How To Get an A in English?

14 April 2021
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14 April 2021 The Alchemy Team

English as a subject is often underestimated. As most students quickly find out, speaking English and learning are two different monsters. Getting an A in English is not an easy fete. But, it’s not impossible either.

You need proper preparation and taking the subject with the seriousness it deserves right from the beginning. In this guide, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use to get your English grades up and work towards scoring that coveted ‘A.’

Missing classes is not an option

Most of the test questions come from the materials that your teacher presents in class. In some classes, the teacher might even tell the students what the test will be about, allowing them to prepare.  Missing classes means such materials and opportunities pass you by. Missing a class should never be an option unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Get active in class

English courses involve class discussions and analysis. You need to pay close attention to these discussions and also actively participate to benefit from them. Participation will play a huge role in improving your grades and make it easier for you to understand the material.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ask questions. It’s more important to be proactive in the discussions if English is not one of the strongest subjects.

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You can use the group discussions to clarify any areas you’re not certain with or reading issues. Don’t limit the participation to class only.

Your teacher is your coach

Teachers take an interest in students who take their classes seriously. They love students who work hard and show progress. To get an ‘A’ in English, you will need to be all of this.

Don’t be like most students who think of their teachers as enemies. See your teacher as your friend in learning and someone there to help you achieve your goals. Your teacher is your English coach, and together, you can work towards the grade you want.

Make an effort to introduce yourself to the teacher at the beginning of the semester. Participate in class by answering questions and asking some of your own. If you can get the teacher’s attention, you will have a more cordial working relationship, and they will be more open to giving you the extra attention you need to improve your grades.

Get a study partner

There’s more you can do with your friend than hanging out and going to the movies. You can also study together. If they get better grades in English, then you’re in luck.

Besides studying together, a good study partner will also fill you in on what you miss if you don’t make it to class. They will provide you with the notes on the materials the teacher gave and fill you in on the homework. That way, you never miss anything, even when you can’t make it to class.

Take better notes

Taking notes is a duty that is frowned upon by many students. But, the notes contain important information you get when in class or in group exercises. During exam time, notes give you a valuable study source for revision.

Proper notes make excellent reference points and remind you of anything you might have forgotten. They also make a great foundation for brainstorming essay writing ideas.

If the resources like text or novels are yours, underline essential and interesting passages and make notes on the sides. These are resourceful revision materials that will help with information retention and better prepare you for the exams.

Don’t get left behind

Don’t take the reading for granted. The last thing you want is to get left behind on the assigned reading. Essays and tests will involve selected texts from within the course. Getting left behind means you’re missing out on crucial information that could show up in your next test or exam.

An English course is designed to train you to read, understand and process the information. Ensure you set aside enough time to read the assigned excerpts and prepare to discuss the texts in class. Taking time to master these skills is vital in getting you an ‘A’ in English and could also prove helpful in your future career.

Sit at the front where the action is

There’s a reason why most excelling students are often the ones sitting at the front. There are fewer distractions here, and because you know the teacher’s attention is on you, you tend to concentrate better and prepare for any questions.

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If you sit at the back, taking the bold move to move to the front can drastically improve your attention and participation in class. It creates a better environment for your brain. You get to learn more and remember more.  

Consider getting a tutor

Sometimes, getting over the hump requires a little extra help. If you find yourself at the same hurdle constantly, hiring a tutor can go a long way in helping you improve your grades.

Tutors are a great resource and offer numerous benefits as long as you can find the right one. With a tutor, you have a professional that can work around your schedule and give you undivided attention for the period of the session.

The tutor will also work to find ways to help you understand concepts, discussions, and texts in a way that a teacher wouldn’t have the time to do.

At Alchemy, we offer an excellent tutoring service that allows you to pick a tutor from anywhere in Australia and have the sessions done online. It’s not only fun, but you get access to excellent tutors from all over the country, not just in your locality.

Closing Remarks

Although you will quickly discover that getting an ‘A’ in English is not an easy task for most students, with some effort and consistency, you will realise that it is possible. We have outlined all the tips you can use to help you achieve your goal of scoring an ‘A’ in English. The rest is up to you to put in the work, remain committed and dedicated to the process. If you do, there’s no reason you shouldn’t score that glamorous ‘A.’

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