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We are all about results; but we know that this means much more than just better results at school.

Year 11 is when the content starts to get difficult as you prepare for year 12. It’s vital that you have a proper foundation to build on as you draw closer to your Trial and HSC exams.

Alchemy Tuition is a premier tutoring service with years of experience. It doesn’t matter the challenges that are affecting your grades. We have put together excellent resources to help you turn things around and get the most out of your potential. See what parents have to say about our tutors here.

Finding the right tutor is vital in improving your performance and preparing for the upcoming exams. At Alchemy Tuition, we have everything you need to make the most out of your high school chapter:


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Qualified Year 11 Tutoring

We have an expansive team of qualified year 11 tutors. We select, interview and hand-pick our tutors. All of them have double references, and they are verified as safe to work with children. We do our best to ensure you get tutors who have excelled in their respective areas and are result-backed.

You can choose from a vast pool of tutors specialising in various subjects. We recommend taking time to scroll through the profiles to find tutors that are the best match and are relatable.

Our platform is the greatest resource a student can have. It’s a community of experts designed to provide you with reliable and practical support to make the most out of your time in high school.

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Our Approach Yields Excellent Results

With innovative and creative solutions, you can study remotely and get support when preparing for your exams, remotely and conveniently.

The platform has critical and convenient tools that will improve communication between students, tutors and parents, as well as secure and fast payment options that allow you to make payments from the safety of your inbox.

Whether you opt for our online or in-home private year 11 tutoring, you can rest assured of having an excellent experience right from the first session.

Every student has different challenges and varying concerns. That is why our tutors take a different approach with every student. We aim to provide you with the support you need to overcome the challenges you are facing and get the best ATARS.

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Boost your confidence


Most students are gifted and have the potential to do well in their exams. However, they have low self-esteem and second-guess themselves a lot while handling exams. During tutoring, your Alchemy Tuition year 11 tutor will find ways to boost your confidence and make you believe in yourself and your capacity. These will be essential assets when you sit for your exams.

Your high school exams might be 12 months away, but it’s never too early to start preparing. The earlier you start, the sooner you can master the different strategies and techniques you can use to approach the exams and improve your grades.

We specialise in tutoring various subjects, including math, English, chemistry and physics. Our qualified tutors will take time to help you understand complex concepts and build a strong foundation for your success in year 12.


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You have complete freedom and flexibility with no contracts, no required prepayments and no registration or added fees.

These qualities, paired with our personal touch to every student, ensure we approach every tutoring session on a person-by-person basis, allowing us to identify potential pitfalls and challenges that will improve the students’ confidence, self-esteem, and performance.

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Your first session is covered by our 100% guarantee – so if you aren’t happy with the tutor we match up with your child, there is no charge and we will work hard to line up someone else that better suits your requirements.

This removes any risk to you and allows you to experience the Alchemy difference first hand. We are so confident that our tutors are the best tutors in Canberra that we know once you meet them you’ll feel the same way!

No payment is required prior to the first session; all payment information is submitted after the first lesson and only if you are happy to continue with your tutor (which 99% of parents do!).


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for year 11 tutoring?

We have some of the most competitive tutoring prices for Year 11 in Australia. Our rates start at $49 per hour. The rates are transparent and displayed on our website. We don’t have any hidden charges, or prepayments and we don’t tie you down to contracts.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the first session. If you don’t like the experience or feel the tutor we selected is not the best for your child, we will cover the fees for that session.

How long does each tutoring session last?

The length of the session is entirely up to you. Most parents who work with us opt for 60-minute sessions, and some prefer 90-minute sessions. You can discuss with your tutor the ideal length of each tutoring session for your Year 11 child, but we recommend at least an hour each week.

Are your Year 11 tutors trained and qualified?

Our tutors are hand-selected based on their skills and academic qualifications. They are trained and accredited through our accreditation program to ensure they can provide tutoring to the high standards we have for them, so they are more than qualified.

What curriculum or program do you use?

For Year 11, we use the Senior Secondary Australian Curriculum. But the programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the student and ensure we can address and assist them with the obstacles they are facing.

Are the tutoring sessions face-to-face?

We offer in-home and online tutoring. For in-home tutoring, the tutor can come to your home or meet with your child at the local library. Both options offer individualised tutoring, so the student gets maximum attention from the tutor throughout the session.

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