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An Easy-Peasy Booking Process

The easiest booking process around. No contracts or paperwork. Book in under 3 minutes and we’ll have the perfect tutor lined up within 48 hours.

Oh So Convenient!

No battling after school traffic or fighting for parking. Your tutor comes to your home when it works for you or connects with your child anytime.

We keep you in the loop

We’ll email you feedback after each lesson and track growth with a detailed progress report every 10 lessons. Clear communication at all times.

Simple Weekly Payments

No prepayments or terms upfront. We simply charge your debit or credit card 24 hours after each lesson. Reschedule lessons with 24 hours notice. Cancel anytime.

Love Your First Lesson Or It’s Free

Your first lesson is covered by our 100% Happiness Guarantee, so if you don’t think the tutor we have selected is the right one for you there’s no charge.

Safety First

All Alchemy tutors pass our triple safety check – including double reference checks, face-to-face screening and fulfilling working with children check requirements. Complete peace of mind.

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✓ Boost confidence

✓ Improve marks

✓ Realise potential

Why Alchemy Tuition?

A quick story from our founder, Nic:

Family Picture

When I was in early High School I really struggled in school, but I didn’t want anyone to know. So instead of owning up to my struggles I began to act out; skipping class, not handing in assessments and becoming a real headache for both my teachers and parents. This ‘bad boy’ reputation was a mask I wore that hid my own insecurities and lack of confidence.

My parents, at the end of their rope and not really sure what to do, decided to seek the help of a tutor. This tutor wasn’t what I had pictured a tutor to be; an old retired teacher that would see straight away how stupid I was.

Instead of a retired teacher, it was a young guy, fresh out of school and studying at University. He didn’t make me feel stupid at all. In fact, it was the opposite; for some reason he believed in me. I had never experienced that before.

He was patient with me, and his confidence in me drove me to work harder and actually see what I could achieve. He was the fork in the road in my life – without him things would have ended up very differently.

I went from basically failing 8th grade to topping my HSC year. It was simply because a young guy took the time to believe in me and patiently mentor me to see what I could become.

This is what we now do every single day at Alchemy Tuition; match Australian students up with young, passionate tutors. It’s about so much more than just marks – it is showing students what they are truly capable of. It is changing lives, one student at a time.

Australia’s best tutors choose to work with Alchemy.

We have state ranked tutors, duxes of schools, school captains and tutors who achieved 99+ ATARS. The best of the best.

Every Alchemy tutor is hand-selected and equipped with the tools and resources they need to bring out the gold in your child.

Selected not just for academic merit, Alchemy tutors become role models and mentors to their students. They will inspire and motivate your child to perform at their best – whatever that may mean for them.

We are a child-safe organisation and have the most comprehensive child safety policy in the industry. All our tutors pass our triple security check; interviewed face-to-face, double reference checked and fulfill working with children check requirements, giving you complete peace of mind.

Here are some of our recent parent-voted tutors of the month:

Meet all our tutors of the month here.

When you book, we get to work lining up the perfect tutor for your child’s needs. We’ll then confirm the first lesson with you by SMS and email, and send you through that tutor’s profile for you to view. The best test of any tutor is always meeting them face to face and seeing how they relate to your child – which is why your first lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee; if you don’t love them, it’s free!

Or request a callback from one of our education experts!


At Alchemy we care about so much more than just marks.

(But you’ll also see your child get great results at school!)

We have tutors for all Primary School and High School subjects in Australia (or tutoring anywhere!)

Test Preparation

Primary School Tutoring

The foundational years. Our primary school tutors are specifically chosen and trained to work with younger students and impart a life-long love of learning.

Whether your child is struggling in class or at the top of their grade and needs a challenge, an Alchemy tutor will be able to help.

We make learning fun, which at this age is so important. Your child will love their tutor – many parents tell us their child asks if their tutor could come everyday!

We offer tutoring for all primary school grades and subjects and align with the national curriculum standards.

Test Preparation

High School Tutoring

HSC, QCE, VCE and even the IB – we have tutors that specialise in all High School subjects.

For students in years 7-10, having a mentor to guide them is so valuable. These are important years where students can learn what they are really capable of.

