How Much Do Tutors Earn in Australia?

25 March 2022
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25 March 2022 The Alchemy Team

Tutoring is a profession with numerous benefits. It’s convenient, and tutors get to make a difference in the lives of the students they work with. But, is it a worthwhile profession in terms of remuneration? Can you make enough as a tutor to sustain yourself financially? Of course, numerous factors will determine how much you make as a tutor, but this blog should give you a rough idea of how much tutors earn in Australia.

Average Tutor Earning in Australia

Tutors working in Australia earn around 74,300 AUD per year on average. The salary can range from 34,200 AUD to 118,000 AUD for the best-paid tutors in the country.

This average salary includes housing and transport, among other benefits. From the figures, it’s clear that the salaries vary drastically. How much you earn typically depends on your experience, skills, and location.

Median Tutor’s Salary in Australia

The median salary for tutors in Australia is about 80,300 AUD per year. That means about 50% of the people who work as tutors earn around this figure. About 25% of the tutors earn less than the average figure of 51,500 AUD, while the rest earn more.

Private Tutors

Private tutors have excellent working conditions and flexibility. As a private tutor, you have the freedom to charge an hourly rate that works best for you. You’re not limited by working for a tutoring agency. However, finding clients proves a little more tedious.

As a private tutor, you can set your hourly tutoring rate at 20 AUD per hour to as much as 80 AUD per hour for one-on-one sessions.

Going wild with the rates might be tempting, but it’s vital to remain competitive. The best approach is to weigh your qualifications and experience with the services required. Trained education support workers might charge more than untrained tutors. The subject you tutor might also determine how much you make as a tutor.

Online Tutor

As an online tutor, you can offer your services independently or partner with a reputable online tutoring company like Alchemy Tuition.

The online tutoring company can charge the student with weekly or monthly tutoring packages and pay you for the services accordingly. As an online tutor, you rely on live-streaming, email correspondence, and essay review technologies. Online tutoring gives you access to a greater audience and gives you the potential to earn a higher income.

Special Education Tutor

Special education tutors have extra training and work with children with disability by using unique learning strategies. Special tutors devote more time to connect with the student. Understanding the curriculum, planning, organising, and assigning activities are often more tedious. Typically, special education tutors charge more than private tutors because of the preparation and assistance required.

The additional training and qualification also demand better pay, and on average, special education tutors earn better than private and online tutors.

Factors Causing Tutors Fees to Vary

Tutoring income varies wildly. Some tutors make a decent income, and others barely scratch the surface. If you’re serious about tutoring and want to increase your revenue, the best place to start is by understanding the factors that cause tutor fees to vary.

Geographical location

Some locations have a higher demand for tutors than others. As such, the rate for tutoring in areas like Melbourne will be more attractive and higher than in the more rural areas of Australia. Typically, tutoring rates will be higher in and around major cities then drop as you get further from the city.


Unfortunately, gender might also determine how much you earn in tutoring. Men often charge more for the same services. If you’re a female tutor, it’s essential to be aware of this gap. However, it shouldn’t dictate what you will be earning. You can still demand as much as your male counterparts as long as you deliver quality results. We don’t discriminate. All our tutors get equal pay.

Level of study

As students advance, the level of study required to tutor also advances. You should expect to pay less for an hour of primary maths tutoring for an hour of Year 12 maths. The more study the tutor needs, the more they can charge.

This same principle applies to subjects as well. Languages, art lessons, and teaching musical instruments demand less pay than more demanding subjects like maths and sciences.

How to Make More as a Tutor

If you’re new to the tutoring field, or you’ve been working for a while, but you’re still not earning enough, there are several things you can do to improve your earnings.

Increase experience

As a tutor, experience plays a critical role in what you earn. More experienced tutors are more likely to make more. They have a firm understanding of the subject with tried and proven processes that have yielded positive results for years.

Get trained

Getting training and certification can drastically improve your value and what you earn as a tutor. Generally, untrained tutors don’t make as much as trained tutors. It is one of the things you could complete quickly to improve your income as a tutor.

Change subjects

This might be a little more difficult than it sounds. But if you can, changing subjects might increase demand for your tutoring services and also allow you to increase your tutoring rates. However, you should have a firm grasp of the subjects you’re changing to, which makes this more complicated than it sounds.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that you can make a decent living as a tutor. You can also use tutoring as a way to supplement your primary income. While you might not upgrade in terms of job title and responsibilities, you can increase your revenue over time and become among the best-paid tutors in Australia.

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