How to study for a maths exam

28 February 2023
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28 February 2023 Alchemy Tuition

Preparing for a mathematics exam can be a daunting and scary task for many of us. Worry not! We are here to help you put that worry to rest.


Three ways to earn more points on your maths exam!

1. Write neatly and legibly

When you are writing your exam, be sure to write in a way that the marker is able to read and understand what you have written.


2. Read your instructions carefully

Make sure that before you start with any question, you have read and understood what the question is requiring from you. This can be very important as some instructions tell you whether or not it’s necessary to show calculations in your answer.


3. Know what you’re talking about

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the vocabulary and concepts necessary before the exam so that you’re properly prepared


How to do well in your maths exam

1. Give yourself plenty of time

Maths is not a subject that can be mastered in one night, trust us, many have tried. It is a subject that requires plenty of practice. Maths is not so much about remembering what to do as it is about how to do it. That’s the reason why it’s important to do as much practice as possible before you write your exam.


2. There is an important difference between quantity and quality

Sometimes people have a tendency to practice several activities or questions of the same difficulty level and the problem with that unfortunately is that you don’t get an all-round understanding of where you are and what your level of understanding is. Sometimes it is better to do questions from various different difficulty levels rather than more questions and only focus on one difficulty level.


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