How to Prepare for NAPLAN

21 July 2021
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21 July 2021 The Alchemy Team

The approach for preparation that students take when preparing for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessment is very different from the approach of end-of-term tests.

The results of the NAPLAN exams are critical in charting the student’s progress against the national standards. Unlike the end-of-term test, NAPLAN focuses on skills that students develop and improve over time. That means, even the approach of preparing for the exam should be different to position the student in the best place for success.

Here are a few tips on how a student can best prepare for the NAPLAN exams and improve their chances of success.

Make the child exam-ready

NAPLAN assesses skills that are developed over time. Therefore, the child cannot prepare for this exam the same way they prepare for end-of-term tests. The skills required for the NAPLAN exams need to be developed continuously and improved throughout the year, not just a few days before the NAPLAN test.

You should focus on helping the student develop their literacy and mathematical skills to their full potential. The literacy skills include speaking, listening, and critical thinking. Providing children with materials they need regularly to harness and perfect these skills is vital.

Don’t put too much pressure on the child

Every parent understands how critical it is for their child to do well on their NAPLAN test. However, putting too much pressure on the child can cause anxiety leading to careless mistakes that the child could avoid if they are cool, calm and collected.

Working in smaller groups and ensuring the child is constantly engaged by a teacher or a NAPLAN tutor can help the child refine their weak areas in literacy and numeracy skills and improve their confidence which will enhance their overall performance.

Help the child practice using online practice test

One of the ways you can help your child practice for the upcoming NAPLAN tests is by ensuring they are aware of what to expect. This will help them stay more relaxed and make the situation more predictable.

You can visit the local bookstore or search online for NAPLAN-styles tests. Although most of these are not endorsed by the government, the goal is to get the child to familiarise with the tests and know what to expect.

Work on the weak areas

It’s common for students to struggle in certain areas. These can be literacy, reading, or numeracy. Regardless of the challenges, the student will be more confident sitting for the tests knowing that they put extra work into these areas and try harder to get better results.

Enrolling additional help like buying them extra resources, spending extra time with them working on these areas, or even hiring an online tutor is an excellent way of improving the performance of the child and consequently their confidence while sitting for NAPLAN.

Get a good night’s sleep

It’s imperative for the student to get enough sleep the night prior to the test. Proper rest is crucial to the performance of the brain. If the child has enough rest, they can focus better, they have good cognitive speed, math processing and decision making.

Ensuring your child gets enough sleep the night before the tests can make a big difference. It is the icing on the cake that can help you realise all the efforts you have put into preparing for the test.

Final Remarks

NAPLAN is one of those tests that you can’t wait until the last days to start preparing. The tests focus on already acquired skills and aim to test if the child is improving at different stages. The best way to prepare for NAPLAN is to make it long-term. Regularly check on the progress your child is making at school and make an effort to assist in areas where they are struggling.

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