Year 10 Maths Guide

2 June 2021 The Alchemy Team

For math students, Year 10 can be a make or break. It’s the best time to consolidate your learning and start building up the advanced knowledge they will need when they get to year 12. Students will use the concepts they learn in year 10 are key to solving the more complex year 11 and 12 math. If the student falls behind now, they will have a hard time trying to catch up.

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In this guide, we look at the tips that students can use in Year 10 math to build the proper foundation in preparation for Year 12 maths concepts.  

Common Issues Faced By Year 10 Math Students

Every year 10 maths students might have unique problems. But there are some that are pretty common ones associated with math. These include:

  • Challenges solving monic and non-monic quadratic equations. The underlying problem is because the student doesn’t understand year 9 factorisation techniques. Students need to know how to factorise to find the intercepts.
  • Application of trigonometry concepts. This is an area where generally, most students struggle because several types of functions are introduced simultaneously.
  • Visualising trigonometry problems.
  • Representing bearing problems as diagrams because of language selection in the question.
  • Understanding the relevance and importance of related angles.
  • Solving simple quadratic equations, particularly polynomials with higher degrees.
  • Understanding logarithm concepts relating to indices, especially among students who struggle with fundamentals.

Why Do Students Struggle with maths in Year 10?

Most of the struggles in year students are because the student takes the wrong approach to learning. Mathematics is not about rote learning, but rather the application of logic. Among the reasons why students struggle in year 10 math include:

  • Not reading the questions carefully – Most students don’t take the time to understand complex questions. They are often left confused, unsure of the steps to take.
  • Attempting to rote learn trigonometry – Trigonometry requires understanding the different trigonometry ratios mean and how they are derived.
  • Inability to clarify problem areas – It is common for students to be unsure of the problem. This inability to clarify problems means that problems are left unsolved. It’s vital to ask questions early to get clarity and make sure you’re not left behind.
  • Application – Trigonometry concepts have real-life applications. Most students don’t see the relationship between math and real life, and they see the subject as unimportant. They are unmotivated to learn because they don’t see how the concepts will apply to real life.

How Can You Improve Your Marks in Math?

One of the proven ways to improve your marks in maths is having a consistent study schedule each week to polish up on the various aspects of math, including:

  • Learning the different theories
  • Practising methods and concepts
  • Testing yourself
  • Keeping a long of the mistakes you make

Keeping track of the mistakes you make will highlight the common errors you make and help you to develop strategies that will prevent the mistakes from recurring in the future.

Take Your Maths to the Next Level

Finding your groove in math and getting your grades up is easier said than done. You need to be consistent, and it also helps to have professionals guide you along the way.

At Alchemy Tuition, we have qualified, hand-picked Year 10 math tutors who have excelled in this field and have the best ATARs. These tutors are at your disposal to provide you with private tutoring and teach you the best study techniques that will help improve your math grades.

A year 10 math tutor will not only help you catch up but also help you identify potential learning challenges you might have and how you can overcome them. The tutor also takes time to understand your problems and develop a tailored approach that will maximise your potential and study time.

In just a few simple steps, you can have your first study session with a maths tutor of your choice set up and be on your way to excellent math grades.

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