How to do well in VCE

25 December 2020
25 December 2020 The Alchemy Team

VCE. Those three letters are enough to make any Year 11 or 12 student anxious, but there are plenty of techniques that you can deploy to ace your final exams.

To use its full name, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) can be demanding – but so long as you set realistic goals, plan your time, and study hard, there’s no reason why you can’t walk out with a top ATAR score.

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If you need some help along the way, here are some of the very best tips for getting higher VCE grades.

Work smarter, not harder

Don’t get us wrong, you still need to work hard if you want to get good grades in VCE, but you don’t need to slog it out. Memorising all the information on the syllabus might seem like a good idea, but by trying to retain all those details you risk drawing a blank when you finally sit your exam paper.

Instead, you should be building knowledge and skills. To do this, study the exam questions that have come up before, work more on your weaker topics to bring them up to standard, and focus on the parts of the syllabus that you least understand.

Practise with past exam questions

It’s hard to properly emphasise the importance of running through past VCE exam questions. Doing so will not only help you to get to grips with the content on the syllabus, but also to develop confidence and familiarity with the exam format.

There are few better feelings than sitting down in an exam hall and realising that the questions are similar to the ones you’ve been practising for weeks and months. Trust us on this one – practise, practise, practise!

Accept help!

Your best weapon in the VCE is not your ability to write quickly, or your encyclopaedic knowledge of the periodic table. It’s your teachers. They’re there to help you succeed, and it’s what they want even if you’ve previously written them off as grumpy academics.

To utilise their knowledge of the VCE, ask for more feedback, let them know if you’re struggling with a topic, and don’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid’ questions. There really is no such thing.

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Maintain a balance

Years 11 and year 12 are full of milestones, and the VCE shouldn’t be all-consuming no matter which university you want to go to.

Try not to stress too much about your ATAR score throughout the year, and instead focus on doing the best you can without burning yourself out. If you’re motivated to do well, you will. It’s as simple as that, and time spent overthinking and worrying about your performance will not be productive.

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