Don’t lose your voice!

26 March 2018
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26 March 2018 The Alchemy Team

I’ve been so inspired by the March for our lives movement in America. Obviously it takes place in a land far away, surrounding an issue that we (fortunately) don’t have to deal with here in Australia, but I am so inspired seeing young people take the initiative where adults would not.

I am not trying to make a political statement here, this isn’t about that at all. So often I see students think that they don’t matter and that their voice doesn’t deserve to be heard. They get lumped in with millenials; entitled, lazy and too optimistic. But in my experience working with young people, this isn’t accurate.

Most student know they want to make a change, want to improve the world – they just don’t know how. They feel powerless amongst a population of adults that dismiss them too easily. So this powerless can come across as lazy. They are optimists, and believe that they have something unique to offer the world which can be taken as entitlement.

Most young people I know are hard working, humble and willing to get their hands dirty. Sometimes they just need an effort to throw their energy at.

Students, don’t lose your voice. Don’t let the world beat it out of you. If there is a wrong in the world, find a way to make it right. A 20m tree starts out with just a seed – and you can be that seed in the world.

Every great idea, every great change in the world started with one person. Even when it seems like no one is paying attention to you, don’t lose your voice.

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