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At Alchemy we believe that a strong education system is critical to the overall health and development of society.

In Tanzania, 60% of teachers are under-qualified to teach in the classroom, with many teachers having no formal training at all.

Our teacher training programs delivered in the country give teachers professional training that will better equip them to meet the needs of their students.

Better teachers mean students stay in school longer, attain better academic results and have more employment opportunities in the future.

Our programs provide professional development courses, on-going access to culturally relevant resources and by promoting teacher collaboration through local team based workshops (Professional Learning Communities).

Equal access to education has the power to end the cycle of poverty, and our program is designed to ensure children have the adequate opportunities to stay in school so they have the best chance at a future.

We want to help support the next generation of Tanzanians to be incredible leaders, innovators, inventors, thinkers, collaborators and researchers!

According to the 2014 Tanzanian assessments, only 8% of grade two pupils could read properly. Through our programs we are working to change this.

By focusing on grassroots schools in disadvantaged areas first, we are working to close the gap in access to quality education, as children from these areas are proven to be the least likely to have the opportunity to continue with schooling, forcing many to drop out at age 7 and find work.

Our programs are designed specifically to encourage and empower Tanzanian education, by upskilling teachers with concepts that are relevant to them, and can be applied in any classroom setting, with locally attainable resources. We do not want to ‘Westernise’ Tanzanian schooling, we merely want to enrich the work of incredible local teachers.

Every teacher we support has the ability to impact over 60 students every year; so the impact will exponentially increase as we continue to roll out our programs across the country.

Every lesson you do provides funding towards this project in partnership with the Kutamani foundation (a registered charity through Rotary Australia).

You can learn more about our program, mission, governance and donation opportunities here.

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