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11 January 2017
11 January 2017 The Alchemy Team

Here’s an easy downloadable 2017 school year calendar for your iPhone containing term and holiday dates, all the major exam dates (HSC, NAPLAN, Selective and OC) and a bunch of other important academic reminders.

Just push the button, hit ‘add all’ in the top right and it will be added to the calendar of your choice!

2017 Academic Year for iPhone

The above link will also work if you have a mac or iPad!

If you don’t have an iPhone, or would just prefer a regular calendar, here’s an excel file with all the key dates highlighted for you:

Download Excel File


Key dates in 2017:

Term 1 Begins: 27/01/17

Selective School Exam: 09/03/17

Autumn School Holidays: 08/04/17 – 25/04/17

Term 2 Begins: 26/04/17

NAPLAN Exams: 9/05/17 – 11/05/17

Winter School Holidays: 01/07/17 – 16/07/17

Term 3 Begins: 17/07/17

OC Class test: 26/07/17

NAPLAN results released: 14/08/17

Spring School Holidays: 23/09/17 – 08/10/17

Term 4 Begins: 09/10/17

HSC Exams: 16/10/17 – 10/11/17

HSC Results released: 14/12/17

Summer School Holidays: 16/12/17 – 30/01/18

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