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Tutoring Glen Waverley

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Your first lesson has our 100% happiness guarantee; so if you aren’t convinced the tutor we select is the one for you it’s free.

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Lessons in your home when they suit you or online anytime – 7 days a week, 7am to 8pm. No contracts or minimum commitments.

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We keep you in the loop at all times. We’ll send you feedback after each lesson and a detailed progress report every 10.

Glen Waverley Tutoring

Access to the best tutors in Glen Waverley

Our tutors are the kinds of tutors we would want working with our own kids. All screened, reference-checked and holding WWCCs.

Tutor Glen Waverley

Undivided one on one attention

Individualised learning that is tailored to your child. No boring software or workbooks – each lesson is customised for them.

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We’ve helped hundreds of happy families in Glen Waverley completely transform their child’s academic journey

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At Alchemy we care about so much more than just marks

Your child will grow in confidence, do better at school and love the learning experience

We’ve been providing in-home and online tutoring in Glen Waverley since 2005, working to help students perform at their very best. Whilst our families continue to witness amazing academic results what really sets us apart is our focus on bringing out the best in the students we work with and showing them what they are truly capable of.

Alchemy is the medieval science of turning base metals into Gold. It is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary; something our tutors do with our students every single day.

This is at the heart of what we do: mentoring and challenging students to perform at a higher level than they ever thought possible.

Experience the Alchemy difference for yourself by getting started with an accredited Alchemy tutor in Glen Waverley today.

Tutoring is one of the most strategic decisions you can make for your child’s future, especially when you choose to tutor with an experienced tutoring agency like ourselves. It offers numerous benefits for their student like;

Most students struggle in class because the learning methods don’t suit their learning style. Some students take longer to understand, while others don’t understand. With

Alchemy Tuition, we tailor our tutoring to the learner’s needs to their most dominant learning style to maximise their understanding and ensure they thrive. Our tutors take time to understand the needs of the students and then create a learning plan tailored to the learner’s individual needs to achieve the desired results.

In the classroom, teachers have multiple responsibilities. They often manage many learners, making it difficult for them to provide quality attention to each learner, particularly the struggling learner.

With tutoring, students can get one-to-one tutoring, enhancing their performance and pushing them to excel academically. A child’s academic struggles could stem from various reasons, some of which aren’t expected. It requires a keen eye and individualised attention to identify the course of the struggle and help the student work through it. With our mentorship tutoring approach, we can also help boost the student’s confidence and self-esteem, which could also affect their performance.

The sole reason many families come to us is to help improve their children’s academic performance. With additional practice and attention, students who take our tuition program see an overall improvement in academic performance during tuition. With experienced tutors who can cater to all educational levels in the Australian curriculum, we believe it’s never too early or too late to get started with tutoring. If you haven’t sat for your final papers, there’s always a chance to improve your grades.

With Alchemy Tuition, we also offer an added advantage by providing test preparation. We help students prepare for exams by creating revision schedules for them and keeping them accountable, maximising their chances of excelling in their studies.

If you have a child who thinks school is too hard, can’t keep, or are not as bright as the other students, tutoring can help change their attitude and help them develop confidence. Our tutors can work with the student to improve their grades, consequently changing their attitude towards school and learning. With the guidance of our tutors, we can work on the areas in which the student feels deficient and help them realise that school is a tool to help them achieve success and that they are just as smart as the other kids in school.

One of our goals is to spark a love for learning in the students we work with. We believe it’s one of our greatest gifts to our students. Having a tutor helps the student learn the skills they need to learn and study independently, whether it is learning a new hobby or just completing the curriculum, making it easier for the student to reach their goals inside and outside the classroom.

Tutoring helps students understand how they learn and teaches them how to structure their learning environment to best meet their academic needs. With tutoring, the student masters the art of sitting down on a task and seeing it through.

Our tutors will provide the encouragement and motivation the student needs to complete the task, and when the student sees their personal growth, they begin to take up the challenge of learning other things as well.

Now Offering Online Tutoring in Glen Waverly

Tutoring doesn’t always have to be a headache and nightmare that calls for constant sacrifice from the student and their family. These old tutoring methods are the reasons families have given up on tutoring even when they know they need it. At Alchemy Tuition, we have been championing the new wave of tutoring by showing families that tutoring can be convenient and flexible. One of the ways we’ve done this is by introducing online tutoring in Glen Waverly.

