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15 May 2018 The Alchemy Team

Finding the right tutor for your child can be a daunting task. You can scroll through endless ads on Gumtree or your local Facebook group without really knowing what to look for or how to ensure they tick the right boxes.

At Alchemy we make your life easy because we do the work for you. We make sure every single tutor that works with us is the very best at what they do, and then back this up with our first session 100% happiness guarantee – so if you aren’t wowed by them it’s on us.

We’ve been doing this a long time – so we know what qualities make a great tutor. Of course there are things that every tutor should have – like a Working with children check, strong knowledge of the subject they are teaching and excellent communication skills (like all Alchemy tutors do). However this is all about identifying what makes a tutor great – how to spot the ones that dazzle that little bit more.

Here are 5 qualities of a great tutor (and 5 things you’ll find in every Alchemy tutor!):

Your child finishes the session with a smile on their face

Being a great tutor is so much more than just conveying knowledge. It is inspiring, motivating and believing in the student. A great tutor leaves each session with their student feeling more confident and capable than when they arrived. You will know if you’ve got a great tutor because your child will look forward to their session each week!

They know what the student needs to focus on without your guidance

Great tutors know your child’s curriculum and calendar like it is their own. They are aware of gaps in learning and areas of focus after the first session. You can remain confident that your child is in the safest of hands – you don’t need to watch them like a hawk to make sure work is being done, but can trust your tutor knows exactly what to do.

They are reliable

This is so important. Great tutors are dependable – you know they are going to be there every week for your child and won’t flake out on you at the last minute. They respond to your messages in a timely manner and efficiently communicate admin matters.

They are long term focussed

A great tutor thinks big picture. It isn’t just about how can they maximise marks in an upcoming exam, but how can they ensure the right foundations are in place to ensure long-term understanding of the content. This may take a little longer, but it ensures your child is really learning every week rather than simply remembering content from a text book.

They are 100% committed

A great tutor feels like an extension of your family – a partner in your child’s education, rather than just someone you hire to do some work. They are just as committed and invested as you are in seeing your child succeed. They make your child’s sessions a priority and you know they are in it for the long haul.

These are just a few of the qualities that come together to make a great tutor. When searching for a tutor on your own it can often be a gamble – but when choosing Alchemy to provide a tutor for your child it is a certainty.

Considering a tutor for your child? We can help! We have amazing tutors ready to go that will help your child grow in confidence, love the learning experience and ultimately realise what they are capable of. Learn more here and book their first lesson online today!

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