How to succeed in HSC Maths

5 September 2020
5 September 2020 The Alchemy Team

Most students choose a math subject for their HSC, whether that be Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 or even Mathematics Extension 2! Regardless of the level of you decide to take, maths is a subject requiring constant practice and repetition of previous concepts.

The first step to succeeding in maths is to choose the right level for you.
Usually, this depends on two things: the level of math you completed in Years 9 and 10, and your future university or career plans.

Generally speaking, students who completed Mathematics 5.3 are suitable for Mathematics Advanced or Extension, whereas those who completed Mathematics 5.2 or below are more suited to Mathematics Standard. However, this is not always the case. For example, I studied Mathematics 5.3 in Years 9 and 10 and started off doing Mathematics Advanced in Year 11. Unfortunately, I began to experience a sharp decline in my marks throughout the year as a result of poor teaching as well as being unable to balance the workload with my other subjects and extra-curricular activities. Towards the end of Year 11, I decided it was best to change to Mathematics Standard, and it was definitely the right decision! I was able to spend an equal amount of time on all my subjects and found the content more manageable as it was familiar from previous years.

It also is important to consider your future plans when deciding which level of maths to take. For example, engineering courses at university would require Mathematics Extension 1, and most commerce courses would have Mathematics Advanced as a prerequisite.

Keeping up to date with homework is essential for succeeding in maths in the HSC. Even if you choose a maths course that you find straightforward, it is necessary to do your homework on a regular basis, preferably every day, to ensure that you don’t fall behind. The next most important part is to mark your own homework, because what is the point of doing homework if you have no idea where you went wrong? Check your work for common errors or mistakes, and redo those questions. If you still don’t know how to complete the difficult questions, ask a teacher or tutor for help!

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By Emily Diamant, an Alchemy tutor

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