Through online tutoring, students can take lessons anytime and from anywhere. Families don’t have to worry about making a mad dash to the tutoring location. All the student needs is a computer and an internet connection, and they can access their tutor when convenient.

Also Offering Home Tutoring in Glen Waverly

Some families believe in physical tutoring and many students respond more positively to it especially if they have problems concentrating or being accountable and studying independently. For these families and students, we have home tutoring in Glen Waverly. Instead of taking the student to the tutor’s home, we will have the tutor come to you.

We also let families decide when they want to take the lessons. The schedule you choose is not set in stone. If the student can’t make it for the lesson, you only need to give the tutor a 24-hour notice, and we will postpone the lesson at no cost, making our home tutoring convenient and flexible.

The Best Private Tutoring Company Near You

Alchemy Tuition is easily the best private tutoring company near you. From the variety of tutoring options we offer to suit the needs of the families we work with to the quality of our results. We provide you with convenient and flexible methods of tutoring that allow families to take up tutoring without struggling and for students to discover the fun of tutoring. By letting families choose when they want to take lessons, parents don’t have to worry about missing necessary appointments, and students don’t have to worry about dropping the things they love.

Besides the flexibility, fun and convenience of our tutoring, we also deliver real and tangible results. Thousands of families have relied on us to help their children turn their grades around in various subjects, and we have always delivered. We have adopted a customised, individualised approach to tutoring that treats every student as an individual, focusing on their needs and learning methods and customising our tutoring approach and learning to fit the needs and learning method of the student.

English Tutoring Glen Waverley

P-12 English Tutoring

Expert English tutors in Glen Waverley to help your child perform at their very best. Reading, writing and expressing ideas effectively form the basis of all school subjects; so having an English tutor will make a huge difference to their confidence and attitude towards learning.

Maths Tutoring Glen Waverley

P-12 Maths Tutoring

Maths is all about foundations; so ensuring the correct foundations are in place is crucial for any successful student. From Prep through to year 12, we have the best maths tutors in Glen Waverley ready to support both struggling and high performing students.

Exam preparation Glen Waverley

P-12 Exam Preparation

We specialise in VCE, Selective School and NAPLAN preparation for students of all grades and abilities. Your tutor will work carefully with your child, teaching in their unique learning style and showing them how to best prepare for and approach upcoming exams and assessments.

Tutoring Glen Waverley

All other subjects

We have incredible tutors in all subjects from P-12, including Sciences, Histories, Humanities and most electives. We also offer general support tutoring – for students that don’t need specific help with a subject but would instead benefit from an experienced mentor in general.

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The best hand-selected tutors in Glen Waverley

Our tutors are chosen not just for academic excellence but for being role models and mentors that have the ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Every tutor is hand selected, interviewed one-on-one and double reference checked before joining our team.

Our tutors come from a diverse background, from high performing University students to retired teachers – and all go through our comprehensive training and mentorship program to ensure they adhere to our high standards.

We channel more than a decade of experience into equipping our tutors to be the best in Glen Waverley, giving them all the support and resources they need to bring out the gold in every student they work with.

All Alchemy tutors hold Working with children checks that we manually verify ahead of their first session. Meet some of them here.

Lessons when and where they suit you

Glen Waverley Home Tutoring

Lessons in your home

No need to fight for parking in Glen Waverley or battle to find a sparking spot.

We offer the best private tutoring in Glen Waverley right in your home at a time that works for you.

We offer one-on-one tutoring 7 days a week, before or after school and on weekends. Your tutor will come at the most convenient time for your child.

We make things as easy as possible for you by pairing you with an accredited local tutor that knows Glen Waverley just as well as you do!

Glen Waverley Online Tutoring

Lessons online

Your child can connect with their tutor online in our custom built online classroom.

Any device – no app download required. They’ll use video chat, a shared whiteboard and interactive features to make the experience as immersive as possible.

Online lessons can happen at any time, from anywhere. You’ll also get access to a far greater network of Alchemy tutors offering a broad range of experience and knowledge.

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✓ The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

✓ No charge for missed lessons – just give your online tutor at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled lesson

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