Selective School Exam Preparation: How soon is too soon?

16 March 2017 The Alchemy Team

The 2016 Selective School exam has just passed, so it means the 2017 exam is now a year away! And right on cue, we’ve been flooded with parents looking for tutors to help their children get prepared for the selective school test.

One of the main questions we get is this: How far in advance should I start getting my child ready for the exam?

The selective test is infamously hard: most adults struggle with it. It is also fiercely competitive. A comprehensive preparation program is absolutely crucial for a student to succeed; natural ability won’t take a student through alone.

So how soon is too soon to start getting your child prepared?

We have had students on both ends of the spectrum: some that start 2 years ahead of the exam, and some that come to us 6 weeks out. Regardless of actual results, I can tell you which students (and parents!) are more confident and calm going in to the exam!

And to be honest, that is reason enough to give your child as much preparation as they can handle. Could you technically cram a preparation program in to 6 weeks? Sure, but it will be rushed and things will be brushed over and missed. Giving it plenty of time will allow your child to build confidence and walk in to that exam knowing that they are fully equipped for whatever it throws at them.

The optimum time to begin a preparation program for the selective school exam is at least 9 months ahead of the exam (so term 2 of year 5). It is the ‘sweet spot’ where we see the greatest results. More than 9 months is even better, but less than that seems to be sub-optimal.

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