The value of consistency

27 January 2017
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27 January 2017 The Alchemy Team

One of the most valuable ways you can help your student is by being consistent.

Few things stall progress like inconsistency. Students need tutors who are reliable and dependable.

Being consistent means a few things:

Doing what you say you are going to do

If you make a commitment, stick with it. Let your word be solid – no one likes dealing with flaky people who say they are going to do one thing but do something else.

This is a valuable life skill, and will help you in every aspect of your world – career, relationships and your own personal goals.

Being the same person every time

There are always things happening in our worlds that can affect our mood and composure, but being consistent is about having the fortitude to overcome these and remain consistent in who we are.

There will be times where you have a million things going on; uni exams, you’re tired, family issues – but your student still wants the same positive role model to turn up week after week.

I am not saying you need to create a facade – we encourage honesty and vulnerability. But your student should know what to expect every time they see you – not a mystery bag of moods.

Just turn up

One of the greatest frustrations we hear from parents are that for one reason or another, their tutor has to cancel the session – and often at the last minute. Remember that the family you work with have made it a priority in the student’s life to spend that hour a week with you. When you cancel it tells them that you don’t value that commitment.

I know there are always valid reasons – but try to consider the implications of cancelling a session from the perspective of the family you work with, and how this will affect the progress of the student and the perspective of your reliability.

If something comes up, rather than cancelling, try to move the session to the next day, or at least another day that week – remember that progress is made with consistency, and missing a week means 14 days between session.

Let’s all aim to be more consistent – myself included. It is something really worth striving for.


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