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26 March 2019
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26 March 2019 The Alchemy Team

Many children need help with on their way through either a public or private school system.

It’s understandable, because as people, each of us is different.

We don’t all learn the same way, and we have different needs and different strengths and weaknesses. At Alchemy, we work to that principle by meeting students where they are and helping them to succeed in situations where they’re struggling.

Any kid can struggle – it’s based on a variety of very complicated factors. Getting help doesn’t mean throwing in the towel or capitulating or admitting that you have a deficiency. It just means spending more time and money on cultivating the inner beauty and strength that every child has.

That’s part of what led us to build on the Alchemy model of inspiring a generation of students. We want to help families to get the outcomes that will best serve them, through positive reinforcement of a child’s core character and natural ability to learn well.

By the Numbers

One way to look at what Alchemy does is to look at the numbers. We like data-driven processes in today’s world, and we can show our success by talking about statistics like these:

  • 22,555 hours spent with students in 2018
  • 454 tutors currently employed
  • 6573 students supported in the last 14 years

These numbers tell a story of success in terms of reaching into communities, in terms of showing our value and keeping customers and attracting new people to sign up. But we can tell another story by talking about the personalities and strengths of our personal tutors.

On our website, we feature tutor profiles that show the values and support our tutors provide to students. You see words like supportive, encouraging and patient. You see how our tutors come prepared and really dedicate themselves to their jobs. You see the stories of how people came to help out with the idea of empowering today’s youth and improving the educational choices that parents and guardians have.

This shows in the results we provide to our clients. It shows around the family dinner table and in the lives of our students and their families. We get a lot of our business through word of mouth, because when people see our results at work, they feel compelled to share.

It’s all part of our vision for a better world where more students leave school confident, communicative and well focused – regardless of where they’re going after school, what career path they are taking ,or how much they’ve achieved academically. As important as it is to achieve academically, it’s also important to achieve self-confidence and empowerment and to have focus, objectives and results. These are some of the values we hold at Alchemy and how we work with students. See more online about how we have developed our programs to reach each child, in a nurturing, compassionate and practical way.

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