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29 March 2021
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29 March 2021 The Alchemy Team

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is used by further education institutions to select students and check them against admissions criteria. Australian students need a high ATAR rank if they want to have the best chance of getting into university – and so many people question what it takes to get 99 ATAR.

Your ATAR rank can fall in intervals of 0.05 anywhere between 0.00 and 99.95 – spelling out how you compare to other students in your age group. An ATAR of 90.00 indicates that you’re in the top 10 per cent of your age group, and put simply, it’s hard work that makes a real difference to your rank.

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If you’re planning to go to university and want to be accepted into the best courses, read this guide to find out what it takes to get 99 ATAR.

What is a good ATAR score?

The average ATAR score is around 70.00, but this isn’t representative of every student in Australia. Some don’t achieve an ATAR score at all because they leave school earlier, and if everyone was ranked, the average would naturally be 50.00.

This brings us to the question of what counts as a good ATAR score, and that really depends on what you want to do. Even an ATAR of 65 can be good, so long as it gets you into the university you want to go to. For this reason, it’s important to do your research and find out the criteria for the courses you’re interested in.

Of course, having a higher score will always help – and so here are our top tips for getting a 99 ATAR ranking.

Work hard

There’s no escaping the fact that you need to work hard if you want to get a high ATAR score. It can be hard to see the finish line when you’re just starting out in year 11, but those two years will go quickly and you’ll be sitting your final exams before you know it.

This is why it’s important to stay motivated and to keep your eyes on the prize. Draw out a list of your goals and reflect on them whenever you’re feeling the pressure. Think about how good it will be to ace your exams and get into the university of your dreams. The future ahead is bright, but you have to consistently work hard and put in the effort to reap the rewards.

Of course, it always helps to keep a lolly jar by your workstation, too!

Take breaks, and do things you enjoy

While it is important to stay focused and work hard, it’s also vital that you don’t get tunnel vision. Sure, your ATAR score is important – but it shouldn’t come at the cost of the things you love, or other important parts of life that fill out the rest of your resume.

Universities are looking for high ATAR scores, but they also like to see extra-curricular activities, involvement in sports and other pursuits, and even part-time jobs. All work and no play is not the answer, and you shouldn’t abandon everything else for an ATAR score. Well-rounded candidates perform very well, after all.

Get smart with your study techniques

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “work smart, not hard”, you’re halfway to understanding what needs to be done to score a 99 ATAR. In truth, that ranking is reserved for the very best students and so you need to work smart AND hard – but getting your study techniques nailed down could make the whole process a lot easier.

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For one thing, you need to learn how you learn. That might sound stupid, but everyone digests information and knowledge in different ways. Some people are visual learners who respond best to graphs, charts, diagrams, and illustrations. Others are able to skim through pages of notes and understand the material. Either way, you should think about what you respond best to and tailor your notes and revision strategies accordingly.

On that note, make sure that you incorporate past exam papers into your revision schedule. There really is no better way to acquaint yourself with the exam format and you might even end up sitting a real exam with similar questions. Putting yourself through your paces with mock exams and practise papers will help you to sharpen your skills and push you to digest more of the information that the examiners are looking to see in the real thing.

Work with your teachers

Your teachers are there to help you – and that’s a point we cannot stress enough. It might seem like their primary function is to lecture from the front of the classroom, but they can provide so much more support than that.

From asking them to grade your extra work to sitting down with them to discuss your learning technique and to go over any topics you’ve been struggling with, there really is no substitute when it comes to knowledge of the syllabus. For the most part, they will be delighted that you’ve reached out. Just remember that when they make what seems to be a harsh comment on your essay or critique your line of argument, they’re just challenging you to reach your full potential.

The best way to get 99 ATAR

Ultimately, getting 99 ATAR is no easy undertaking. It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to use all of the resources available to you.

For those students who are aiming for the top universities, a high ATAR score is essential – and it is within your reach. Alchemy Tuition’s select group of expert tutors have all been in your position, put in the work, and gone on to achieve great things after securing a 99+ ATAR rank.

If you want to secure that same level of success, contact us today and get started on supercharging your academic potential. 

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