Destroying the ‘not good enough’ mindset

4 September 2017
4 September 2017 The Alchemy Team

‘i’m not good enough’ attitude.

I was chatting to a student a few weeks ago that was asking about alternative pathways in to University because they didn’t think their marks were going to be good enough. I told them they shouldn’t think like that – they still had both trials and the HSC exams to come. The student then told me that I misunderstood, they were only in year 10!

It blows my mind that people can think this way.

Listen to me friend, this one is for you.

There is no one else that has as much control over your life as you do. If you want something in life just work for it. Work like nothing else matters.

If you want to go to University to study medicine, but doubt you can do it – stop. You can. The only thing that will stop you from getting there is your own inaction.

The HSC has very little to do with talent and is much more about hard work.  If you hustle and get rid of the things that will distract you, there is nothin you can’t achieve.

You are good enough. You can do it.

Get to work!

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