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25 December 2020 The Alchemy Team

Every parent wants the best possible education for their child, but it’s not always so easy to know how to provide that. Often, we don’t have too much choice on where we send our kids to school, and even less choice over the subjects they take, how they’re taught, and who by.

It’s in tackling these concerns that the services of a private tutor can really come into their own. It might be that they’re brought in to help with a single topic that a student struggles with, or perhaps they’ll offer longer-term support ahead of some big exams. Either way, there are lots of advantages to bringing in a tutor. Here are some of the very best.

The ‘one-on-one’ effect

How many other students are in your child’s class? In most cases it’ll be somewhere between 24 to 30, and it’s easy to see why that presents a problem. School teachers have a responsibility to their whole class, and that means they need to split their attention between all of the students – leaving them with less time to focus on the challenges that individual children face.

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In contrast, a private tutor will be 100% focussed on your child during their sessions. There’ll be no distractions, no other students to answer questions for, and no group environment anxiety to prevent your child from asking for help when they need it.

No holiday learning loss

Holidays are important. They give kids the chance the relax, and it’s important to remember that simultaneously learning more subjects than you can count on your fingers can be exhausting. The only problem is that children can forget some of what they’ve learned whilst they’re whiling away their time during the summer or whenever else.

Hiring a tutor will prevent learning loss over the holiday period, keeping your child on track.

Bespoke learning for unique students

All children are different, and that means they learn in different ways. You might have seen exam study tips that talk about learning visually or through repetition, and this is a great example of what we mean here.

A student can maximise their potential by learning in a way that suits them. The only trouble is, schools don’t often give them that option since they have to learn however the teachers choose. A good private tutor will always play to their tutee’s strengths – making it easier for them to learn even the most complex of topics.

Motivation to excel

Private tuition puts a real focus on a student’s education, with their performance in the spotlight.

Simply put, this means that students are likely to be motivated to do their very best.

A learning safety net

Another important benefit of private tutoring is that students will have another line of defence against topics that they struggle with.

As teachers have so many students to help out, they might not necessarily notice if one of their flock has fallen behind. A private tutor will help to recognise any issues like this, rectifying them as they go.

Smarter, not harder, study

When students set out to get better grades, they often sit down to hard study sessions and hours upon hours of reading textbooks. The problem is, working like this isn’t effective for most students.

A private tutor will help their tutee to find the most efficient ways of working, and will bring with them the most useful strategies.

Important learning skills

An Alchemy tutor won’t just help your child to learn the topics on the syllabus, they’ll teach them how to learn too. This might sound bizarre, but effective learning is a skill, and one that we need throughout our lives.

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By engaging with a private tutor, students can learn invaluable skills that’ll stick with them through high school, into university, and beyond.

A competitive edge

If your child wants to achieve the highest marks in their school year, a tutor could help them to stand out from the pack. Whilst a high school English class might take some time to review the main features of a literature text, extra time with a tutor will help your child to really get to grips with even the more nuanced passages.

That little bit of extra knowledge could be the difference between an ATAR rank in the 50s to 60s, and one in the 90s.

Peace of mind for parents

Parents with busy schedules might not get all that much time to really sit down with their children to discuss their learning. By bringing in a private tutor, you can get regular updates on your child’s performance that go above and beyond the details given in end-of-year reports.


When working with a private tutor, a child can ask all of the questions that they want. This means that they can get the answers to those burning queries, and can really address any areas of the syllabus that they might be too embarrassed to admit they struggle with in front of their peers.

It’s the next best thing to bottled confidence!

Helping students to succeed

Since 2005, Alchemy Tuition has worked with thousands of students to help attain top grades and come around to loving learning.

All of our friendly and affordable tutors have been in the same shoes. We know what the examiners are looking for, and we’ll help you or your child to excel whether they’re struggling with primary school math or Year 11 and 12 exams.

To find out more, or to book an initial tutoring session, visit our site.

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