The benefits of an English tutor

17 September 2018
17 September 2018 The Alchemy Team

A lot of school-aged children have tutoring sessions after school or on the weekends. The reasons for this are wide and varied. Sometimes parents get their kids a tutor because they are busy and don’t have the time or the ability to help their children with schoolwork. Others feel that a tutor can help them learn more effectively. Still more just consider it a good way to strengthen their academic foundation so they have more options open to them come time for tertiary education.

Tutors are able to give kids more attention than they would get in a large classroom. This ensures that they are learning at their level and being pushed to keep going.

What are the benefits of tutoring?

The academic knowledge, as well as the learning skills that kids learn in tutoring sessions, can get them ready for what is to come. Let’s take a look at some specific benefits of tutoring:

1 – Individualised attention

In a classroom, a teacher has to make sure the class as a whole is learning. Unfortunately, they cannot give the same attention to everyone and students who need that extra push may not always get it. With a tutor, on the other hand, kids can have lessons that are catered to their needs that is taught in a manner that suits their learning style.

2 – Better academic understanding

A lot of kids struggle in specific areas of their learning material. Tutors can focus on those problem areas and make sure they understand it well. This not only helps them gain a deeper understanding of the subject as a whole but allows them to score better on tests.

3 – A positive learning experience

Tutors are trained to be patient and encouraging towards their students as many are overwhelmed with traditional schooling. They help students learn in a calm, positive environment and assures them that they will get the hang of it. Students often have a much better impression of learning and education after learning with a tutor. They also tend to become more self-managed and assertive in their school work.

4 – Better self-image

Many children feel discouraged at school, particularly if they are having trouble understanding their learning material. As they understand more in tutoring, this often helps them become more confident because they have realised that they, too, can learn.

5 – Improved study habits

Tutoring encourages kids to do more than the bare minimum. They learn how to study and reach the goals that they have set. These skills will prove useful later on in life.

6 – An increased sense of independence

The increase in self-management will result in an increased sense of independence. Kids will see that they are in control of their academic results and be more willing to take measures to improve and complete their work on their own.

7 – Ability to overcome barriers

There will be some academic areas where your child excels and some areas where he or she struggles. Tutors help kids to focus on their problem areas so that they have a better understanding of the entire subject. This keeps them from getting caught up and frustrated about one chapter and therefore becoming demotivated for the entire subject.

8 – Comfort in asking questions

Sometimes kids hesitate to ask questions in class for some reason or the other. Perhaps they don’t want to speak up before a big crowd or are afraid their question is “dumb.” In learning with a tutor, kids will learn that there are no stupid questions. This will encourage them to be comfortable when asking questions even in the classroom.

9 – Challenges for the under-challenged

Some kids find schoolwork too easy or boring. They can often benefit from being presented with more difficult material which will not only put their brains to work but allow them to prepare better for their future. This is particularly true for kids who aspire to take tough courses in college. Tutoring will help them to master their course material and allow them to build skills that will come in handy in their field of study.

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