For senior students, having a year 11 tutor or a year 12 tutor is invaluable. They offer so much more than just academic knowledge – but will become a support system for your child through the stresses of their final years.

We have tutors in all High School subjects up to year 12 across all state curriculums.

Test Preparation

Test Preparation

We specialise in all forms of test preparation, with proven experience in:

Selective School Tutoring

OC Test Tutoring

NAPLAN Tutoring

HSC Tutoring

VCE Tutoring

QCE Tutoring

And many more!

Alchemy Tuition is also an accredited provider of the NSW Creative Kids program. Learn more about our creative writing workshop here.

Or request a callback from one of our education experts!


Affordable, contract-free and packed full of value

Our one-on-one private tuition costs just:


Anywhere, Anytime

In Your Home

In-Person Lessons

✓ First lesson covered by our 100% happiness guarantee – if you aren’t happy after the first lesson it’s on us

✓ No contracts. prepayments or hidden fees – the price you see above is what you will pay

✓ The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

✓ No charge for missed lessons – just give your tutor at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled lesson


Alchemy Foundation

Every lesson helps train teachers in Tanzania

60% of teachers in Tanzania are under-qualified, with many having zero training at all.

Our training courses delivered in Tanzania are working to change this.

The Highest Rated

Private Tutoring

in Australia for K-12 students

For more than 15 years, Alchemy Tuition has been providing the highest quality tutoring for K-12 students across Australia. Whatever grade your child is in, from starting primary school to completing their schooling career, we have the perfect tutor for them. We have tutors across Australia offering tutoring in Sydney, tutoring in Melbourne, tutoring in Brisbane, tutoring in Canberra, tutoring in Adelaidetutoring on the Gold Coast, and online tutoring in all other cities.

Over fifteen years of experience & thousands of success stories

Award-winning private tutoring with more verified 5-star reviews than anywhere else.

Boost grades and performance

We provide result-driven private tutoring in all subjects from Kindergarten to year 12.

Our hand-selected tutors will give your child the individualised care and attention they need to improve their academic performance at school and get the results they are capable of.

Weekly progress reports after every session

Following each lesson you’ll receive a progress report by email, detailing what was covered and how your child responded to the content. Each term you will also receive a comprehensive report on their current strengths and weaknesses.

We keep you in the loop at all times.

Increase confidence & motivation

What makes us unique at Alchemy is that we care about so much more than just marks.

Every Alchemy tutor is selected for their ability to mentor and inspire students, supporting them through the highs and lows of school, ultimately enabling them to perform at their best in all areas of life.

Affordable, contract-free & entirely pay-as-you-go

After your 100% happiness guaranteed first session (love it or it’s free), an incredible tutor for your child doesn’t need to be a big expense.

We have the world’s simplest payment system: lessons are simply automated from your credit or debit card following every session.

Local tutors from your community

Our tutors come straight to you, working in the comfort and convenience of your home or connect with your child online.

We make sure our tutors completed their schooling here in Australia, so they are familiar with the expectations of the local curriculum.

More than a decade of training and resources

Our tutors are the best at what they do because they are trained and supported by our team of educators that have been doing this for a long time.

With literally thousands of resources at their disposal, your tutor will develop a learning plan that targets their unique needs and learning style.

We only work with the best

Every one of our tutors are hand-selected, carefully trained and comprehensively supported to ensure only the highest quality tutors can become tutors at Alchemy.

We’ve got state ranked tutors, duxes of schools, school captains and tutors who achieved 99+ ATARS. The very best tutors in the country.

There are three requirements for every tutor on our team:

English Tutoring Sydney

Proven academic results

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the content they tutor.

This is at the core of what makes a good tutor – a detailed understanding of their subject.

We only hire locally raised tutors that completed their schooling here in Australia, so they understand the requirements and expectations of the Australian curriculum.

All our tutors must have proven academic success in the subject they tutor. This might be a band 6 in the HSC, VCE or QCE, or they might be pursuing it at a higher level in University or beyond. They must pass our content exam to demonstrate they know the curriculum well enough to teach it and they are supported by a comprehensive resource center so they are always well equipped for every session.

Maths Tutoring Sydney

Incredible communication skills

The unique ability to convey complex ideas in a simple way.

