Board Of Studies proposes 3-unit Physics & Chemistry

20 October 2015
20 October 2015 The Alchemy Team

The Board of Studies announced on Monday that extension science units may be introduced as soon as 2017 as they look to introduce a more flexible curriculum tailored to the demands of the modern student.

Another option in consideration is an extension ‘master-science’ course that would combine elements of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

With 17,500 students sitting the Biology HSC exam on Monday (the third most popular HSC subject) it is clear that the sciences comprise a key component of the HSC. Greater focus on specific streams will enable each of the 3 core sciences to develop their own content that can then be expanded on in the extension subject.

According to recent data, there is a shortage in Science graduates for available jobs across the state, so greater emphasis and flexibility in science is a valuable step to make.

Personally I think it is a great move as it allows students the flexibility to focus on what they are passionate about. I think flexibility in the school curriculum is great progress towards education for real life, enabling the student to study what will actually be relevant to them later on in life.

My hope is that high school in twenty years is completely different – giving students an opportunity to study a broad range of interests before specialising and engaging with the subjects that are most relevant to them. Throw in a fair balance of real-life education and I can see a school that really sets students up for the world beyond the HSC.

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