How can I best support my child during exam period?

6 November 2020
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6 November 2020 The Alchemy Team

During this period of the term, students undoubtedly are trying their best to hold up against exam pressure. Both students and parents will be anxious and weary, and tensions definitely rise to new levels in the household.

Whilst parents’ attempts to boost competitive spirit, they must also be attentive and nurturing in these stressful times. Below are 4 tips for supporting your son or daughter:

Tip #1. Know their exam schedule

Have a copy of the exam timetable on your Outlook Calendar or diary and gently remind your son or daughter as the exam is approaching. It is this time that you can help your child create a study timetable to ensure there is sufficient time to revise and prepare for the subjects. Take into consideration that daily routines and roles can be temporarily forgo

Don’t persistently badger your child that they haven’t done their share of the chores or run the errands. Ease off the routine household duties and give them flexibility to manage their time.

Tip #2. Set up goals and realistic expectations

Gently encourage your son or daughter to open up to discuss about their goals and expectations for their exam? How are they feeling? What is their goal and how are they setting off to achieve it? Whilst this also allows your child to reflect on their progress, it also helps you get a general understanding of how much work needs to be put in to achieve their goals. Discuss with them how they’d like you to support them and figure out an action plan that could involve both of you.

Tip #3. Be there when your son or daughter needs someone to talk to.

At school or during their revision, your child may run into bumps with their work and may feel stressed and anxious about their progress. It is important to be a pillar of support. Do not be tempted to carefully review their mistakes in the practice papers or essays. Doing this only increases their frustration and stress levels. Instead, allow the time for your child to tell you their struggles and worries and provide them with emotional comfort.

Tip #4. Help them maintain a balanced daily routine

As important as studying is for your son and daughter during exam time, make sure that they have a proper balance between work and rest. After every strenuous study session, they need time to rest and recharge. Ensure your child has nutritious food and enough sleep. Encourage your child to go outside, breathe some fresh air and do some exercise together!

Remember, always be aware of any signs that could indicate that your child is suffering from exam stress including the inability to concentrate, little to no sleep, upset stomachs, headaches, expressions of hopelessness and anxiety. Being available for emotional support and encouraging your child to talk about their feelings is of particular importance.

You don’t need to do it alone! Having an Alchemy tutor will give your child all the support they need to perform at their best in and out of exam time. An Alchemy tutor is a partner, someone to work alongside you and your family to ensure your child’s academic progress – giving you less stress, more quality family time and a happier home. Learn more and book your child’s first lesson with an Alchemy tutor here.

By Katherine Bai, an Alchemy tutor

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