How to write a one-page essay in an hour

16 February 2023
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16 February 2023 Alchemy Tuition

If you have reached this point, chances are that you’ve left writing your essay to the very last minute! Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Procrastination is something that many people battle with and there are some easy steps that can be taken to help you while you do some last-minute cramming!


Step 1: Choose your topic wisely

When it comes to writing an essay fast, one essential step is to choose your topic wisely.

Make sure you choose a topic you know you’d be able to write a lot about. Doing this helps to ensure that you focus more on the content of the essay than on trying to dig up information on the topic.

Once you have the right topic, it’s then important to go through your topic and determine what research needs to be done. When you have finished researching, you can then start with your essay. When you start, make sure that you have an outline for your essay. including an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Step 2: Brainstorm ideas

A quick way to get some ideas for your essay is to jot down any ideas that you have so that, later, you can see how you’d best be able to combine these ideas.

When brainstorming, an important thing to remember is that you cannot decide on the spot whether an idea is good or bad. Sometimes we need to push past so that we can properly determine which ideas are worth expanding on.



Step 3: Quickly skim through your sources

When writing your essay, it’s important to make sure you get good-quality sources to help you.

In your introduction, you can introduce several ideas that you are able to back up with evidence. Since the invention of search engines, it has made it easier for you to find information on a given topic. When you’re writing your essay, follow these tips:

  • Use only credible sources when researching.
  • Conduct searches in specific formats that will be more likely to provide results.
  • Find reliable statistics or studies that back up your points.

Step 4: Design an outline for your essay

An outline provides a plan for your essay and it gives you the structure that you can use to write your essay. The outline can be in any form; it can be a list of points or paragraphs that you plan to include in your essay, or it may be a more comprehensive hierarchical list that includes subtopics with their own subpoints. It may also simply be a few words you jotted down on paper before starting to write.

What’s important about an outline is that it helps you stay organized and keep track of what you want to say as well as how to say it.



Step 5: Start writing with urgency and confidence

This technique is beneficial for writers who don’t have much confidence in their writing abilities. When you’re done, it’s important to go back and go through your essay to edit it. When editing, it’s important to remember that you are allowed to make mistakes! Making mistakes is often how we learn and is a crucial part of building up your skills and confidence.


Step 6: Edit for errors before submitting

If you really want to ensure that you get the best grade possible, go through your essay and edit it.

Here are some tips to help you find the errors in your essay and ensure that you get a good grade:

  • Read over the essay for grammar and spelling errors
  • Add transitions to break up paragraphs
  • Remove any unnecessary words, phrases, or sentences
  • Use a dictionary to check word usage

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