our tutor always goes above and beyond in explaining concepts to my son and ensuring that he understands. They have developed a great rapport and it’s so great to see my son putting in the work when the tutor is with him. We have seen huge improvements in all areas of mathematics. What I like most about our tutor is he’s down to earth and seems to “get” my son and therefore is able to get the most out of him. My son was one of the only 4 in his class to pass his year 9 maths assessment at the end of Term 2.”

Carol-Ann, Dee Why



August 2018

“We have a great tutor who is always willing to sit and take the extra time to go through the concepts my children don’t understand, we have now done ten sessions with the tutor and in the time I have noticed a lot more confidence in both my children, as well as fluency in my daughters reading and handwriting skills with my son. She is fantastic and we are very lucky to have her!”
Monica, Kellyville

“Courtney is very punctual and knows what she is doing. She comes very prepared. My daughter likes to be with her. My daughter really loves interacting with her. It’s her 3rd week so I can’t much know the difference but the way my daughter loves to get involved in studies proves that she is doing well. What I like most is she is very punctual and well prepared. She is happy tutor. Very satisfied with alchemy tutoring. Seema made the following remarks Thank you so much.”
Seema, Kellyville



July 2018

“Sumal is fantastic. He is always pleasant as he arrives, and our daughter has built a trusting relationship with him (which is important for her as she is bit shy). She is working harder on submitting her homework and the effort she is putting in is so much greater, and I feel it is due to her confidence in essay and PEEL writing, which is from the work that our tutor is doing. She needs a lot of support, which I’m grateful has been noticed by the school and she is enrolled in MultiLit and a maths program 3 mornings per week, and this is all being backed up by our tutor. When she gets bogged down in her homework and assignments he assists her to feel more on top of things. When I log into Google classroom, I have seen 2 comments come back from teachers on her homework saying “great work”, which I haven’t seen before. Thank you! What I like most about our tutor is he is friendly with her, but strong to get her homework done and good with positive / negative feedback delivery. I have enjoyed positive feedback from teachers and a stronger desire to do homework from my daughter”

Sarah, Kellyville



June 2018

“Our tutor is such an inspiration to our kids. Each week they are always so keen to impress him. He has a special energy that they always try to emulate and extend themselves toward. He raises the level of expectation that the kids have of their own ability. He brings enthusiasm to his sessions and his wonderful sense of intelligent humour. The biggest milestone reached is mainly that my son was never a keen student – in fact quite the opposite. Our tutor is certainly helping him turn that corner, giving him the confidence to want to apply himself in the classroom. Keep up the great work!”

Toni, Avalon



May 2018

“Fiona has been fantastic. She has a really easy nature and has engaged with my son seamlessly. Fiona is able to guide him through his work in such a way that he positively responds and is enjoying the work- unbelievable! Our tuition hour is at 5.30 on a Friday and despite being the end of the week and having a young baby to deal with at home, Fiona turns up with a world of enthusiasm. I reckon for that alone she deserves to be tutor of the month! Our son has become more focused on his school work as he understands that it as important as his tuition work. He has become more focused on his school work as he understands that it as important as his tuition work. What I like most about Fiona is her ability to communicate and have a positive rapport with our son and it is good to see our son getting more comfortable with the format of testing that he has been working with our tutor on. Thanks for your tuition and good to see our son responding so well to her efforts.”

David, Mount Colah



April 2018

“Maddi is friendly, warm, patient and polite and has built a great rapport with our son. Our son is able to effectively get through the subject matter, resulting in significant improvement. In a short amount of time, our son has made significant progress with times tables and greatly improved with basic maths. Importantly, our son has gained a lot of self confidence and is starting to enjoy Maths! What I like mostly about our tutor is that she is friendly and patient!! She works well with our son and has clear explanation of what needs to be done and takes time to work through the tasks. She provides me with a brief update on progress at the end of the session.”
Michelle, Belrose

“Our tutor is very down to earth , patient, flexible and creative in her way of showing the girls how Maths builds year to year. Their confidence and results are improving every week. I have seen improvements in her understanding of all topics! She is very easy going and our daughter got into 5.3 Maths.”
Bec, Forestville



March 2018

“Nathan is a perfect tutor for my son. He is extremely calm which comes across in his highly effective tutoring style of ‘partnering for success’. He has increased our son’s confidence so much and never makes him feel inadequate if he struggles to understand something, he simply finds a different way to explain it to him. Whilst Nathan is obviously there to improve our son’s Maths it is also lovely to hear them chat and have a bit of a laugh during ‘brain break’ moments. There is an enormous amount of trust in this tutoring relationship and that is mainly down to the way Nathan has built rapport and a ‘safe space’ in which our son feels very comfortable admitting when he doesn’t understand. I am not sure where our son would be with his Maths if we had not found Nathan via you. Thank you”

Jan, Seaforth



February 2018

“Salina is a mature and lovely person. She knows how to engage with our son and keep him engaged. Always advises me of a change in advance. The biggest improvement I have seen in my son is confidence, inevitably through our tutors’ confidence. Our son hated Maths and was not confident with numbers so I think all that our son has achieved is a milestone. The tutor is an asset to Alchemy.”

