Technology use for primary school children

19 February 2024
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19 February 2024 Justin Valderama

Not long ago, “playtime” referred to scraping knees on the playground and trading stickers. Today, our kids are swiping screens and mastering tech before they can even tie their shoelaces. Dear parents, welcome to the twenty-first century, where using technology with primary school children is not just an option; it is a part of their world. But, before you start picturing your child as a pint-sized cyborg, consider how we can use technology to help them learn and grow. And don’t worry, we at Alchemy Tuition, your friendly neighbourhood tutoring service provider in Australia, are here to help you take advantage of technology use for primary school children.

1. Balance is everything

Imagine your child on a seesaw, holding a book in one hand and a tablet in the other. What is our mission? Keeping the seesaw in perfect balance. It is all about moderation. Too many cookies can cause a stomach ache, and too much screen time can cause a brain ache. Encourage a variety of activities, including digital, physical, and imaginative ones. It’s like making the perfect smoothie: a little of everything makes it just right.

2. Quality content hunt

Not all screen time is equal. Imagine the internet as a vast ocean. There is treasure under, but also a lot of seaweed. Our job is to guide our little pirates to the treasure – educational apps, enlightening videos, and games that teach math faster than you can say “arrr!” Alchemy Tuition specialises in mapping out these treasures and converting screen time into brain time.

3. Digital seatbelts for safety

Just as we teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street, we must also teach them how to navigate the digital world safely. This includes understanding privacy settings, knowing what information should never be shared online, and knowing when to speak with an adult about something they’ve seen on the screen. It’s the digital equivalent of the “stranger danger” conversation, which isn’t particularly enjoyable but extremely important.

4. The social butterfly effect

Technology can connect us in incredible ways, but it’s important to remind our children (and perhaps ourselves) that digital interactions should supplement, not replace, real-life friendships. Encourage your child to use technology to discover new ideas and share what they’ve learned with their friends. It’s about turning screen time into team time, with the digital world serving as a bridge rather than a barrier to human connection.


As we’ve explored technology, we’ve discovered that technology for primary school children is similar to any other aspect of parenting: it requires guidance, boundaries, and a dash of fun. We are raising well-rounded individuals by balancing screen time with outdoor time, selecting quality content, prioritising safety, and cultivating real-world connections.

Remember that in the wide ocean of technology, it is not about avoiding the water, but about learning to swim. And, with Alchemy Tuition, your child will be performing backstrokes in no time!

Technology use for primary school children

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