Is Tutoring Important for Academic Success?

20 April 2020 The Alchemy Team

There’s no formulaic path to academic success; different things work for different people – for some, writing notes or using flashcards are essential whereas others may just use practice questions or simply just memorise. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to studying for academic success; however, tutoring services often seem to be a commonality within high achievers.

This brings up the question: is tutoring important for academic success?

No – tutoring isn’t essential. You don’t need tutoring to succeed – many students succeed without the extra help from tutoring.

However, while tutoring isn’t needed, it certainly helps. Whether it be the students who need an extra push or already high achieving students or any students in between, tutoring can be equally benefitting to all. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Individualised attention – School teachers may attempt to provide individual help and feedback to students; however, it becomes tricky when they have to handle a class of 30 students whilst simultaneously teaching a lengthy syllabus. For this reason alone, tutoring can be seen as a huge plus – with students gaining personalised feedback to help them attain their academic goals.
  • Increased motivation – whether it be a group tutoring session with multiple students, or a one-on-on tutoring session, they each serve their own benefits. With a group tutoring session (with around 3-5 fellow students), for example – being surrounded by like-minded people who are striving for better results and success, you’ll also be encouraged and motivated to try harder. You’ll be inclined to put your all into your work and to apply your full potential to anything academic. Similarly, one-on-one tutoring sessions provides you with increased motivation as you see improved results due to personalised feedback from a tutor.
  • Understanding concepts on a deeper level – adds onto the content you’ve already learnt at school, developing your understanding of tough concepts on a deeper level. Vice versa, if you touch on a new idea at tutoring – your understanding when learning the same idea at school will be on a deeper level since you’ve already been exposed to new content.
  • Provides a challenge – if a student is complaining about their classwork, or that the “homework is too easy!”, it’s probably a sign that they need a challenge. This is often the case for high achievers – completing their work as soon as they are assigned it, only to be left waiting for their classmates to finish. Tutoring is perfect for this – exposing them to harder types of exercises and further sharpening their already clever minds.

Although tutoring isn’t necessary – it’s still extremely beneficial, whether it be for the high achievers or for the students who need an extra push. Students will gain something from tutoring, for example, positive study habits or a greater interest in a subject they previously disliked. So, if tutoring is an option – why not?

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