Activities to improve children’s social skills

22 January 2024
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22 January 2024 Justin Valderama

Are your children stuck in the virtual world, missing out on the fun of face-to-face interactions? As parents, we frequently wonder how we can help our children develop important social skills in an age dominated by screens. The good news is that improving social skills does not have to be a lengthy process. In fact, it can be a fun journey packed with laughs and learning. Let’s look at some out-of-the-box activities to improve children’s social skills. After all, the most valuable lessons are learned on the playground of life.

1. Imaginative storytelling sessions

Engaging your child in imaginative storytelling sessions is an excellent way to help them develop their social skills. Instead of simply reading a story, get them involved in creating one. Encourage them to share their ideas, characters, and plot twists. This not only boosts their creativity, but it also requires them to communicate effectively and collaborate with others, particularly during a family storytelling session. As you explore the magical realms of imagination together, your child learns the skills of listening, expressing ideas, and respecting the thoughts of others.

2. DIY project collaborations

Take on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that promote collaboration and teamwork. Working together on a tangible project, such as building a birdhouse, crafting a mini-garden, or creating a mural, promotes communication and problem-solving skills. As parents, actively involve your child in decision-making and encourage them to share their thoughts on the project. This not only improves their social skills, but also gives them more confidence in expressing their opinions and accepting responsibility for group projects.

3. Nature exploration adventures

Organise nature exploration adventures to connect with nature. This could be a short hike, a day at the beach, or even a camping trip. Nature provides a rich environment for social interaction as children navigate unfamiliar terrain, collaborate to solve problems, and share their discoveries. Encourage them to work together to build a makeshift shelter or identify various plants and animals. These experiences not only improve their social skills, but also instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them.

4. Collaborative art jam sessions

Art is a universal language that cuts across barriers, making it an excellent tool for developing social skills. Set up collaborative art jam sessions where children can express themselves by painting, drawing, or crafting. Set up a large canvas or a collaborative project in which everyone contributes to the final masterpiece. This promotes cooperation, communication, and an appreciation for diverse viewpoints. The beauty is not only in the creation, but also in the collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.

5. Intergenerational story swap

Encourage your child to interact with the elderly in your community, whether they are grandparents, neighbours, or family friends. Set up intergenerational story swaps in which both parties share stories from their childhood or life experiences. This not only fosters empathy, but also teaches your child how to have meaningful conversations with people of various ages. It’s a win-win situation, as it fosters generational bonds while also improving your child’s social skills.


As parents, we have the ability to unlock our children’s social potential. By incorporating these activities into their daily lives, we not only create a fun and engaging environment, but also open the way for essential social skill development. Remember, life’s playground is vast and varied, with numerous opportunities for growth. Let us take a break from our screens and appreciate the beauty of real-world connections, shaping our children into socially adept individuals.

Activities to improve children's social skills

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