Does my child need a tutor?

31 March 2017 The Alchemy Team

This is a question that we get from parents all the time. They browse what we have to offer and begin a conversation unsure if their child really needs a tutor.

Our overwhelming answer is yes.

Here are 5 reasons your child needs a tutor:

1. A tutor is so much more than just someone to help with their homework. Your child’s tutor will be a mentor, role model and friend that will help them see what they are truly capable of achieving. When I was in mid-High School and my parents got me a tutor, the biggest help was not the detailed maths solutions but the fact that this person believed in me and cared for me. That let me see what I could actually do if I put my mind to it. What we do is so much more than just marks.

2. For your own sanity. One of the main reasons that parents turn to us to help their child is to reduce the conflict in the home. Trying to get your kids to do their homework is challenging and a constant grind on the relationship. It’s not just homework, but trying to get them to apply themselves and understand the importance of school – this coming from a parent goes in one ear and out the other. But from a tutor – someone young, interesting and that actually cares for them – those words will carry significant weight.

3. The schooling system does not cater for your child’s unique learning style. Overpacked classrooms have become standard these days, making it very difficult for your teacher to understand the unique learning styles of your child. This is no criticism of teachers – they do an incredible job – but it means students can so easily slip through the gaps. Interestingly enough I see this more in advanced students than those who struggle. If student fall behind they have remedial programs to help them – but advanced students are rarely given a chance to perform at their full potential. Our tutors customise every lesson around the unique level and learning style of your child, ensuring their unique learning styles are targeted.

4. The HSC is a competition, and if they don’t have a tutor they are disadvantaged. Like it or not, the HSC has changed. The ATAR, the number that gets them into University, is now a ranking and not a raw mark. It means that they are not just competing against students in their class, but against students at schools across the state: including schools that have huge budgets and endless resources to help their students come out on top. Not having a tutor is like entering a marathon where everyone else gets someone to sub with, but you are all on your own. You’ll get tired trying to do it on your won, while they can depend on someone else when they need them. A tutor has become a necessity in the HSC.

5. Because interpersonal skills are the currency of the future. I read an article this week that Sydney city has embedded traffic lights in to the ground to warn those who are staring at their phones that the light is red. I laugh at this, but I am just as guilty of doing it! Every year we move further and further from the real world and in to this tiny tech bubble where we can so easily shut out the people around us. Now imagine what life is going to be like in 5/10/15 years when your child gets our of school and in to the real world! As information becomes readily available, I believe qualifications will not be valued like they are now, and the only differentiator will be the ability to relate to people. It is the only thing that can’t be replaced by a machine! By pairing your child with a tutor once a week now, they will be learning incredible interpersonal skills that will help them later in life. Considering a tutor for your child? We can help! We have amazing tutors ready to go that will help your child grow in confidence, love the learning experience and ultimately realise what they are capable of. Learn more here and book their first lesson online today!

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