How much does your dream cost?

24 March 2017
24 March 2017 The Alchemy Team

This is one for the students.

I want you to imagine for a moment that you’ve made it. You’ve achieved the dream.

What does it feel like?

What does it feel like as you stand on the top podium at the olympics, the crowd roaring and shouting your name?

Or what does it feel like as you stand back stage, microphone in hand, getting ready to sing your songs to a packed stadium of 50,000 fans?

Or maybe you’re not a musician, but you are about to walk out in front of that crowd and deliver your first speech as Prime Minister?

What does it feel like to pass the bar exam as a lawyer, knowing you are now going to be able to make a difference in the world by fighting for human rights around the world?

Or what does it feel like opening a letter in the mail that tells you you’ve been accepted to the University course of your dreams?

I ask these questions because there is one thing that connects all these dreams together: they all come with a price tag.

Any dream you have in life is going to cost something. It is going to cost time, money, focus, commitment, sacrifice…

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