It isn’t good enough to simply know content; a good tutor will be able to explain it to a student in a way that makes sense to them.

All our tutors are talented communicators with a natural gift for simplifying complicated concepts. We take this further in their training by exploring the different ways in which students can learn and how information can be best conveyed in their unique learning style.

This is the beauty of private tutoring- and why it is far more effective than classroom style learning – because your child’s tutor can build the session around exactly what they need.

English Tutor Sydney

Role model material

Motivation, inspiration and every now and then, a little bit of a challenge.

The alchemy difference is that we focus on so much more than just marks. Our goal is to bring out the gold in every student we work with – something that takes serious dedication and commitment.

Through authentic relationships we aim to boost confidence, increase motivation and ultimately show the students we work with what they are capable of.

Each tutor is selected for their ability to motivate and inspire the students they work with. We want your child to look forward to every session they have, so we recruit our tutors with this in mind.

Every one of our tutors completes a WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK which we individually verify before their first session.

A good education provides the building blocks for the rest of our lives. That’s why it’s so important to give children the very best start in life by providing them with world-class learning opportunities and all the support they need to meet and exceed their potential.

Whether you’re looking for Primary School Tutoring, High School Tutoring, HSC Tutoring, VCE Tutoring or QCE Tutoring, our friendly and approachable team of expert tutors will guide you and your child to the heights of academic success. Working across all states and territories, we’ve spent the last decade helping thousands of students through their exams and countless other educational challenges.

Our carefully planned sessions are scheduled to fit around busy family lives and focus on the areas that our students need the most help with. This is not traditional tutoring but mentorship and guided learning that equips children with the skills and understanding they need to excel throughout their entire educational career and beyond.

Some other subjects we offer tutoring include Biology tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring, Literacy Tutoring, Online Physics Tutor, Physics Tutoring, Science Tutoring and more.

If you want your child to join one of the fastest-growing networks of high-achieving alumni in Australia, seeking help from Alchemy Tuition is the logical choice to make. We provide accessible, affordable, and results-driven tutoring to students across Australia – helping kids to go for gold, and above all to enjoy their time in education.

Does your child need to get to grips with grammar or be supported with their maths? A private tutor could be the answer you have been looking for.

At Alchemy Tuition, we specialise in matching your child up with their perfect tutor, so they can get the attention and expertise they need to excel.

A private tutor can give your child the individual attention they need

Often, schools do not have the time to give students the individual attention they need to reach their full potential. With constraints to budgets and multiple children in one class, your child may struggle. A private home tutor can specifically target any areas where your child is struggling, giving them the tools and the confidence to succeed.

Whether your child is five years old and you want to give them a boost to help them on their way or you have a child studying for their HSC, we can find your child the right tutor.

At Alchemy Tuition, we ensure that parents are kept informed of the progress their child is making. Each week, you will receive a progress report, where we will summarise what was learnt and how your child did. You will also receive a termly report of their current strengths and areas for improvement, as we understand how important it is for parents to be kept in the know.

What’s more, home tutoring could not be more convenient. Our home tutors will travel to your home to teach your child so there is no hassle with having to be somewhere at a certain time.

Alchemy Tuition: your first choice for in-home tutoring

Alchemy Tuition has supported many students over the years, helping them to believe in themselves and succeed academically. We have thousands of verified 5-star ratings on Google, a true testament to the quality and results that private tutoring from us can bring.

When you contact Alchemy Tuition, we have a fast turnaround time and we can usually find the perfect home tutor for your child within 72 hours, so if your child is panicking about their schoolwork, you will be able to get them the help they need fast.

At Alchemy Tuition, our holistic approach ensures that each child’s wellbeing is considered. Their marks in their schoolwork and examinations are, of course, important to us, but we also recognise that education is more than just grades. We aim to give children the confidence that they need to succeed throughout their life, teaching them not just for now, but also for the future.

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Every tutor we employ has been hand-selected, trained to a high standard, double reference-checked and holds a Working with Children Check. This way, we can ensure that your child is receiving the best tuition.

With no contracts, you simply pay for your lessons once the session has finished through our automated system. With Alchemy Tuition, getting your child the help they need has never been so easy or affordable.

Contact us today for more information or to find the best private home tutor for your child.

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