How to prepare your child for selective school exams in Australia

24 June 2024
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24 June 2024 Justin Valderama

Is your child hoping to attend a selective school in Australia? As a parent, you may be experiencing a combination of joy and anxiety. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Helping your child study for these critical examinations may be difficult, but with the correct attitude, you can make it a rewarding experience for both of you.

In this “how to prepare your child for selective school exams in Australia” guide, we’ll provide a few helpful tips to assist your child prepare for selective school examinations.

1. Understand the exam’s format and content

First and foremost, you should understand what your child will face in the selective school tests. Typically, these tests assess English, mathematics, general aptitude, and writing abilities. Knowing the format allows you and your child to know what to expect. Consider it like arranging a road trip – you wouldn’t start driving without knowing where you were going, right?

Take some time to look over old test papers with your child. This will not only familiarise students with the sorts of questions they may face, but will also help them grasp the level of difficulty. You may access these materials online or contact Alchemy Tuition for practice papers.

2. Create a study schedule

Creating a study programme is similar to establishing an exercise regimen. Just like you need frequent workouts to be strong, your child requires a constant study programme to keep their mind fresh. Begin by designating particular periods each day for learning. This helps to establish a habit and minimises last-minute cramming.

Ensure that the timetable is reasonable and provides breaks. Burnout may occur when you study for extended periods of time without taking breaks. A decent rule of thumb is to schedule study periods that last around 30-45 minutes, with brief breaks in between. This keeps the mind alert and concentrated.

3. Encourage reading and writing

Reading and writing are important abilities that will be assessed on selective school examinations. Encourage your kid to read a range of items, including books, newspapers, and periodicals. As kids read more, their comprehension abilities will improve.

You may make this enjoyable by organising a family reading session in which everyone reads and discusses their favourite book or article. This not only enhances reading abilities, but also serves as a bonding exercise.

Ask the kids to compose short essays or tales. You may provide prompts or let them select their own themes. Reviewing and discussing their writing will allow them to grow and gain confidence.

4. Practice problem-solving

Problem-solving abilities are critical, particularly in the mathematics and general ability areas of the test. Include problem-solving exercises in your child’s everyday routine to help him or her develop these abilities. This might be as basic as completing puzzles, playing strategic games, or collaborating on math problems.

There are also several online resources and apps available to make math learning more enjoyable. Alchemy Tuition offers a variety of tools and materials to help students solve problems in an entertaining and efficient manner.

5. Provide emotional support

Preparing for selective school examinations can be difficult for kids. It’s critical to offer emotional support and encouragement throughout the process. Remind your child that it is acceptable to make mistakes and that the purpose is to do their best, not to be perfect.

Celebrate their accomplishments and efforts, no matter how small. This increases their confidence and keeps them motivated. If they are feeling overwhelmed, take a break and do something enjoyable together. A little relaxation may go a long way towards keeping a positive outlook.

6. Seek professional help

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may require a little additional assistance. This is when professional tutoring comes in. At Alchemy Tuition, we provide personalised tuition services tailored to your child’s specific needs. Our skilled tutors can give tailored assistance in areas where your kid requires the most guidance, such as grasping math concepts or developing their writing abilities.

Tutoring may also give your child with ideas and procedures tailored to selective school examinations, providing them an advantage in their preparation.


Preparing for selective school examinations is a journey, and it is made simpler with a helpful companion. As a parent, you have an important part in your child’s success. You may make your child’s trip easier and more fun by knowing the test style, developing a study programme, promoting reading and writing, practicing problem-solving, offering emotional support, and getting expert aid as needed.

At Alchemy Tuition, we are here to help you every step of the way. With the proper preparation and mentality, your child may face their selective school examinations with confidence and dedication. Remember that it’s not just about the goal; it’s also about the growth and learning that occurs along the journey.

Good luck and good studying!

How to prepare your child for selective school exams in Australia

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