Making the most of every opportunity to connect with your teen

27 August 2017
27 August 2017 The Alchemy Team

Days are busy. You are juggling work and dropping kids off and picking them up and making lunches and preparing dinners. It can be exhausting.

Teens can also be a lot of work in themselves. I mean emotionally. It can be hard to keep up with the range of emotions firing at you at all different times of the day.

Amidst all this chaos and the emotions, it can be hard to find a way to connect with them properly. I heard a stat recently that the average father will talk to his teen for less than 2 minutes a day – a scary statistic that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for real connection.

There are 3 great opportunities for parents to connect with their teens that often go unnoticed.

When they leave in the morning

When they get home in the afternoon.

When they go to bed.

These are essentially doorways that they walk through – doorways that give you an opportunity to impart some sense of hope and acceptance.

As they leave in the morning they are leaving the comfort and security of home in to the unknown, so your words of encouragement and acceptance will carry them through the day.

When they get home in the afternoon they should be able to find love and acceptance as soon as they walk through the doorway, regardless of what has happened that day.

When they say goodnight, they are asking you to acknowledge them. This is your chance to connect – their walls are down and they are looking for connection.

Utilise these 3 doorways – treasure them and prioritise them. They are only a few minutes each, but it is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.Considering a tutor for your child? We can help! We have amazing tutors ready to go that will help your child grow in confidence, love the learning experience and ultimately realise what they are capable of. Learn more here and book their first lesson online today!

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