How to communicate with your child’s tutor

22 April 2024
22 April 2024 Justin Valderama

Your child’s education is a collaborative effort that requires the active participation and engagement of both parents and tutors. Establishing effective communication channels with your child’s tutor will ensure that your child receives the personalised support and guidance they require to succeed in school. In this blog post, we’ll go over strategies on how to communicate with your child’s tutor, fostering a strong partnership focused on your child’s academic success.

1. Regular check-ins

Proactive communication is essential for staying informed about your child’s academic progress and addressing any concerns in a timely manner. Schedule regular check-ins with your child’s tutor to discuss their performance, areas for improvement, and future goals. These meetings are excellent opportunities to share feedback, track progress, and collaborate on strategies to support your child’s learning journey.

2. Ask for feedback

Do not hesitate to seek feedback from your child’s tutor on their academic performance and learning needs. Understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development will allow you to tailor your home support more effectively. Encourage the tutor to share their observations, assessments, and recommendations for improving your child’s learning experience. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal: maximising your child’s academic potential.

3. Share relevant information

Give the tutor relevant information about your child’s learning style, interests, and any obstacles they may be facing. Sharing this information enables the tutor to tailor their teaching approach to your child’s specific needs, whether they prefer visual learning tools or struggle with time management. Additionally, inform the tutor of any external factors or changes in your child’s life that may impact their academic performance. This comprehensive understanding enables the tutor to provide targeted support and intervention as needed.

4. Be open to suggestions

Approach your communication with the tutor with an open mind and a desire to collaborate. Remember that the tutor is a professional with valuable knowledge and insights into your child’s academic performance. Be open to their suggestions, strategies, and recommendations for improving your child’s educational experience. By developing a collaborative partnership based on mutual respect and trust, you can effectively use the tutor’s expertise to help your child’s academic growth.

5. Follow-up on action items

To ensure accountability and progress, follow up on any action items or recommendations discussed during each tutoring session. Implement any strategies or interventions discussed during the meeting, and track your child’s response and progress over time. Regular follow-up demonstrates your commitment to your child’s education and emphasises the role of the parent-tutor partnership in promoting academic success.


Effective communication between parents and tutors is critical for enabling your child’s academic potential and creating a positive learning environment. You can build a strong partnership with your child’s tutor by initiating regular check-ins, soliciting feedback, sharing relevant information, remaining open to suggestions, and following up on action items. Together, you can work towards a common goal of supporting your child’s academic development and empowering them to succeed in school and beyond. Begin implementing these communication strategies today to help your child thrive in their educational journey with Alchemy Tuition.

How to communicate with your child’s tutor

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