Rosie, Banksia



January 2018

“Yasming has done an amazing job getting my daughter to apply herself to Maths. My daughter looks forward to her sessions and is trying so much more than she used to. My daughter has received a merit award for significant improvement in her Maths work at school. What I like most about Yasming is that she is patient and thorough.”

Morwenna, Manly


Yin Yin

December 2017

“Yin Yin is punctual and enthusiastic. She is smiley and my daughter looks forward to seeing her. She is helping my daughter to become neater in her hand writing and helping her with Maths and English. I have seen great improvements from my daughter. She concentrates for the 1 hour of study. She enjoys doing small homework set by the tutor. She is trying to get neater. I like most about Yin Yin that she is nice and friendly and although we’ve only had 3 sessions so far, we have seen improvements. My son will now have tutoring too.”

Eri, Double Bay



November 2017

“John does an excellent job. He communicates concepts clearly and is encouraging and supportive with a natural flair for teaching whatever the subject. John has helped my son to lift his grades substantially this year while his pleasant manner and constructive approach make the tutoring sessions a positive experience that my son genuinely enjoys. The consequence is improved academic results and greater confidence. Exactly what one wants from a tutor.”

Mindy, Manly



October 2017

“Braden is a very polite and confident young man. He is extremely knowledgeable in Biology. Our daughter has gained confidence with this topic and has not been afraid to sit her exams. Her marks have improved and she is happier at school. Braden is reliable and flexible with tutoring days. He has also shown that he knows Biology and can assist our daughter with what she is currently studying at school. Braden is great with our daughter and they also have a good laugh during the lessons. She was more comfortable to sit her exams and enjoys Biology now. She has a clearer understanding of this topic. For our daughter to have confidence and improved marks in Biology is exactly what we hoped for with tutoring.”

Kellie, Toukley



September 2017

“Maddie was a brilliant tutor for our son in weeks up to the HSC. She helped his confidence, his writing style and has made a major difference to how he went about answering questions in the two Advanced English exams. Maddie went to extra efforts to give our son excellent advice on how to use quotes and specific examples from texts. She did her own research and provided great materials for the Shakespeare play he was studying although it wasn’t one that she had been familiar with before.
We thought she developed a good relationship with our son is a very short space of time which made the sessions much more productive as he was keen to take her great advice and help. Thanks again Maddie.”

Trish, Manly Vale



August 2017

“Evie is an incredible tutor. She always turned up on time with a positive attitude which is great from a parent’s point of view. However, she was not only a tutor for my daughter but also a very positive role model and mentor. She looked beyond just telling my daughter the knowledge, she also taught her how to study, how to take notes and what the marker is looking for. She took the time to get to know my daughter so she could find out how she retains knowledge and focused her sessions around this. She was a great fit for my daughter and she is extremely smart but still able to transfer the knowledge to my daughter so she would relate and understand it. Both my daughter and I were sad when my daughter finished Biology in the HSC as she will be sorely missed.”

Heather, Beacon Hill



July 2017

“I cannot stop praising Nathan for his dedication and commitment to supporting my son. Nathan comes prepared to each session and is very patient and supportive of my son. Nathan even sets additional tasks and shares his great tips and tricks for exams and in preparation for exams. This was especially useful for my son in completing his HSC this year. Nathan is supportive and encourages my son. Nathan makes him feel comfortable and so the session is always very productive.
Nathan is very flexible and accommodating around changing tutorial times from week to week. Nathan is well mannered and always acts in a professional manner. I also appreciate Nathan being so flexible around the tutorial times. Thank you Nathan.”

Anita, Kogarah Bay



June 2017

“Nick is always encouraging and our son has gained great confidence in his school work. He has improved in confidence to do work by himself and has improved knowledge. Nick’s ability to adapt to what our son needs to work on that particular week is what I most liked as well as being always happy to adjust his time or day for our son’s other commitments. Recently, my son received the school’s “Mira Poljak Encouragement Award” for Improvement in Literacy.”

Natalie, Narraweena



May 2017

“Our daughter is totally engaged with Caitlin. She looks forward to the session and is always so proud of what she has has achieved.
We wanted a tutor who would help her see she is more than capable and build confidence, which is now definitely beginning to show.
Our daughter will now say math is one of her favourite subjects and the challenge of going beyond what they are studying in class is making her very proud of her achievements. We most like that Caitlin is always on time, she understands what we are trying to achieve and communicates with our daughter in a way that makes the session feel like fun. I also love that our email after the session gives me a lot of feedback on what they have worked on and our daughter’s attitude and efforts. I intend to continue with the sessions because I would like to think this is the beginning of a long term love of Maths rather than a fearing it.”

Linda, Newport

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