6 signs your child might need a tutor

15 October 2018 The Alchemy Team

If your child is struggling in school, cannot understand what they are learning and isn’t motivated to do the assigned work, they might need a little help from a tutor. Everyone learns in different ways at different paces. Extracurricular coaching will be able to help your child figure out how they learn best, how to manage their time as well as understand what material they have already learned but didn’t understand. Here are six signs that your child is truly struggling and needs the help of a tutor:

It’s Too Hard
Sometimes with larger classes, your child cannot keep up and can’t get the one-on-one learning they need to succeed. This is why tutoring might be a good idea for them as they will get to ask questions until they truly understand the material. It is hard for a child to feel motivated if they are failing to understand. Help your child excel in their studies by setting them up with a professional with the expertise and private support your child wants and needs.

Nothing Sticks
Most people will struggle in school at least once in their lives. Whether it’s understanding a simple primary school problem or even in higher education, explaining something to different levels of education for specific ages can be quite a challenge. Failure to learn or understand can lead to frustration and feelings of helplessness and worthlessness. Sometimes just watching YouTube or seeking help from a friend can be full of distractions, whereas getting a tutor will give your child one-on-one time with a professional that can answer any questions or inquiries they might have.

It’s Too Easy
It’s a misconception that students breezing through class can’t benefit from a tutor. If they are not being challenged in class, that is also an issue. Students like this might get bored if they are not getting further development at school. Tutoring can support the child with gifted abilities who are high-achieving students and further refine these skills.

If your child is bored in class, it may not be due to their abilities, but their attention span. A tutor can help make the learning experience interesting and engaging by personalising the content based on their personality and interest.

If you catch your child up late writing an essay, this may be a sign that they are procrastinating on their work. This is so common in students especially, but there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy levels of it. If you find that your child is frequently putting things off until last minute and suffering from it, it can be a huge strain and will cause unwanted stress. This may be a sign that your child may have concentration and time management issues. Avoid letting the issue get out of hand by trying to tackle it before it becomes a bad habit that’s irreversible.

Your child might even just ask for a tutor. If they just upfront say that they are struggling and need one, there is no reason why you shouldn’t encourage it. Instead of stressing out over their studies, some students will be completely ready to pick up the slack and learn better and to study more efficiently.

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