How the HSC is like the Superbowl

8 February 2016
8 February 2016 The Alchemy Team

Go Broncos!

I am not American, so I don’t really care much about NFL. But I married an American, so I guess I have to. My father-in-law was born in Denver, and has hardcore Bronco blood. He is so passionate about the Broncos that he won’t even watch a game. Seriously. He gets too nervous watching a game live that he will only watch a game after if he knows they have won. It makes no sense to me but it works for him…

With the Superbowl happening right now, I can’t help but draw a few comparisons to the HSC. Plus, writing this post gives me a reason to watch it in the office.

Here are 5 reasons I think the HSC is like the Superbowl:

It all leads up to this point.

The NFL season transfers started in March. That is almost a whole year. But for most players in the Superbowl, it would have started years ago. They would have practiced their throws and runs when they were still in little league with the dream of one day winning the Superbowl.

The HSC draws upon all the work you have done over the last 13 years. You can’t turn up to the HSC with minimal practice and expect to do well. It tests everything you have done up until this point, and it all comes to the surface in the final exam.

It might not be as exciting as the Superbowl – but all the work you have done over the years leads up to this moment.

It writes history

At the start of the game they introduce every Superbowl MVP that ever was – starting with the MVP of the 1st and 2nd games, 50 years ago. Winning or losing the Superbowl will get you in the history books. It will determine the future for each player in the team.

The HSC, while perhaps not as significant on a nation-wide scale, will still determine what happens in your future.

It is a team game

I went to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii once and I was completely blown away by how many people were involved in each team. In Australia, when you go to an NRL game, there might be 20 players plus coaches in the team. But in the NFL, there are well over 100. It is insane. It is because they have a person for everything – they have coaches who have support staff and a guy just to massage the quarterbacks shoes.

The HSC is absolutely a team game. You don’t want to do it alone. You have your teachers, your parents, your friends and your tutor. Each one has a unique role – but all are just as crucial. (Don’t have a tutor yet? We can help.)

It is a long, long game

I’m pretty sure each game comprises of four 15 minute quarters – an hour of game play. But, if you’ve ever watched a Superbowl, it goes for like 5 hours. Seriously. It is a day long activity. It’s because of all the in-between segments – the half time performances and the time outs after every play. It is a serious commitment to watch a whole game.

Likewise, the HSC is a long year. I always tell our students that the HSC is a marathon and not a sprint. It is easy to have bursts of motivation –  but the best students are able to sustain that effort throughout the year by making it last.

Settle in for the long game.

Every second counts

We’ve all seen those movies where they score at the final second. And they are awesome and triumphant and glorious. In sport, every second counts.

In the HSC, how you use your time is crucial. Time management is key – and the best students are those who are on top of their schedule and prioritise time to study.

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