5 April 2022 Team Alchemy

10 Tips for Year 7

The beginning of high school can have a lot of mixed feelings. It can be an exciting time for students, but at the same time, so much is changing. You’re about to get a whole new set of subjects, meet new people, teachers, and a new environment. The change is often drastic, exhilarating and worrisome for some students. But, you can make the most out of this experience right from the start with these tips.

  1. Get set as early as possible

It’s essential to hit the ground running when you join high school, especially in academic terms. The wheels turn fast, and just as fast as you joined, you could be on your way out. Ensure you have all the tools you need before day one. Have your stationery, uniform and study space prepared before your first day. Parents can help in organising the notes from day one.

  1. Take a step back

Students will take their first day in high school differently. Some are recessed, and some are loud and aggressive right from the first day. The latter will often turn off their peers and likely annoy the older high schoolers. As a result, they can have an unpleasant experience with constant rejection. Try and take in the experience and get comfortable before you try to make yourself known.

  1. Get a good, distraction-free study space

Your academic workload is about to go to another level. Instead of waiting until you’re knee-deep in assignments and falling behind in class, work on getting a good study space where you can focus on academics out of class. Keep the area clean, tidy and focused.

  1. Get a homework and study planner

You will have several assignments at any given time, and you will still need to set aside some study time. A homework and study planner can help you stay on top of everything, always hand in every assignment on time, and keep up with your studies.

  1. Set realistic goals for your first term

Considering it’s your first time in high school, it’s easy to set the bar too high for yourself, which can demoralise and demotivate you. Set manageable and practical goals and dedicate yourself to achieving them. The best time for setting these goals is when you’re feeling refreshed and re-energised, which is at the beginning of the term.

  1. Make good first impressions

First impressions are as valuable in school as in the outside world. Not only just to your peers but also to the teachers who will be with you through the years. If you come across as rude over the first couple of weeks, you will be treated as such over the next few years. Treat the teachers and classroom with respect, and you will get so more out of being in high school.

  1. Enjoy the experience

High school is a new chapter that begins in Year 7. Make as many new friends as possible to create a solid social ring around you. As you will notice, cliques will form quite fast, and without friends, you might be left out feeling lonely and like an outcast. At the same time, be careful about who you associate with if possible, ensure your friends are the same age as you and are also new to the school so you can grow together.

  1. Get involved

There’s so much happening at the beginning of Year 7. It’s practically your choice what you want to do. You can ask your teacher or peer leader about the activities around school. This is your opportunity to get more out of school than just the knowledge. Find an activity, club or something else you love and get in there. There earlier you start, the better.

  1. Be flexible with the subjects you study

The level of study in high school scales a bit, which is enough to throw some students off balance. Try being flexible with what you study and when. If you have a big maths exam coming up, you can spend an evening working on maths and then work on other subjects the next day. Try to get a routine as early as possible. Although you might not have much at first, you can use that time to get ahead.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There are teachers, and you also have friends with that you can ask questions. Whether it’s something you didn’t get or you need help with grammar and writing, there’s always someone you can ask for assistance.

Many students will have numerous goals when getting into high school. But you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the new experience in your new environment and school.

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