How To Get an A in Maths?

29 April 2021
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29 April 2021 The Alchemy Team

Math is a challenging subject for many students. Every student would love to score an A. Being a challenging subject, it makes it that much sweeter.

But most students don’t know how to get to the ‘A.’ It starts with plenty of hard work, determination and the tips we’re about to share to get you that coveted grade.

Get the homework done

Most students think of math homework as a choice, especially because it usually hard and most students would rather not do it. But, it’s with homework that you start to master the concepts you learn in class.

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Getting over the homework hump requires consistency, finding an ideal place and a regular time that will make doing your math homework automatic.

Fight nail and tooth to attend every class

Math classes move very fast, with new concepts being taught daily. What you do today will builds tomorrows class. Math punishes absentees. Every time you miss class you miss an opportunity to build on your knowledge base and set yourself back on your progress.

You should find every possible excuse to attend math classes. In case of any unavoidable circumstances, ensure you find ways to come back and learn what you missed. But try as much as possible to save time for your math classes.

Find a study partner

A study partner will come in handy in more ways than one. If you have to miss classes for any legitimate reasons, your study partner will take good notes and help you catch up on what you miss and call you to tell you about the homework.

Study partners also help to keep you accountable. On those days you don’t feel like getting yourself to class. In more advanced classes, you can also build a study group that will help you practice and prepares for tests.

Build a good rapport with the teacher

Math teachers are overworked and often overwhelmed. They have numerous students to work with which is why you have to distinguish yourself.

On the first week of school, introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know that you are interested in the class and you have taken particular interest in the math class.

During class, ask questions to show the teacher you’re paying attention. If possible, get your parents to introduce themselves to the teacher as well. They don’t have to do it physically. A simple E-mail will suffice.

Teacher respond more positively to students who show interest in the class. This gives you an opportunity to get extra attention in class. It also makes it easier to approach the teacher when you have questions or need explanations on areas that you need help with.

Analyse each mistake and see it as an opportunity to improve

An ‘A’ in math won’t come the minute you start putting in the effort. You’re going to stumble along the way, make mistakes and even get some subpar results along the way.

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But you should know that this is about progress not perfection. Take every mistake as a learning opportunity. Students often want to overlook a mistake made on a test or homework and just let it go. It shouldn’t be the case. Take time to figure out what caused the mistake and most importantly, figure out how to do it right the next time.

If you’re unsure, involve your teacher. For advanced math classes, writing paragraphs for reflection can help to straighten things out and shed light on the errors and how to avoid them next time.

Hire a tutor

The greatest mistake that students make is not acceptable when they need help. Most will continue to struggle and watch their grades dwindle instead of reaching out for help. Getting some assistance to get your grades up isn’t a bad idea. You can start by putting requests for extra help from your teachers. They are often very receptive to such requests.

You could also think of hiring a maths tutor and Alchemy has just the service for you. There are numerous benefits to having a tutor like:

  • The tutor will work at your pace helping you understand the concepts and ironing out any potential challenges.
  • With a tutor, you have all the personal attention you need to improve your grades in math.
  • Tutors are flexible and convenient. They will work around your schedule

What’s more a tutor can help you with more than just your goals. They can help you set goals and objectives and work with you to achieve them.

Alchemy has done most of the work to find the best tutors in Australia so you don’t have to waste time finding the right fit. You can get started working towards your ‘A’ in maths sooner.

Don’t ignore the basics

Scoring an A in maths starts with mastering the basics. The simple multiplications tables and other common basics are vital skills that will fast track your progress. Every math topic builds up to the next like a thriller. Paying attention to the first topic of the academic is just as important as paying attention to the last. This way you have all the basics you need to smash every test no matter how challenging the test gets.

Get your exams right

Exams are as important as any other part of this process. The first challenge is managing your time properly. Most students complain of the exam paper being lengthy and not finishing on time. Even with the best preparation, if you can’t finish your paper, an A will be out of reach.

Always approach the exam in a structured manner. Don’t leave the easier questions for last. Tackle them first to allow you more time to deal with the harder questions.

Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate math. It’s the greatest mistake you can make. By seeing it as a formidable foe, you will take proper precautions and preparation. Take each of the steps mentioned seriously and understand that the more you practice and remain consistent will play a vital role to help you upgrade your math grades to an ‘A.’

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