Why you should get a maths tutor for your child

28 November 2018 The Alchemy Team

We’re wrapping up another year and with it, another semester. Energy is running low and if your child has been struggling in any subjects, it will be apparent by now. Odds are one of these subjects is mathematics. Even at the end of a year, it isn’t too late to get a math tutor. In fact, it may even be the perfect time to catch up and prepare for the next school year.

Wondering why you should get a math tutor for your child? Here are ten reasons:

It builds a strong mathematics foundation
Math builds on itself. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of the simple topics, you will struggle with the ones that are built up upon them. It’s a great idea to get a math tutor to build a strong mathematics foundation in the first place so that your child won’t struggle as much later on.

It offers individualised help
In a classroom setting, teachers are unable to offer the same individualised help as a tutor can. Every child has a different learning style and learning speed. A tutor will learn your child’s learning style and the pace at which they learn. They will ensure that your child learns according to their needs.

It boosts your child’s self-esteem
It isn’t uncommon for kids to have low levels of confidence because of their lack of understanding in math class. Many say they feel stupid or less smart than their friends. With tutoring, your child will have a better understanding of mathematics. As they see the results of their hard work reveal itself in class, their self-esteem will be improved.

It allows advanced learners to build up their strengths
Tutoring isn’t just for kids who are struggling to keep up. Children who find mathematics a breeze can be challenged by a tutor. They can build up their strengths and even get started on math that is beyond what they are learning at school.

It brings math to the real world
Tutors acknowledge the importance of common core mathematics. They can help kids understand the relevance of math in the real world so that they don’t feel that what they’re learning is a waste.

It eases transitions
Change can be hard. If your child is shifting to a new class with a different maths teacher, they may need some help with the transition. Tutors can help them catch up with what their peers have learned and get started with the math topics in the new class.

It provides a judgment-free space to learn
Kids often hesitate to ask questions in class for fear of judgment from their peers. Private tutoring allows them to ask whatever questions they like without feeling like they are being judged.

It keeps math skills fresh
Long summer breaks are great for relaxing and stepping back from academics a bit. However, it’s easy for math skills to slip away or weaken during that time. Tutoring will keep them fresh and ready for the new school year.

It improves test scores
Maths test marks will naturally improve with the help of tutoring.

It reduces homework stress

Mathematics requires practice. This means homework. Too many kids get incredibly stressed over their math homework, finding it difficult to keep up. A math tutor can help them with their homework and make the process less painful.

Maths tutors are incredibly important people who can do a lot to help your child. Don’t wait until your child is really struggling to take action. Get a head start on preparing for the next semester by partnering with an Alchemy maths tutor today!

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